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That's a pretty high score for something that's "Flawed".

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That's pretty big news if true...Final Fantasy HD remasted and or Metal Gear.

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Just like those Karaoke games....

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Looks like this may be the lowest scoring lanuch game.

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I was expecting way lower score for this game, then what it got.

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So the next Gen, will be Facebook type interactivity, with next gen graphics? Hopefully it doesn't go all social though.

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Good list...can't go wrong with those titles

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Can't wait for the Ico Collection..

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The hope that even more sales, will bring further exclusives?

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So Ico, Shadows, and Last Guardian are 1, 2, and 3.

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There both shipped Data, i doubt Major Nelson has or would say the less impressive sold number...

It's likely PS3 has shipped 41.5 million, and 360 has shipped 42 million to date.

Now that could mean there is like 2 million stock at the stores of PS3, and 1 million of 360, or vice versa, we don't know that.

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Sony Sold 3.5 PS3 worldwide.... 360 announced 2.8...

Looks like Ps3 still stomping on 360! ;)

Based on sony's Shipped numbers, and microsoft shipped numbers, this to date:

So this takes the shipped numbers difference between PS3 and 360 to almost 3 Million. (44.5 - 41.5). With 360 head start.

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No it hasn't, infact PS3 has outsold 360 worldwide pretty much almost every year (cept year 1 I believe). the Difference in sales is due to 360 being out a year...and that gap has closed down.

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I'm curious what there next Story driven IP will be?

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maybe it pulls them out, cause what they were doing before with 360 wasn't working.

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Hmmm how many games got a 10/10 from eurogamer this year? Red Dead?

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Yeah he has some key gripes with it. He wanted to like it, it seems.

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Guess Giant Bomb didn't like the game.

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Figured this was the score Fable 3 was going to get.

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LOL the Reaction of the crowd when they thought it was REAL, was Epic hahaha...

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