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Never Know, they haven't announced everybody yet.

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Not that unexpected...More graphical more, 3d, gonna use more battery.

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I don't think it's an adult mag, it's a PC Gaming mag...maybe their' adult stuff in there, but it's not soley an adult mag.

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The best version is obviously on the 360! ;) (Green font)

Obviously this game is better than Gears of War or 2nd one.

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Well these pre-order are generally USA, and doesn't measure europe, where the games will make most of it's sales.

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I guess sales are booming in a japan!

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Can't wait to pick this up.

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Both games look good.

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Cliffy B: "The biggest and most baddest game of them all!"

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huh you can clearly see the cars in front of the car, kick up more rain to your windshield, you blind son?

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which is why Sony and Microsoft are desperate to get in, with their motion controls, just to get a slice of the pie.

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That looks nuts, looks crazy to drive in...

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I wonder if sites will same the same thing about Kinect being same as PS eye or Eye-Toy.

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Android is the way to go Macho, much better OS, way more customization...Pretty much any option for video player, music player, Don't mess with Google...Not some jabronie iPhone made by Apple!

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I'm not saying taking pride in it, either way your killing people auto aim or not...just it seems a bit lazy...

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True, but where is the pride in being in your craft, the skill, if this technology basically does all the work for you.

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Man no need for any technique now...Auto kill FTW...

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That's pretty impressive stuff, nice mod.

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Yeah definitely, but legally they'll be covered so long it's in the user manual and/or user agreement.

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yeah i'm surprised companies haven't done so, like even a 5 dollar discount if you got last year madden (With access code or something) or last year call of duty.

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