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It`s grand theft Auto 5.

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Guess he'll be Lulz from jail! Keep that bum hole tight playa!

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Are people retarded, the article may be from VGChartz, but it's from Sony's official financial reporting...the person even references/links to the official documents which you can see online. This article is an analysis of those numbers...

their weekly charts, are just estimates...

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PS3 just taking charge in Europe, almost beat Wii too.

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PS3 beats 360 worldwide as usual...

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Sony is dumb, they should hire this kid, to help fix their holes...or exploits, like what government generally done when hackers exploit their system, they huff and puff and put a criminal case on these hackers, and by the end of it, the "Criminal" is working for them.

If I was Sony or Microsoft, i'd offer him a job, i mean dude has jail broken a iPhone, PS3, Android, pretty much everything...Hire him, he's know his stuff.

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It sold 3 million in that region, and it's it's after the holidays, what kind of numbers were you expecting, half a mill every week?

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I don't think there is much gameplay footage out there on this interesting downloadable title.

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ohhh forgot Ico/SotC Collections, that's definitely must have.

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Interesting, I'm intrigued what ND will do with Sandy (Bland) of the Dessert, I'm confident it'll be something great.

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Whoops your right, Forgot a couple...

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I'd say it's more than just 3...If they hit their release dates:

Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3
The Last Guardian (Although I can see this as delayed to early 2012).
Twisted Metal

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I think they had too much of wide range of focus, camera gaming, friends can play with Dual shock, all great ideas, but maybe they bit off alittle too much to chew.

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Good Interview/Preview, Killzone looking even better? That's crazy... Clearly PS3 has the best looking exclusives...

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Uncharted 3, no doubt about it.

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Lets not get overboard, uncharted will sell, but not like halos or call of duty madness...doesn't mean uncharted isn't better than them (Uncharted is). But those games just sell like crazy.

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The first uncharted didn't get mixed reviews...unless scoring in the 80's is mixed.

But I agree Naughty Dog is got their work cut for them, but they are a talented studio.

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That's probably expecting too much, even if they just slightly improve on their last release, this will go down as one of the greatest games of alltime, atleast this gen for sure.

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They probably need to have 360 even higher after their NPD report.

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Hopefully this delay will cause conflicts with Marky mark, and Joe Pesci...

Although I think Deniro could pull off a Sully.

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