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TV shows tend to have a low budget and I would rather they leave the franchises alone than have crappy TV shows based on them.

I guess we will see how this Halo TV show will be and if it can be done.

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Them doing TV Programs doesn't mean it's their focus, don't be so naive, they can do both.

Sony have also announced TV programming, it doesn't mean it's any less of a gaming console.

You have fun screaming TV TV TV in every thread like every ignorant troll has been doing since E3, I will have fun playing all those Games Games Games regardless of brand name.

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While I use Kinect to get to my games more often than not, I still use my pins to act as a library of sorts.

I like to look at my games when choosing what to play and the pins displays them in a nice fashion which I prefer to the actual Games library app.

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I doubt they will have anything to show for Gears of War, if they do, most likely it's going to be a short teaser like the Uncharted teaser last year.

They just got the IP, they might not even have the characters or plot figured out yet. Maybe E3 2015.

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Yeah, it has a purpose but that doesn't make it right. Sure, they don't want a game releasing on PS4 first but what they are doing is basically bullying them into parity.

Release at the same time or forget about coming to Xbox at all.

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Illumiroom is something I am actually interested in, it's as far as I would go with VR or AR, whatever it falls into. I have a backlight on my TV already and I think it would be pretty cool when playing in the dark to have the weather element portrayed on the wall or the scoreboard of my online match up so I can always see it.

Depending on the price of course, this is something I want to see.

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I have tried the Oculus however it has went through some changes since then and worked out some kinks so it may have improved greatly but I don't think that makes my opinion on the technology any less valid. While it does add a great deal of immersion, I feel like it really only works for FPS horror games and it would be a very expensive accessory for a small category of games.

I understand that it hasn't been enough time yet for developers to utilize it's potent...

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From the looks of half the stuff shown off so far, I hope it isn't the future. It's a gimmick to me, the same way Motion gaming was.

It's also kinda funny that now people who complained about Motion gaming because of looking like an idiot are now up waving their arms around.. Like an idiot.. And calling it the future..

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I was more concerned with being reported by sore losers because I did well online and being limited to certain features that I pay for.

I know they are suppose to be able to investigate to see if the reports are legit but they seemed to explain that by saying a random report or reports from a large group of friends won't matter but in the first Gears of War, I got so many reports despite never doing anything wrong.

If I got told that I can't use Twi...

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It's not a bad system to want to implement but I have a feeling it may backfire. If you get reported enough, you may lose "privilege" to things like twitch, those are not privileges, those are premium features that we pay for.

As we seen with the birthday rewards, people would rather get nothing than a bad reward so I am anxious to see what they intend to offer people who remain in good standing. I doubt it will be much as it would be very expensive for them.

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They tried it with that old Shadowrun game and it was a disaster, they don't believe it can work.

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I didn't like demon souls and never gave the others a chance but everyone is always speaking so highly of this that I might just get it.

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That is just not true.

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It does have a campaign, there is just no single player mode. And I hope the 2nd is the same.

Nobody wants a half arsed single player mode just to placate the gamers that don't do well against other players.

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After giving the entire presentation a better looking at, it seems it has nothing to do with Multiplayer games at all like I originally thought.

They came to the conclusion from the research that character development is more important than the plot and suggested developers focus "more" on those aspects. So it's not really a case of saying that Plot doesn't matter, it's them saying that it's not as important. Which while still debatable, is at least...

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So in your opinion, no matter who conducts the survey, the results will always be biased.. That would be true if we knew the demographic audience that were surveyed but we don't, it could have been a general survey. Assuming it targeted a certain group with the motive of gathering support for Multiplayer Heavy/only games is a bit ignorant isn't it?

I mean, it's an already long existing and popular genre. CoD, Battlefield (Began as MP only) Left 4 Dead, Counter St...

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I would rather you didn't reply at all if you are going to jump on the Microsoft hating bandwagon and accuse the research of being fixed.

I care. Because those "dude-bro types" who play multiplayer games make up the majority of gamers and the majority of gamers could shape the future of plot driven games as developers and publishers decide to just cash in on the market.

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What is sad about this is this is based on actual research on gamers and considering most gamers are playing Multiplayer games and don't bother to finish the campaign, It's not that hard to believe.

I hope developers don't act on this kind of stuff.

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How long will you survive? Probably not even 5 minutes, too many good games coming out to even consider spending time on this.

If this is a showing of what VR is going to be like, count me out.

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Does it have auto run, I won't buy it for console if there is no auto run.

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