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I like the path that Kojima is taking with Silent Hill by instilling a sense of horrifying ideas in the players mind. That is an excellent way to scare the shit out of the player.

With Resident Evil, Capcom for the moment is taking a lot of ideas from the movies with all the matrix action and some john woo action. It took away from the horror. I mean... especially with zombies equipped with assault rifles, rocket launchers and portable gatling guns? They even coordinate a tac... #8.1
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Open-World Resident Evil (done right) is what i'm curious about. #5
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It looks like garbage and will barely keep up with a ps4. #1.10
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You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. You just don't like the game #1.6.1
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How many times have I heard this before... Ubisoft has a reputation especially. #5
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This is good. This is also an indicator that many company investors do believe this is the right time for VR tech. Which means, this will be in the hands of most gamers as this tech becomes more and more affordable. #2
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@pinkeye: you're easily provoked. #1.1.2
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What, like cortana nipples? #5
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What do you always talk without a quick search? Theyre not 1080p or even close to that and theyre both 30fps. #5.1.1
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That's good to hear that both of the console owners are happy with the quality.

Only difference would be a higher resolution on the PS4 which can only be seen with a screen equal to or higher than 1600x900.

But im assuming most of us are on our androids and iphonesw which are mostly lower than the spoken pixel count, most wont notice the difference at all until they play it. #5
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@gary You lack any share of intellectual or even simple arguments. What do you know about CPU's and RAM anyways? Do you learn from the N4G comment section? I had to simplify the comment enough for you to understand what I was saying yet your head still thinks it's wrong.

What a nub #6.1.2
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to everyone saying esram is the same as cell, allow me to clarify the difference.

ESRAM is RAM not a CPU.

The cell processor design is unpractically over complex to develop video games and software for (compared to the 360) which took a really long time to actually learn how to consolidate particular tasks.

The ES RAM is essentially the same idea like the ED RAM XBOX 360 had inside of it.

So no, the ES RAM is not a overly com... #6
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A delorean #7
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How the hell is demoing a game a bad trend?

There is no subscription model so there's no risk of driveclub becoming a free to play model so that's out of the question.

Youll be limited but you still have part of the massive game, giving you a chance to try the game.

We hardly have any demoes! We need more shiny gold demoes exposed to others who have limited budgets to decide whether theyre happy with the feel of the game. #13.2
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Ever since the release of the new "high performance servers", I haven't experienced rubber banding on any map. If you have experienced any rubberbanding, make sure your connection is alright. #1
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More importantly, Another reason to keep children off mature games #3
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This game is by far one of the most complex games of all time in terms of developement. All these things you find in Battlefield are too advanced for itself and way too advanced (in terms of programming) for smaller smoother sailing great games. Anybody with more than average knowledge on this regard, knows that games like these are impossible to release blemish free (not anywhere close.)

Although I have empathy for the developers, I'm still pretty pissed off about conque... #3
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Nothing that we know of at the moment. I'm sure it wasnt because they walked in and said youre useless to us, FIRED.

Too many theories you can come up with. For one, not announcing the reasoning maybe for the best of his reputation for whatever he's done that got him fired.

But that's the negative theory. Whatever it is, if marty doesnt know, that's pretty wrong on the personal level between him and the bosses. WE dont need to know and he prob... #4.1
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Flanking is a basic tactic. Small minded to think America flanks and others dont. #2.1.1
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I can confirm with everybody that there is an efficient netcode fix on the way with a test currently happening. It is significantly better with little to no rubberbanding on Naval strike. #3
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