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I'm not manipulating videos. Damn, I don't even change contrast or colors when I make comparisons. I'm using just a raw footage I capture. If I change something (like the speed here) I always make a proper remark on this. Are you even aware how much effort and time would it take to render EACH frame of the video to make one of the side look worse? Look at the details like grass, leafs. lightning. This would literary require to render everything in some special 3D rendering tool, w...

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that is called sarcasm...

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OH MY GOD! You've seen me through! What shall I do? What shall I do?!

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fair enough. I never said I'm a pro. and for sure it's not my intention to compete with DF - or NX (I don't know them btw). I'm doing what I can with low budget and on my own ( I do not have any sponsors, backers, etc.)

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I'm done talking to you. Think what you like. Cheers.

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I used the very latest trailer - how on Earth it shouldn't be considered as current?

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Think what you like. My intention is really just to show the difference. It's not my fault that it looks worse/better than previous gameplays. I don't care if it's Sony's or Microsoft's or Ubisoft game.
I'm really fascinated on how the games are changing during development process. It's really entertaining to me. Check back my channel. I do not post only "downgrade" comparisons. There are plenty of vids which I made ehich shows clear upgrades. If...

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For all those of you who claim this video is fake / is made by Xbox Fanboy / clickbait / whatever. Even the most compressed video would not excuse different looking models and lightning which obviously can be seen here. No one says this is downgrade in the article, nor if it is good or bad. The article purpose is to show the DIFFERENCE that occured during development process

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Mobile version would fit to Switch really well though.

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I can see only improvement. Check the lighning, additinal track details...even the mountain looks way more amazing.

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GTS vs Driveclub coming up next ;)

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What tag?

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Specially for you man - the thumbnail has been changed. Enjoy! :)

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That is actually an original idea! :)

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Well, let's leave that surprise to everyone who'll watch this video :)

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Which else character should I choose as a thumbnail when Cindy is a definition of "cuteness" and mobile graphics is just...well...cute, right?

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Well to me a cult vlassic is a game which I really enjoyed and getting back to it is the same enjoyable as it was years ago + many of gamers thinks the same :)

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It depends on how you define "cult classic"

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This is the same planet.

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