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Link to source is in video description on YT

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yeah, and what is worth to notice - retail runs on PS4 Pro.

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I thought all past-gen CoDs were already backward compatibile.

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In FH3? I'm pretty sure it can't :)

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Yeah, it's already available. You can receive it as a gift in social in FH3 menu.

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I chose 1995 original since it was a milestone :)

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some people like them :)

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i suppose they're practiclly the same.
Lack of smoothness ocurred due to source video of PS4 version. I just didn't found better one to this comparison.

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It's sunday after all :)

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Yeah, but O recorded it in Boost Mode

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It's hard not to notice similarities.

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I'm pretty sure there wasa requirement of not to post anything from the beta. Even biggest streamers does not published anything yet.

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Wasn't there a NDA for GT Sport Beta?

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Istanbul really have many famous landmarks.

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To be honest, in case of Battlefield 1 that alleged real time reveal trailer turned out to be prerendered cutscenes in retail version :(

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@UCForce - there's no "we". I'm just one guy, and yes I'm worse than DF. That's because nobody is sponsoring me, there's no big gaming website / budget behind me. I buy (or already bought) all games / consoles to make my videos.

@mad-dog - This is my hobby and I share it on several friendly sites and here. I don't make such videos just to be controversial or popular. I just find it interesting to see how the games are being changed during ...

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Yup, footprints missing :)

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Yeah, we edited each frame in photoshop to make them look worse than demo

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Both standard

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To be honest. This is how the heavy rain looks like on ps4. I haven't seen any better effect through my whole 8h in the game.

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