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Both PS4

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I liked 2015 fur better, but overall this really seems to be improved since last year!

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both are on PS4. There is "X" button icon visible in one of stills from 2015 :)

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I'd say we finally get true reveal, not that bullshot videos like we used to :) Bravo Ubisoft!

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AC2 seems to be much more improved in Ezio Collection.

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welcome :)

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well, this update leaves more qestions than answers so maybe there will be one more update. I mean, what we're suppose to do with that dummy's hand?!

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does this improve only color pallet?

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Thanks :)

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I suppose they will, but after few months probably It's just too damn good to sell it in bundle. I mean if they price it for 20$ as stand alone I think it would be fair :)

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Yup, hype train is coming really fast :)

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ok, but as i told that already. in matter of FIFA 17 there are only gameplay trailers and shitty quality stream from gamescom availabe. I prefer to wait for FIFA demo until september :)
And be sure that I'll prepare both PES vs FIFA and of course 16 vs 17 ;)

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exactly :)

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Fifa demo should be released in september

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That is quite simple - I don't have FIFA 17, neither demo nor final game. And most of the available footage isn't as good as I would like to. Stay tuned though - I'll prepare proper comparison as soon as I put my hands on playable Fifa 17 code:)

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@SniperControl well, I'm no expert in PES series but I really enjoyed this Demo. And it didn't feel "robot" to me at all.

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It sure is. This years PES seems to be really great!

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yes, it is. I captured both vids in movie mode.

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Something's smells me a MGSV relevance...

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Oh, so mind this may be a a hardware (recording device) issue, or something else. To me either of these vids looks worse. In my opinion PS4 = Xbox One. Brightness is not the issue here.

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