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Not really. It has much more effects than the original

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it was hard to copy 1:1 camera movement and as for using trailer footage- there is no other gameplay available but I found it interesting to show the differences, They are far too visible even now with this quality of video.

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I mostly agree with you but in matter of Golden Abyss - I'm pretty sure the downgrade thing was made because pf lower native resolution of Vita's screen.

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I liked Crash desing from Crash Bandicoot 3 better than this shown here.

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To be honest I found only one flaw in retail version wich seems to be irrelevant - draw distance. Just look at the bribge when Marcus is walking to cabrio

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Not really. That part when Marcus speaks with Wrench I recorded around midnight (game time) last part on zip line was at sunrise (it took me some time to finish this mission)

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E3 Demo was running on PS4 so I guess PC version has nothing to do here :)

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I was affraid this game won't stand a test of time, but trust me. It's as good as it was back then...wight slightly enhanced graphics :)

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Yup. The game is worth every penny in my opinion :)

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It will be 60

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It was released on PS Vita originally, not PSP.

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Yes, Disney had few scenel recycled. Not to mention CoD Ghosts, one of Transformers movie, and so on. Quite amusing don't you think? :)

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that is called talent ;)

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Yup, it's quite common but still it is amusing to find such thing :)

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there are clear differences ther, looka again on shadow casted by crew team just before they jump in first scene :)

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As far as I remember Sony stated there won't be any exclusives for Pro and both platforms will be treated equally.

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So you're saying that scene from screen I use as miniature for this videois also a cutscene and you cant't control Lara there? I suggest you watch this frame by the very beginning of it Lara from footage I recorded is RUNNING meanwhile PS4P is walking.
Also as for resolution - Enhanced Graphics Mode will run 1080p/30fps and so this video was rendered.

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Well, these are not cut scenes as you may think. I mean. In is particular video all scenes ere ken from straight gameplay only camera angle was set ifferently than he regular gameplay just
Because dev wanted o show new stunning location.

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Sony stated that trailer was recordered on PS4 (supposedly realtime)

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@andrewsquall @Utalkin2me
To be honest I already got used to being bullied/trolled by viewers. All of them compared me to bigger channels, calling me asshole, loser, etc. One guy even said that I should kill myself - well, I'm not doing this for you guys. This is my hobby, something that gives me really great fun. Don't like it? I'm fine with that. But if you want to criticize my vids then do it in civilized way. If you're throwing crap talk at me then crap talk shall...

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