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@Septic as for KZ SF check this one :)

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considering that the game was released 10 years ago I think it's pretty good opprotunity for this video :)

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@Haki1112 it's Beta. It's suppose to run like shit so devs can fix that before launch ;)

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Yes, because I created such soldier when I recorded that video :)

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To bo honest I'm pretty sure that even on high-end pc it won't look tha same as E3

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Soldier can be fully customized when you start the game. So don't consider this as a downgrade.

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Thanks! I tried to fit it correctly :)

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Maybe Capcom just couldn't show dismemberment in promotional footage?

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No it's not. Video from your link is for E3 2015 vs 2017 Beta meanwhile this one here is ALPHA 2016 vs 2017 BETA. Please read and watch more carefuly!

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#HighFiveUbi !

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Not really. This video is quite interesting attempt to show few differences that already has been found. Check 1:07 min of the vid.

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Cutscenes are in real time, what's wrong with that?

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Not really. It has much more effects than the original

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it was hard to copy 1:1 camera movement and as for using trailer footage- there is no other gameplay available but I found it interesting to show the differences, They are far too visible even now with this quality of video.

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I mostly agree with you but in matter of Golden Abyss - I'm pretty sure the downgrade thing was made because pf lower native resolution of Vita's screen.

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I liked Crash desing from Crash Bandicoot 3 better than this shown here.

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To be honest I found only one flaw in retail version wich seems to be irrelevant - draw distance. Just look at the bribge when Marcus is walking to cabrio

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Not really. That part when Marcus speaks with Wrench I recorded around midnight (game time) last part on zip line was at sunrise (it took me some time to finish this mission)

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E3 Demo was running on PS4 so I guess PC version has nothing to do here :)

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I was affraid this game won't stand a test of time, but trust me. It's as good as it was back then...wight slightly enhanced graphics :)

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