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Wasn't this leak revealed back in march?

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Still, difference can be spotted.

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I just wonder if they showed us real current-gen footage or something else? :)

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It was fun for me. Despite it's all flaws I really enjoyed it.

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If the game will drop glitches with saving and graphical issues which were present in original then you will most likely enjoy it.

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I'm pretty sure that PC version didn't looked a lot better than this.
Of course, PC had less technical issues but it looked worse than this remaster.

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To use this song in opening was genius idea :)

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Exactly. And both games also get a little upgrade.

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I haven't heard about Bioshock Collection. Did 2K announced it already?

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You're right. Screen tearing was real pain in the ass back then.

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MKX in my opinion is the best fighting game on this gen so far.
I also wish Netherrealms could revive Shaolin Monks. That game was a blast!

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It's hard to say which one looks better, and you are right about YT compression. However some differences are easyly to spot in this vid.

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Luckily this downgrade is not as drastic as in case of Watch Dogs, and I truly hope that PC version will be closer to reveal - if not, then words of Ubisoft CEO who said they will use only actual game footage should be reviewd.
I mean, is it worth to show gamers bullshots and thinking that no one will notice?

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Actually it's Littlefinger from Game of Thrones TV series :)

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You meant 2015 I assume?

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I wonder which platform is leading during development, since I haven't heard anything about that, though Xbox One seems to obvious here.

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Wow, I'm glad someone did some really in depth close look! Cheers!

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It's the same actress - Valory Curry :)

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@metalchocobo66 as far as I know all emulators needs original console bios to work. Which means it's not so legal as you may think ;)

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Yeah, Saddly 480p can be pain in the ass and even upscalling the video won't help at all :/

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