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distruptor?! :\

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Say what you want to about Crytek, they're smart businessmen, so don't expect any kind of downfall. 7 branches since 2007, how many studios do that?

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Cevat Yerli laughs at your comment.

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1 million sales is flopping hard? :\
It probably didn't reach capcom's expectations, but its far from a flop.

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You guys(hardcore) had four games, why not let the casuals enjoy one?
And it looks like you're hurt coz the dev spoke crap about you and your favorite character, what about all the trash NT/Capcom got from the hardcore fans, like that was all really sweet :|

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really? I don't think papa EA will let you do that DICE ;)

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Talking about balance in an already unbalanced system? :|

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They're a racing games developer, NFS is their next title.

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Instead, I would congratulate R* for getting all that done on the console hardware. There are AA issues everywhere, but everything else looks amazing!

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1:02..san andreas ending mission? :P

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eh? I thought people prefer console gaming because its easy and hassle free. Why would they want customization when they can just insert the disk and start playing the game?

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@rogo..Get a vehicle :|

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Was a Fanboy..gave up on the series after ME3 :\

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@vames..Admit it, you sucked at battlefield! Don't apply the same mindless run and gun strategy of cod in battlefield, its a different game, supposed to be played in a different way. Idiot!

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They should have named it Grid Showdown, LOL..

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LOL..I wonder what you would say if Codies made cockpit the only cam for Grid 2?

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I'm one of the 5%..and fck you codemasters!

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Not FrostBite 2, its the same engine used for Hot Pursuit 2010.

Hot Pursuit 2010 - Chameleon Engine
Run - FrostBite2
Most Wanted 2012 - modified Chameleon Engine.

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