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With the kind of fanbase they have, Blizzard doesn't even need to go multiplatform to survive, not that they shouldn't but they're doing fine as a PC exclusive developer.

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@modesign, I'd love to see your face the day you get a ps4 with your favourite game of all time and realize the thing doesn't work with an error 37 showing you a middle finger :)

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Wait a minute, PC gamers didn't complain when Witcher 2 was ported to 360 or Witcher 3 going multiplat, lot of them supported it and were happy that console gamers could get their hand on the game. The Diablo fans aren't pissed that the game is going to be ported to the consoles, but because the original PC game was dumbed down for the future console release. Read the article ffs.

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Crytek's wish got granted :P

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It does, and it doesn't. Depends on who you're asking.

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Power, yes.!

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No PC version..well that sucks :(

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Damn, its ended, back on Feb 12th :'(

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Will the beta end? or its going to be there like the mass effect demo, hope it does.

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PR!! *insert the scientist meme*

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LOL microsoft...

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It does, unfortunately. Better get the complete edition later.

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I heard they were adding a story mode to the SP? So Codies got time and resources to add an SP but not the cockpit view? :(

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why the disagrees?! :|

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glad to hear at least one positive opinion on this game.

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Amnesia is better.

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Check these out..

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The last superman movie tie-in, though wasn't really successful, looked pretty good. The flying mechanics were very well done, and I'm sure it will be great using the tech we have now. All they have to do is work on the game mechanics, enemies and a good story. But it definitely has a lot of potential.

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The biggest thing I'm concerned about is the life of the multiplayer, C2 multi died pretty fast, irresponsible support from the developers and ton of hackers just ruined the game for me. Hope Crytek keep it alive for longer this time.

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They did make a lot of improvements, not sequel worthy, kinda like an expansion, but the multiplayer is a lot more enjoyable this time.

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