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You already have EA. Titanfall, BF4, and the upcoming Star Wars game from DICE ;)

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Opinion piece, just another way of saying 'I'll write whatever the F I'd want to, deal with it.'

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That's called customization? No thanks, I'll get The Crew.

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adding boobs to the characters was tough?

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PC and a PS4, gaming life fulfilled.

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Games like Titanfall, Destiny, BF4, Dice's Battlefront will crush COD, unless Activision reinvents the game which will not happen anyway :P

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Looks great!

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Are you kidding? Rivals looks like the most boring, generic racing game out there, except for the AllDrive feature may be.

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Well, if they want a complete overhaul, Star Wars is in making at DICE :P

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It looked like a rehash initially, but it looks like Dice had added a lot of improvements, that are noticeable and worth the money. For me, personally, I really liked the way they improved some of the visual aspects like Animations and the water effects(which also seems to have an effect on the gameplay). Though its a nice chance for the COD fanboys to bash BF4 :P

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Liara! <3

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Didn't ME3 get the same criticism about tacked on MP? That didn't turn out bad, and the MP portion of Origins is made by a completely different studio, so I don't think its something to worry about.

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IW after two weeks : The 'engine limitation for female characters' was just an internal joke at the studio.

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When they can get maximum profits with minimum efforts, why work hard and revolutionize the engine? Not that I'm insulting IW or anything, but they really don't need to push their engine. Majority of the COD fan base won't give a damn about the engine improvements anyway. Activision is in control, remember ;)

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The Asian looks cute <3

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Biggest overhaul? Didn't they say the same thing for last cod game?

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4 is perfect, 16 players is insanely stupid.

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Name one developer who's got the balls to create something like Rage's tech on 7 year old hardware running at 60fps.

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Look mom, there's Fish AI in call of duty!!

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