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"What are you trying to say there?"

I'm trying to say that whoever's saying that the trackpads aren't as good as the thumbsticks without using the steam controller enough(and I don't mean a half hour of usage), aren't qualified to make a judgement about it, there's no weight to their opinion. I gave my first PC to controller transition as an example too.

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Being a pc gamer,the first time I tried playing an fps on a console, I thought it was fcking awful and wondered how the console gamers keep playing fps' using the controllers. Though I slowly got used to it. So obviously, I believe the steambox controller will take some time to get used to.
Though I wonder why the console gamers are hating the trackpads just because the controller isn't designed with their beloved thumbsticks. Its not like Valve is forcing it down their throat...

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This is awesome, hope I win.

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Should be around 40k.

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Which is why, PC/Steam FTW!

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"ASIANS prefer playstation,"

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Failed with the 'resolution', it was downgraded remember? and you missed the part where I said it still looks phenomenal. The gameplay looks improved as well.

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Even though Crytek kinda failed with the resolution, the game looks phenomenal, especially considering how bad Cod Ghosts looks on xbone.

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The title made me laugh for some reason :P

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How do I report this garbage?

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At least its 60fps, that would be a bigger concern for me, not the resolution.

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Better destruction DLC for 10$ :P

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Right comment coming from the wrong person. NFS rivals isn't innovation.

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Not gonna happen.

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By covering up the flaws, and praising messed up games like colonial marines...oh Randy!!

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"Give me back my customization from the NFS Underground ERA (Underground 1 & 2, Carbon, the original Most Wanted and ProStreet). "


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As long as it looks as good as the first ever demo of the game, I have no problem.

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Still not sure why you're getting the disagrees. :\

[quote]We'll see how much sense it makes whenever you play a game that requires you to press two buttons simultaneously. lol[/quote]

Its said to have 16 buttons on it, remember?

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I read somewhere that there are about 3000 games ready on Linux, may be we'll find out soon.

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"I’m pretty happy with my PC Gaming setup, do I have to buy a new piece of hardware now?
No. Everything that we’ve been doing on Steam for the last 10 years will continue to move forward."

If it was MS or Sony, we'd get a completely different answer. Gotta love valve :P

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