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Flaimbait clickbait spam alert.

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Very arty, my kind of game.

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Short but sweet. Can't wait for get my hands on this beast. My PC is ready.

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Clickwhoring. I used to do it too. It's disgraceful.

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The demo is one of the best I've ever played, I just can't be excited enough to play the full game.

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that's the most noticeable different for me as well.

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the PS4 does a pretty good job at holding its own and it's still very early days for the console. Next-gen is going to be awesome.

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cancel a similar looking Boomerang controller concept for the PS3? I don't see them going back to that design. A modified Dual Shock design is much more likely.

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Haha, that's firing a shot in the air imo.

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Hmm, not a bad idea actually.

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I like the video, the guy seems very talented. But, I would expect Sony make a more bulky design, this looks too light to pack a punch imho.

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Yeah, can't wait to get my hands on it tbh. A year in which a new GTA game releases is always worth looking forward to

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Yeah, also can't wait for the next true Zelda title on the Wii U

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I wish Rockstar would announce a sequel already.

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I do think the PlayStation 3 still has some time left. I can't say the same for the Xbox 360 though, that's showing its age like an old lady does.

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because it's a magazine cover and I guess there's no picture of it on the internet.

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amazing stuff, ND sure knows to pull of a surprise like none other. Well, maybe Valve, but no other for sure. :P

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the UC team has moved on to developing Uncharted 4 and it'll be a launch title for PS4.

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either Quantic Dreams or Guerilla Games. Both of them are supposed to be working on one and hasn't released or announced a new game in a while.

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