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Why does bloodborne say differently #35
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Did u guys even read the article. It made sense to me... If Micro covers most of the cost for a timed exclusive for this game to even be made its a win win for everybody. The game gets made, GOTY edition comes to ps4 later.... If it didn't happen. The game probably would never see the light of day... It coulda went either way really... Square is in financial struggle. Something had to be done and Micro was the savior #1.7
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Sooooo. Wats gonna stop it from selling millions? NOTHING... #1.2.1
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Why feel bad. When they get to experience it in a better way. They still have more original games coming. Micro is doing Halo. Nintendo has done it with the Snes. It's been done since the 90s. So wats wrong with it now. I remember when I played Super Mario Allstars. I didn't complain. It was so much better in 16bit glory. I'm sorry. I'm old. The nerves of these new gamers #14.1.1
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Ur in the wrong section
Nintendo is datta way <<<<<<<&l t;<<<
<<<<<<<& lt;< #1.4.1
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so wats next gen on xb1... seems to be selling good compared to TF on 2 consoles and pc #1.3.9
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Oh. I see why u have 1 bubb. Lets get a little realistic #1.12
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It's not like they gave it a 1 out of 5. Jesus. What would you have gave it? That would have been your opinion bro. They gave TLOU a good score. Others didnt. But they gave this one a 3 and you rage. Wat if they gave it a 4, wat would have been ur reaction then. Pfff, Fannies #1.11
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Omg really. We can name 100 things that makes ps4 the to go to system. I'm pro Sony but that does not make me hate xb1. I like TF. I think it's fun. But a single player campaign would make it that much better. Both systems basically have the same games with the exception of a few exclusives. Replay value? There is none without the internet... I think Infamous is still playable if the Internet bill doesn't get paid... anyway. U mad? Or really really mad... #1.2.12
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@ Hank moody
not everybody talked down on TF #1.11
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you chance to shine with one bubble and you jus made yourself look silly lmao. Sorry try again next time #1.1.29
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Lol. The Sony fanboys. Well this is N4g and I'm pretty sure 95% of the people that post here are fans of their prefered console. I'm pretty sure they are exaggerating quite a bit but no need for everybody to get all in ur panties. Let's jus wait for DF or LoT to do their analysis so we can see who is really bias. #4.7
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720 upscale to 1080 is blurry compared to native 1080. It's noticable. Try it and see. 2 hd tvs side by side. Have one set to 720 and the other at 1080 and you will most Def see a difference. I don't kno why all youguys try and make this stuff up. IIt's plain as day. #2.3.3
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I have a pc. I love it. But the ease of consoles make them my preference. Sorry. I don't think like most... i remember when I first bought HL2 for my pc. Thought it was the best fps ever. But I kept goin back to play HaloCE ... no need to blame anyone. I'm 33 years old and i think I'm well educated on the pc side of things. Console gamer first. #3.2.2
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Dude really. Quit being a fan girl and admit KZ SF looks great. Ur not gonna explode or nothn from admitting it..... i think #6.2.2
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Very aggressive lighting. The floor looks like they buffed it with babyoil. And the sparks were way too aggressive from the lil chopper hitting walls and ceiling. Not very realistic I guess but nice non the less.

Partly why I'm a console gamer, don't have to worry about upgrading anything... #3.2
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Didn't Digital Foundry already say that it is indeed 1080p. You MS goons are in full attack mode. Lmao you guys are ridiculous. They are jus consoles. It's not the presidential election #3.2
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If there is an audience, why kill it. Does that make sense. The game sells millions. And if done right will continue to sell millions. Not all games can sell with multiple iterations but if you have a cash cow, why end it. How long has coke and sprite been around.... it still sells. Mario, Zelda. Yea alot of people are tired of it but..... If that's the case, don't buy it. Somebody else will take your place. New Ip's are a gamble some may take off some will fail. But if you have a... #1.5
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Oh gosh, it was just a joke. You pc guys are so uptight. Loosen up a bit Lmao XD
Anyway. A pc has too many variables to play with for the casual or hard core average gamer. I mean. Wats wrong with console gamers have been around almost just as long as pc gamers. Some like the ease of plug and play. Some like the customization and power of the pc. Both have their own crowd of followers. If you scroll up the comment list, the things said are almost ridiculous lol. Who cares... #7.1.4
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Don't forget the virus programs with the yearly subscriptions. And don't leave out the computer desk lol. Or windows for that matter if it's not preloaded in the drive #7.1
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