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@ Doctor... Oddly I feel the complete opposite from how you feel. Lmaaaao. But your opinion is appreciated #1.1.3
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How can you tell another man that his opinion is off... Lol. Thats y it's a opinion. I prefer Ps4 but that's also my preference. I think that the games are better geared toward my preferences. Also my opinion. He never said what he thought we're facts. Water is wet... Facts. Fire Burns... facts. PS4 is better. Opinion... Xb1 is better. Opinion #1.1.9
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Butthurt #1.6
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Uuuum. The ps3 was outselling the 360 the whole time. Just not in the U.S. but worldwide 360 was being dominated almost month after month... Theoretically the Ps3 sold better world wide. Same as this Gen. Same will happen. Even after over a year head start they still came out as the top console between the two sales wise #1.5.1
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Or maybe fannies such as yourself wants the Sony club to feel some type of way about it... We still FO4. Y should we be upset??? The its just a BC game. Not even hardly an upgrade

Personally i think its a good look for XB1. We have alot of Remasters and remakes on PS4. We all get to play FO4 #1.7
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Uuum. Because that wat it is. GTA is mindless destruction of fun... is it not.... But i love it. And i also like games such as this... Hey we had Flow, Journey, and many other games that the majority wont agree with amd the fanboys will tear apart. I guess that why most have a Sony console. #14.2
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It can, and has proved that. Once again. Its just not for you. Why cant certain peiple enjoy certain games without the main streamers downing it because nothing you want is happening. Lmao. #8.1
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Lmaaaaao. Ur a joke. You sound very angry. And very hurt. It will always be a in denial hater shades wearing guy no matter what. Smh. Why even comment? Your opinion is not gonna change the world. It wont change anything. Lol. The game looks great. Im sorry. I see hate in these words. Lol #7.4
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Can we get a freaking Colony Wars. Darn it man. Do they realize Ps1 and 2 had some of the most memorable games of all of their titles. Sheesh #1.5
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Microsoft must told you this directly. Oh... #2.6
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I remember when Uncharted first made it's break through, the Xbox camp was comparing it to Gears of War. Now when I look at this and having played Uncharted series and TLOU. Anybody with enough sense can see the similarities. It looks good tho But the on the fly crafting and presentation screams TLOU and Uncharted. Guess we will see when it's released. #1.7.5
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The game was awesome. Hope it aged well. The music tho... Rare was killing it with the music back then. Coming from a Sony/PlayStation guy, I envy you guys now. #2.2.1
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Truly a classic. #2.3
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But you're here in the comments. Lol #1.6
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Didn't help this sales. They got dusted last Gen and are getting the same this Gen. #5.1.6
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So ps4 gets slammed for stability updates? Really? Do the wonderful updates for xb1 make their games run 1080p. Does that wonderful user interface help their sales? You guys are reaching now. So the updates are xb1 sign of a worldwide come back... #3.1.11
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I think it's fair to say it bad on both sides #5.2.2
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So that's y I get a down vote. For not mentioning the order, bloodborne and MLB the show. Even Ps fans get hate from the ps fancies too. Smh. Well let me switch it up...

Microsoft showed games that will be out by THIS holiday season. Sony's big guns won't come till 16. Other the The Order, Bloodborne, and MLB the show. Horizon and others won't come till 16 which will be a great year because we will hear not information of GOW and all the other games they didn&... #1.10.3
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It's obvious the Microsoft pulled out all of their guns this E3. Sony is lacking for 15 but we have more than enough to tide us over. I'm not worried the least bit. We got some new things coming and I think it's worth the wait. Like everyone said MS pretty much gave everybody what they knew was coming. Sony had the WOW factor. And to think next year will be even more epic. GOW, word on TLOU, and who knows. Now that FFVII remake is known who knows what other secrets they are with h... #1.10
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New I.P. I'm sure they didn't wanna do too much. Let the first game set the tone. Sure if it's successful there will be multiplay. #19.1
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