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These comments are hilarious😂😂 28514;

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But the PS4 will still outsell All the Boxes. Still will sell more games. And still will be on top worldwide... Will still have the better exclusives... The system wont change the climate. You guys will have bought 3 systems in 4 years for crying out loud... All upgrades to the one before... If Sony had support like this im sure they wouldnt care about diversity or identity either🤣

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Is that right

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Well MS has to stay relevant some how diring this butt whipping they been takingthese past few years

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Ps2 outsold OGxbox... PS has always did better hardware wise than MS has. Bigger brand Worldwide. Jus enjoy the games and play the prefered system...

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Still waitn on the Cloud too.... Wat ever happened to that i wonder....
Also... How old is CrackDown???

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Have you seen the Pro Xbox1x comments lately since the reveal. Lol

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So all this power to have the best multiplats????... And a Prettier Halo Gears and Forza???... A new system with no games huh

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Wonder why they didn't do the same for Cloud... Oh.... They took the stealth route on that one

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Lol... So MS hasn't did anything worth being shady?

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360 had the superior multiplats also... Even with a year head start it got ran down and surpassed. You guys forget... PS fans far exceed Xbox fans globally... Sony will always sell more consoles than MS no matter how powerful

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Have they ever?

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Sony played their cards by using the insight from 360 and the intel of the Xbone. Its obvious they took notes and killed their competition. MS got too arrogant to think that they will survive on 3 or 4 games... nahhhhh

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Ummmmmm. Ps4 is doing extremly well last i checked. Xbox was more powerful than the ps2. But it didnt stop the domination. This will be jus like that generation. Ps4 market share is thru da roof. The Name is stronger worldwide also. And when the time comes for the ps5, and it will come.... MS will throw more money away to compete screwing up the eco system for Xbox again.

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Saturn CD rings a bell. Even tho it was a add on tho

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Sony will most definitely take notes on how the scorpio does... why wouldnt they.. Kinda how the Ps4 reveal was handled... Main reason Sony didnt push for Cloud was because MS couldnt deliver. Seen ot was a waste of resources and focused on something else.

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So you guys are gonna act like the Power of Cloud was the end all for Sony... Now wat happened to it again?...

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Defend it for what... We are all happy with the PS4. No shortage of games. Variety of games. And One of the top 1st party supported systems out behind Nintendo. At the end of the day. Scorpio wont out sell Ps4. Wont help the lagging behind what so ever. Sony has took the market share and ran with it. Specs wont make it sell. Im sorry. You guys are getting really ridiculous with these comments

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