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I agree. The game was entertaining but.... It was extremly watered down. There were more engaging games before it. Games that actually pulled you in and wanted to make you discover...

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Exactly again.

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Exactly. Lol

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Awful?... Sony movie division has been in the top five movie studios in markets share and sales for the past 10 years. And this year in 2018 They have a 27%markets share and top of the list for the start of 2018... All of their Spiderman movies do good numbers. But that's jus the tip of the iceberg. They have Hotel Trans sequel coming and lots more.

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Price drop coming soon for the X

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It's a start... But 1 new IP????

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Considering the Pro was created to support PSVR, while the X was created to one up the PS4.

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So why have XBox sales dropped 11% and Ps4 up 6%.... Exclusives maybe???

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Brooooooo. It's just a minus.

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Coming from a Ps guy... These comments are a bit biased. Horizon, God of War, Uncharted.... They all scored good on Famitsu and we all jump for joy. They give Pubg a decent score and now we get hate on the score, the game, and the ones that gave the score???....
Anyways good job for them. Maybe I should give it a try on my sister's Xbox

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Good score. Maybe Pubg could actually turn out good for MS

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Try hard again

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The base Ps4 looks better than the Xbome and S. The Pro version looks and performs better than the Xbone and S. The X is head and shoulders better that Pro.... The Ps4 sales are head and shoulders and a few necks above all

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Bro trust me when I say this.... I for one and im sure the majority will say the same.... We are not starved for games in the least. So please save it. Honestly the game is not even an interest seeing that GTA V has already done this but with a better optimization. And if they decide to add a Battle Royal to GTAV... I will surely run 10x better. And seeing how it runs on the base and S Xbox... The Base Ps4 wouldnt have as many issues. Lol Reality check.

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So you are mad that Sony has more connections via more players to matchmake with???? Obviously they are doing something right. Forza flopped. The X is gonna flop. Pubg is gonna sell loads because there is nothing else to play other than CupHead which is a great game btw. Anything to cry about concerning The real Beast (PS4)... Jus deal with it. Xbox has always been second to PS. Third if you wanna add Nintendo. They have 3 systems, 2 of them upgrades. The most powerful system in the world for...

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Wtf😂😂😂 😂

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CODww2 is far from terrible. Maybe you just suck at it. Bring on BC3

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I seen somewhere on a seperate article about nominating this game for GOTY........... YEAAAAAAA RIIIIIIIITE

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Naaaah. They can keep it

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So is Paragon

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