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Thats cool. But Sony has too many things goingnfor the ps4 and soon to be Neo that the Scorpio might not even catch foot either. Im still lookn for the Cloud to kick in..... Anyhoo... Instead of tryna out do the specs, build some studios and bring out some fresh ips. Most of their Originals flop tho. Probably why they are sticking with Halo, Gears, and Forza

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Turns out... Ps4 was the stronger than XB1... But They also have the games.... Now here comes Scorpio.... But what happened to the power of cloud. And you guys still defend Msoft but never questioned the fake cloud power... Anything they say the Xbots run with it... Sony did what they said they were gonna do... Bring games.

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What ever happened to the Xbox cloud... Hard to trust anything MS says tbh

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Anything to make you feel better. When your done ranting and crying, Sony will still please their crowd. They will still continue to sell. And the games will continue into the next gen. Sorry but everything they showed looked amazing. And how they are implementing VR is great. How can you not be impressed? Fannies will never congratulate. Always hating on anything positive to down play things. Shame on you guys...

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Identity confirmed?.... This just got even more interesting

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A open world TLOU would be great tho. No need for extreme graphics. If they can give us the same fidelity of the remake in a open world i would take it

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Wish they would buy Colony Wars and build something great from that... Somebody give us Colony Wars pleeeeease

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Or maybe most like it bcuz its fun?
Like i said... Or maybe, they like it because its fun?

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Reboot and remake are the same right?

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No one care about you hate for consoles. Console gaming is gonna be here well after we are gone. No matter wat. BitBothh sides need each other to survive.

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Im not a kid and i will still buy it. Actually i will get both. I play BF3 still along with COD. COD might not have gone down the path i want but its still fun to play. Its a different experience.

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Df! Why would someone wonder about a pc vs console graphics comparison. We already know the answer to that. Smh.... Flame on

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Sooooo. When MS releases a upgraded system,, i reckon sony is suppose to sit back n watch?

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Still wont buy a PC... Sorry.

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Nope... Still wont buy a PC.

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Or how about a more battle hardened, wiser Kratos. He has been thru alot. Maybe after a long thought process he realizes the destruction he set forth. Maybe it wont be the same ger fuelded Kratos. But one thats tryna make peace with himself. But the other Gods in the Norse realm witnesses the destruction layed by the God killer. They are in fear. And possibly bring a battle to one that only seeks peace out of his rage...

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You can easily do it yourself. Ps3 was outselling xb360 out the door except a few months. Do the numbers. A year plus head start. And they end up neck and neck at the end wit ps3 edging out at the end. Take away the rrod and those numbers would drastically drop. Anyways. New Gen now. Same story without the rrod and a closer release date... Smoked!

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I started it on survival. Seems its the best way to play

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Who approved this article?

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Did we actually think consoles would keep the same format forever? I remember when touch screen phones came out. Heck when cell phones came about it was a game changer. Everything evolves or gets left behind. No one said it was rules tht consoles couldnt evolve. I remember when there was no need for DVD rom in a console, then it was there is no need for blu ray. Everybody spoke against microtransactions but it wont end. We adapt. When upgraded consoles are released we will adapt. Just like we...

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