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It's been fixed I think.

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It's great to see PC communities creating these options for people. Developers should definitely take note.

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That's the conclusion the article comes to.

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You're so right. I mean, Bank of America got nothing on EA. They just evict people from their homes, which definitely isn't worse!

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Games including showing the politics of something aren't the same as games trying to show a political message. One is merely reflecting reality, the other is trying to convey a message.

The Witcher 2, or Game of Thrones are examples of that - they're merely complex situations that characters find themselves in.

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@IPython - So which point of view is favored in The Witcher 2?

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Why does the developer need to take a side, and why does it have to conform to the usual idea of what US idea of politics is? Politics is far far far more extensive than party politics, and no one wants to be preached to of course. It's merely about acknowledging that life is complex.

Bioshock is a game driven by politics, but it's widely acclaimed. House of Cards is one of the most popular TV shows on right now. As is Veep, Game of Thrones, etc.

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I don't disagree, but modern military shooters should make wider strides to raise more complex questions. Shooters (Spec Ops: The Line, Bioshock) have done that and have been successful. There's no reason we can't have a great playing game, but one that is willing to explore the intricacies and complexities of war.

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I suppose they have regenerating health, and remote controlled attack dogs too?

Media isn't bound to replicating reality exactly, and it should raise the tougher questions.

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What nonsense. You clearly don't value any kind of criticism.

There's a reason critics are called critics, and they've been around for an incredibly long time.

It's a shame to see someone be so cynical, especially when it's rather positive on the GTA franchise as a whole but merely has some qualms with how V was written.

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Thank you!

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Again, I am not claiming that it is Nintendo's responsibility. This is not an attack, or downputting of any single company. It discusses 3D gaming, 3D television and 3D movies and how each format is seeing poor uptake, and is being abandoned.

The 2DS is another indication of that, because Nintendo - much like many other companies - sees that it can reach a wider audience that isn't interested in 3D technology.

Again, this is an article about the fail...

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I agree that the 2DS is a great idea, but I also think it undermines the promised future of 3D gaming. It is no longer a core experience or necessary to function. Nintendo thinks it can reach a wider audience with it.

This isn't disregarding the popularity of the 3DS, or its strength as a handheld device. It's merely a discussion on 3D technology in general and how it is being abandoned.

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Nice article on why MOBA communities are perceived negatively. I'm glad Riot is taking it seriously and trying to make sure everyone playing has a good time.

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I think Fallout New Vegas did some things better than Fallout 3, but the story and setting in 3 was more interesting.

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It could have some success as a niche device.

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Agreed. I hope Fallout 4 wont have half the bugs and hitches Skyrim did when it launched. Thay make great games, I just hope they'll have the time to really polish it off.

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I guess the heat became too hot for them.

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A great interview that shines a light on an under-discussed topic in the industry.

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I certainly think they have room to pivot at E3. Not sure what you mean by "too explosive".

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