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IGN had a HQ preview of this scenario a few months ago. should have an interview, along with off-screen footage of a different area of the game, next week.

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This writer has every right to give his critique of the service, regardless of it's state. It out in the wild and therefore open to criticism.

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The entire last half of the show basically encompasses that title...

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I think the satire articles should be allowed and possible tagged in some way. There's a couple of sites on here doing pretty funny articles.

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Rather than getting mods to set restrictions, we should collectively be less interested in these sorts of pissing contests. Instead, the discourse on n4g creates this stuff. Everyday. Never fails...

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That lede...

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agreed. Up until this point, the Wii U didn't have a game worth buying. The author is making the argument that Mario kart validates the system though, so I say rather than wait, I'd like to play a game that's currently in the social conscience and heavily supported with online competition.

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PS4s and XB1s will possibly be cheaper too. Wouldn't wait a year to save a couple hundred bucks though. that's like fun-deprivation. No thanks

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Not that I could tell. Nothing that separates it from the other racers already on the market. But a demo isn't really enough time to really see what the game does well.

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No offense taken. I'm pretty bad, but to be fair they were demoing it on a PS Vita as the control device. I'd still suck regardless though.

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that's a really good point. I wonder what happened with that

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I love that Shaft is the single defining black film we are referencing as a counter-argument/Super Sarcasm

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Never gets old!

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It's hard not to like! The "Ridin' Dirty" vid is priceless.

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You're certain this existed before the patch?

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Just further proof that both console manufactures intended to go with this always online model, but both got pushed out by consumer feedback. Either way, the software companies will sneak it back in slowly.

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I really enjoyed the media hub features of PS3, and I agree not having them with the PS4 feels like a shortcoming. I enjoy playing games, but i don't subscribe to the idea that I only use a console for gaming alone.

I'm really enjoying the PS4 though and I do think down the road we'll have a more full-featured version of the PS4 OS that should be able to do most of those things we liked from the PS3. There's a good amount of almost "assumed" feature...

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I gotcha. I don't have a horse in this race and it's hard to deny how beneficial the two consoles competing for attention has been for gamers. Having one console dominate the market would only hurt us.

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Heh. Take it easy man. They're just videogames.

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good idea. No one is excited for next-gen pubic hair.

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