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The game got pulled off of Xbox Live:

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It's a game that generally punishes selfish players. If you're not willing to help your team out you're setting yourself up to implode; while on the other side, if you play on a team where all four members make it a priority to help one another, you're difficult to beat.

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I got this from an email tip with a readme file attached, that was my source.

However, if you're looking to whine about smaller sites spamming on N4G, you should direct your malcontent at the hundreds of relentlessly biased flame articles that are posted and popularized on this site everyday.

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Valve said a while back that the numbers for their February 50% off sale they offered on steam (a weekend sale that was extended into five days) beat the game's launch numbers.

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Supposedly it's a mic accessory...think it vibrates?

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really fun, addictive game, well worth the Lincoln.

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yeah, I was surprised it wasn't posted already.

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Fable 2 over Fallout 3 for GOTY is a real bailout.

I give the advantage to FO3 for better leveling system, engaging NPC's, using weapons, questing...the list goes on.

If you've played both games you'll realize that the scope of Fallout 3 goes far beyond anything Fable 2 could ever realize.

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The title is horribly misleading, not that anyone with any gaming knowledge would be baited by this...right dudes?....right?

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I would love to see this title released for the Motorola Krave. I think the full touch screen display make it a perfect candidate. I've been a fan of this thing ever since I started working with Motorola. You can check out a full list of features online at It's my top pick right now.

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Yeah, sorry the article was a little US-centric, strictly because it focused on the fact that America is a broke joke, incidentally what's the Canadian housing market looking like? I may be looking to buy...

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Alexander Hamilton is the first United States Secretary of the Treasury and is featured on the 10 dollar bill of which you've obviously never given more than a cursory glance....

...or you're straight broke.

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...especially with the rat race it's turned into because of submission sites like N4G, it's just something that's not going to go away as long as people know they can get publicity from it.

I think the main problem is the priority for what's considered "big news"--especially on this site--the factual stories are almost always tucked behind the conjecture and rumors. Obviously people find them much more interesting because it provides infinite possibilities where fact is...

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August is generally a slow month for business, it's crazy not to expect big numbers this holiday season.

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Gary Oldman already mentioned that there will be a game to G4, another top 5 (alright, 6) list made obsolete again.

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The original Final Fantasy VII.

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The speculation levels that this has reached is maddening. The quote was lifted from an interview conducted nearly a week ago and has already been picked apart by the bullshit kings, who at least cite facts to back up their claims.

This isn't even old news, it's recycled conjecture. Making up bullshit is fine, just don't spray it in my direction.

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