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The sale ends in like an hour. Short, awesome sale that a lot of people are going to miss.

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Uhhh....yeah, you were quoting the guy who was quoting me.


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Wow evrfighter...I did have more to say after the 'Steam bias' part, did you happen to read any of it? Or did you just go for the reply button as soon as you saw words that made you angry?

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The 'Steam bias' line was supposed to be a light-hearted quip, since you comment on a lot of Steam related submissions. Just a joke between TF2 patch buddies, certainly no insult intended.

Also, I think you can still have a bias about something and be credible on it, as long as you're educated (on the subject and/or in general.) And something that has 20 million+ potential buyers certainly has more potential for bias than less, since I agreed with you on your original point don't...

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While wary of your Steam bias, what you say is impossible to argue with. It's PC's last major stronghold and if you have a good game--specifically a good online multiplayer game--you'd be stupid to ignore the opportunity.

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Yes, actually.

I've updated the article and the N4G post with the info/link you've provided. Thanks for the correction and stay classy.

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Steam posts estimates?

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I just got paid 3 to 1 on a bet that you would be the first to comment on this. He took the field, and he lost. :)

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By far one of the worst (and therefore greatest) scenes in film history.

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Sorry to all, it seems Microsoft has pulled the content, due to it being posted early, it may still arrive shortly as the Marketplace usually updates at 2 AM PDT, but nothing can be certain now that they've lifted the content.

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Something he's never had before: A baggage free engagement with a woman.

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Are you accusing me of innuendo sir? ;)

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"The demo is currently available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for Gold Members and will arrive later today with the PSN's weekly update."

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This was posted several days ago, where were you people?

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Yeah, got all the info off of the game's Xbox Live Marketplace page.

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It's just a different kind of gaming experience, definitely worth a try.

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Sorry about that, guess I was pretty burnt out when I put the article together last night.

I cleaned it up, hopefully its not as grammatically offensive to the senses now.

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After all these years, Tactics still ranks in the top 5 hardest games I've ever played--that is until the game drops Orlandu in front of you. Always joked that the game's difficulty from that point rests on whether or not you choose to use him.

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Short but good game, definitely worth five bucks.

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I don't know, If this is true I'm pretty sure it'll be picked up by someone, if it's anywhere near a finished product that is.

DNF and its history have just garnered so much attention, I can't imagine some big name publisher wouldn't see it as a cash cow waiting to happen.

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