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Kind of an ignorant comment, it "looks" like shit? Why don't you go play it and see if you like it or not.

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Now my tribalman's shiv will be represented like it should.

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Picking a favorite Nobuo Uematsu soundtrack is impossible, especially the middle Final Fantasy titles.

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"Valkyria Chronicles 2

This game is coming out for the PSP, but honestly it should be hitting the PS3 as well."


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and talking about some stupid shit as well, no doubt.

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We'll see, a couple of months ago I heard this game's development was a mess, hopefully they got everything straightened out.

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That's because you keep doing the same pattern to try to fill the line, if you're the same in your strategy it will be the same as well.

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As long as he keeps moving the green he'll be back.

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I wonder how different the final product will be from what arrives next week.

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yeah and believe it or not people still play D2 so while I'm sure a chunk of that 320,000 has probably moved on from the game, you still have to think a large number of current players were affected.

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yeah, gj man.

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Came out on PSN a few weeks back Popinsky.

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link please? Even if that is true, obviously most people were unaware of the supposed scheduled maintenance.

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If it's a joke it probably shouldn't be as misleading as it seems to be.

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Well the game's only $20 normally, it's the same as $15 off of a $60 game. Except that most games aren't worth spending $45 on.

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Yeah, I read your comment. I'm a Joe Schmoe no question, but fortunately for myself, and for many, that's all you need to be in this business to get started.

Many developers will take the time out to talk to you regardless of how popular you are, the only thing you need to become a game journalist is a URL and a need to get involved with the gaming community/industry. It's when people under prepare and don't fully care about what they're doing, just the end result (in this case ...

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Don't worry, I'm way out of my element with this point the finger stuff. I'll be going back to my patch notes and demo releases now.

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The haters are actually going to my site to comment, thanks guys, most I've had in weeks!

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I think you make great points there, luckily I don't have to argue with them since none of them contradict the point of my article.

I wrote it because the articles that have been trying to represent your side thus far have been very under researched and very reactionary to Chet's comments. They write that kind of stuff quick and dirty because they feel they're on a time limit with general interest and more importantly if they don't go out and piss everybody off someone else will...

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