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Unfortunately it makes long term business sense. Drawing people away from Steam would lead many gamers directly to Origin. And Battlefield 3 is popular enough to force even Steam gamers to go elsewhere if it's not available on Steam.

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I understand them. Shepard is not a "He".

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Mine is pretty old and I do the same thing. Of course I don't usually max out the graphics, but all my games (more than 100 on Steam) run fine.

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Same here.

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To whoever disagreed with me: read the Wikipedia links.
The only difference is that this forum comment is not public enough. If you printed "Allah can suck my you-know-what" in a newspaper, you would certainly end up on a death list.

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I LOVE driving the Mako. The 360 version has worse Mako controls, maybe that's part of the reason why people don't like it.

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They have regrets about Mass Effect 1?? To me Mass Effect is one of only a handful games I consider perfect.

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A "simple look at Killzone 3" reveals jaggy flicker galore because MLAA can't do subpixel anti-aliasing and causes temporal artifacts.

It works pretty well on God of War though.

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It's not a hardware ("graphical power") advantage. MLAA can be and has been implemented on the GPU, it does not need a cell processor.

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Yup. It's a silly thing to say.
If anything, Crysis 1 was the first "next gen" game because it's above and beyond anything the current gen consoles have put out. As is Metro 2033.

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You can still download it from Steam if you bought it there. Steam doesn't remove downloads.

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Sequels are good for developers because the get to re-use a ton of assets. Assassin's Creed, Dead Space, Bioshock. All examples of games whose sequels were considerably less work for the developers than the original game.

Remember Half Life: Opposing Force? At around 10 hours long, and with many new weapons and enemies it was like a sequel. Nowadays it would be sold full price as "Half Life 2". Back then, it was an affordable expansion.

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I don't game on an 18 inch screen, but as an FYI: 18" @ 2 feet is the same size as 54" @ 6 feet.

I'd venture a guess and say that most people are actually FARTHER from their 54" than 6 feet. So they have an even smaller image.

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Well, Jezuz, if you "just" bought a PS3 then I really don't sympathize. I'd never drop several hundred dollars on 5 year old hardware.
I'd rather save up a little longer and buy something more up-to-date.

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Indeed it can be used. But no game HAS ever used OpenCL acceleration because no decent middleware exists.

Developers usually choose betweeen Bullet, Havok and PhysX these days. Bullet and Havok are CPU only. PhysX is CPU with optional GPU-acceleration.

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Yes, many games use standard CPU Physx. But you can't turn on these:

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Oh, disagree all you want. And the read this post from 2006 (last entry on the page):

[ Posted by CKemu 13:32 on 2006-07-28 ]
Final Fantasy X: 35-128 FPS

Opteron 165 1.8Ghz @ 2.5Ghz (9x280)
1Gb DDR550 Dual Channel @ DDR560

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60fps in emulated PS2 games has been possible on dual core PCs for over 5 years.

Shadow of the Colossus in 1080p:

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