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"Never challenge The Powers that Be. They don't like it... #N4G"


If I've read this article once, I've read it a thousand times. Why are people still so hung up on this?

Remastered games are for:
- People who missed them on previous gen
- People who didn't get to play them (e.g. Xbox owners and The Last of Us)
- People who want a prettier version of an old game (which often comes with DLC thrown in or extra content, and a price tag)

If you don't think you're one of those people a... #18
Statistically, the M249 and MG4 are near identical, differing only in recoil pattern. Personally, I find the MG4 far more versatile, and it can be put to devastating use with a bipod deployed. #2
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Codemasters would be daft not to push this onto PS4 and Xbox One. I say this because I have a PS4 and WANT IT. #3
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I would certainly welcome more content for this. DLC involving other conduits, additional powers to use and some new mission types (what I liked about inFAMOUS 2 were the online, custom missions created by both players and Sucker Punch). Frankly, the more time I can spend wreaking havoc in this beautiful recreation of Seattle, the better. Bring on more content! #3
Totally with you on this. Bad Company 2 was easily the best BF game - certainly on PS3. #4.1.1
You pretty much stole the words out of my mouth. Bubbles for you. #1.1.1
Nothing says "love our game" better than free swag. A la bribery. #2
Clickbait, pure and simple. This site is renowned for giving great games awful scores.

Sorry quartertothree.com, you're not getting my click... #18
There's only so much weight the "EA rushed them" argument can carry. They've been patching this game for 6 months now on five platforms - you'd think the majority of issues would be fixed, but with every new patch/DLC comes new problems. Frankly, it's embarrassing. #2.1.1
Oh DICE, you amateurs.

I'm pretty sure you owe JackFrags and many others a small fee for all the QA work they've been doing for you unknowingly since launch. #2
"Or Is It Just Another HD Pack?"

Um, it was in HD on PS3...

On topic, it's been said SO many times before: if you didn't play it on PS3, yes, buy it. If you did, then it's up to you. I had it on PS3, and I have rebought. Why? Because a) I didn't get around to MP on PS3, and I know many of my PS4 friends will be playing it, b) I didn't buy any DLC on PS3, so I'm getting that thrown in, and c) I want the best version.
... #15
Man, you've had that one bubble for years, huh? #2.3
It's all down to opinion. What is 'must have' for one may not be 'must have' for another. Subjectivity, my friends.

Personally, inFAMOUS Second Son is a great reason to own a PS4. I didn't enjoy the PS3 inFAMOUS titles, but this, I can't put down. Sure, it might be a bit shorter, but people should bear in mind the game is supposed to be played TWICE as standard. I put about 6 hours in over the weekend and have just hit 51% on playthrough 1. If a co... #35
The perk system is unnecessarily complex, the maps are poorly designed for 6v6, connection issues are a huge problem (better hit detection? Are you kidding?), Killstreaks are uninspired, and as Nadeshot himself states you no longer need to be 'good' at Call of Duty to do well. The skill level just isn't there anymore. Oh, and lets not forget hackers - ruining CoD since forever.

Series fatigue is a definite factor, but bad game is bad. Modern Warfare will always be... #6.1.1
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Agreed, but we didn't need Nadeshot to validate it (no offense to Nadeshot here). Any franchise fan who's played it knows it's pretty dire in comparison to the likes of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 - even MW3, at a push.

If you think otherwise, fill your boots, but this game killed any love I had for Call of Duty. I'm all over Battlefield now, even in the sorry state DICE has put BF4 in. The fact that I'd rather play a temperamental, and occasionall... #6
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On the whole, I agree with what you're saying here, but it's worth bearing in mind that many adopters of the new consoles are not PC gamers. They may not know first-hand what PCs are capable of in terms of quality. You don't miss what you've never had, so if you've never owned a gaming rig the PS4 and XB1 probably are giving people that "WOW" feeling a PC gamer like yourself isn't getting.

Your point about multi-platform games is entirely val... #4.1
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No. #32
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No truer word said. Bad Company 2 was the highlight of the Battelfield console games IMO, and as soon as that team fell apart so too did the franchise. BF3 was a mess for months until DICE finally got things (just about) stable, and BF4 has followed suit almost identically.

DICE, I'm done. Thanks for the laughs. #13.1
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DICE games have had poor multplayer coding for years. They've learned nothing. #2.1.2
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"Why Remakes Are Going To Destroy Next-Gen Gaming"

Melodrama, much?

Sorry, but I disagree for all the reasons already mentioned - particularly the comments made about Xbox to PS4 converts whom never owned a PS3, and as such missed out on the brilliance of The Last of Us. #30
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