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This article lost all credibility for me when the author used the words "hit detection" in the context of platforming. And the went on to say platforming isn't core to what Sonic is about.

*rolls eyes*

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PLEASE let the new game mode be Tekken Bowl. Or Tekken Ball!

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Are we really surprised by this anymore? Ubisoft has done this with most major titles for the past few years - and they're still getting away with it because people continue to buy their downgrades.

Until gamers fight back with their wallets, this is the future.

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I think the possibility of Naughty Dog creating a sequel that doesn't in some way lead on from one of the most poignant endings in videogame history is highly unlikely, don't you? I mean, I know teenagers can be forgetful, but c'mon...

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Brilliant :-D

BF1 is absolutely stellar. Infinite Warfare is a joke. Call of Duty has lost it's way and I'm not sure there's any way for it to recover. The fact Modern Warfare is still the best entry speaks volume.

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Lzy gamers is right. Did anyone proof this article?

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Well of course they do. The truth - i.e. "We know the price is a bit steep - especially as you probably have no interest in Infinite Warfare - but we know how much you want Modern Warfare Remastered so you'll buy our ridiculous space game anyway" doesn't sound as appealing, value for money-wise.

Just package both games separately IW and let the people decide whether they prefer to buy the best shooter you've ever made improved, or robot dog, boost jump...

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Time to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game that doesn't suck...

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Is it me, or are the improvements negligible at best?

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Sure it is... if you started playing CoD around the time Black Ops 2 came out. Those of us who were there at the beginning think differently.

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Pfft. Please. It's a cash grab from Activision because they know everyone wants Modern Warfare Remastered more than Infinite Warfare. If they had confidence in their new shooter, they'd sell MWR separately alongside IW. The fact they aren't doing so speaks volumes.

Well sorry Activision. I'm happy to wait until you inevitably buckle and release MWR as a standalone game. Until then, Battlefield's getting my money.

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Good. It's a stupid idea. Didn't The Crew teach developers anything? No game should be "always online"; you should only need to be online for online play. No game should be rendered unusable without an internet connection.

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Wow. A 7.5 to account for all the updates, patches, improvements, free content, additional features, enhanced multiplayer... you're too fair Polygon.


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Haters gonna hate, boo hoo...

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"Bloodborne Better Hit Big Because PS4 Requires A PR Boost"

Oh do shut up. The system's outselling the competition practically everywhere. The games that started shaky are now brilliant (Driveclub is a shining example), and it's not as if Sony's the only victim of botched title launches; it's happened to Xbox and PC owners plenty of times.

Besides, gamers - y'know, actual gamers, not whiny fanboys - care about gaming. Not PR.

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Ruin the franchise? The franchise fell over after it was pitched as the title that would shift Xbox Ones like no tomorrow, only for servers to empty within weeks after release...

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The devs know that the success of PS4 is too great to overlook. They stand more chance of maximising revenue on both systems than the Xbone alone.

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'It's in everyone's best interest'

Especially Driveclub's, which outshines this title by a mile currently.

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That's a comfort.

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