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Good. It's a stupid idea. Didn't The Crew teach developers anything? No game should be "always online"; you should only need to be online for online play. No game should be rendered unusable without an internet connection.

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Wow. A 7.5 to account for all the updates, patches, improvements, free content, additional features, enhanced multiplayer... you're too fair Polygon.


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Haters gonna hate, boo hoo...

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"Bloodborne Better Hit Big Because PS4 Requires A PR Boost"

Oh do shut up. The system's outselling the competition practically everywhere. The games that started shaky are now brilliant (Driveclub is a shining example), and it's not as if Sony's the only victim of botched title launches; it's happened to Xbox and PC owners plenty of times.

Besides, gamers - y'know, actual gamers, not whiny fanboys - care about gaming. Not PR.

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Ruin the franchise? The franchise fell over after it was pitched as the title that would shift Xbox Ones like no tomorrow, only for servers to empty within weeks after release...

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The devs know that the success of PS4 is too great to overlook. They stand more chance of maximising revenue on both systems than the Xbone alone.

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'It's in everyone's best interest'

Especially Driveclub's, which outshines this title by a mile currently.

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That's a comfort.

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Would buy. Would buy World at War Remastered too - my favourite ever Call of Duty game.

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Ugh. Will people quit crying over the fact The Order did well despite being slammed by "critics"? GET. OVER. IT.

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"Lack of Exclusives Made Gamers Buy The Order 1886"

Oh do grow up.

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So yeah. The Order's good.

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Sorry folks.

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And N4G posted my comment four times. Awesome.

I'm just going to go ahead and alter those now... lol.

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To echo previous posters, The Order did well because it was a good game. No, it's not everyone's cup of tea, yes, it is linear, is short, has QTEs blah blah, and sure, a lot of the critics didn't like it. But the important thing to note is gamers did like it, and it did well for that reason alone. It has nothing to do with loyalty to Sony, fanboyism or anything else.

I'm not bashing the site. I too am just sick of "gaming journalists", as they call ...

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2.5? *cough* CLICK BAIT *cough*

This game doesn't deserve a score anywhere near this low. It's great fun, co-op's a laugh, MP is unique, and the freerunning mechanic works brilliantly. Moaning about timed jumps? OH NO! It's like it requires skill or something...

The story's a bit pale, but that's it in terms of what's wrong with the game. Quit hating for hits.

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Hardline is a better fit for the Call of Duty players that don't get on with proper Battlefield games; smaller maps, faster pace gameplay, perks... it reminds me of the Medal of Honor titles - a filler until the next big Battlefield game arrives.

This isn't better than BF4, and to compare it to the brilliance that was Bad Company 2 is criminal (pun intended). I'm not hating. I just think you might be hyping it a little too much.

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1) no jet packs
2) fewer perks
3) simpler create-a-class, for better balance
4) no OP killstreak setups
5) REGION-based matchmaking, to end reverse boosting
6-10) no future setting. World War II please Treyarch

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Didn't affect me - I know I'm just one person, but it didn't.

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Hypiest? REALLY?

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