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I'll be the only non-virgin neckbeard in here to say this; maybe the pink controller is for the girls. #4.1.4
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If Sony waited for Microsoft to go first, these editors would be bitching about how Sony is repeating the same mistakes as last time and are doomed blah blah blah. #22
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@Ezz2013 Then you should use an N64 controller instead ;) #4.1.4
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I logged in for the first time in years just to say this:

These fucking neckbeards couldn't even imagine running a company that sells 100 million of anything, yet have the audacity to pretend like they know a thing or two about business and the video game industry. #1.7
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I don't understand how anybody was disappointed with GT5. I mean, what the hell did you guys really expect? #1.1.8
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So much plastic for such a little cartridge. Is that even cost efficient and environmentally friendly?

inb4 hippie tree hugger #3.4
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Riiiiiiiiiiidge Racer!! #2
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I don't think it's up to the developers, it's up to the publishers, the ones paying the development team, marketing, advertising, distribution and shipping costs. They are the ones that need to make their cut back from investing millions into the developer. #12.3
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Cradle with HDMI out would be cool. And if you can hook up a bluetooth remote or Dualshock 3 to navigate, even play games on your HDTV, that would be KILLER.

Off Topic, I personally want Starcraft 2 on this bad boy. It definitely has the technological capacity to render it even on medium settings. Imagine microing with your fingertips! #1.6
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Yeah I highly doubt he would gimp PS3 versions of EA games. That would result in scandals up the yin yang for him. His position has changed hands, so likely his business visions would change to fit who he works for now, which is all gamers across all platforms, as opposed to before with Microsoft, his only boss was Microsoft and its gamers. #1.1.4
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If the connectivity between the Vita and the PS3 works above and beyond the Wii U, if SmartAR adds a new dimension to both gaming and non-gaming applications; if there is open-development for third party applications; you're looking at a system that will probably leave the rest in the dust. #1
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Can iPhone even handle high precision augmented reality then way the Vita can?
I think that if Sony or other developers can utilize this technology in a way never before seen, then it would revolutionize (portable) gaming. Maybe even more than gaming by applying applications that can be used in every day life. And hopefully Sony allows open development for their SmartAR technology. If they do, I can foresee Kinect-like development communities world wide. #17
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I want to use it with Ableton Live in my live set when DJing. It would sure be dope to manipulate effects with these controllers. #2.4
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LOL another UnrealEngineBox? I hope not. #1.13
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Never said it wouldn't sell, just weary about whether it would even make an impact on the gaming industry. #1.2.2
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I know, feels like i'm keeping an eye on the future of gaming while following the NGP.
If Sony is pushing back their PS4 plans because of NGP, the success of NGP might determine the direction of the industry with both handhelds and consoles imo.

Right now it's hard to take the 3DS seriously with those warning of taking 15 minute breaks every 30 minutes. That is a terrible limitation especially considering this is your eye vision at steak here. I'd rather n... #1.2
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Sony has major success with NGP and ditches home consoles in favor of new handheld platform.

Next NGP will have 3D cameras like Kinect for better tracking, next gen connectivity (4G or 5G), limited-open source capabilities, and has success with digital downloads (with a new DRM system) leaving Microsoft in the dust still trying to get a foothold with bluray.

of course, i'm just speculating. #1.4
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That's what I like to hear, the industry working together and praising each other. Not bashing each other. #2
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Kinect tech + Move tech would be the ultimate motion gaming experience thus far. #1.2.4
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