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An alternate WW1? interesting. Hope we do get WW1 weapons though. An alternate ww1 with modern weapons would be awesome!

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my man, true that^^^^^^

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My Man!

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All of those links are before Vince saying it was actually 10 million players not 10 million copies sold.

See link below.

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TitanFall didnt sell 10 million copies. That was a spin people used. It has 10 million total players.

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you dont think it will be released on the NX also?

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here come the fallout 4 reviews rolling in.

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Two words ,Team ICO

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Welcome to e3 month. Its like this every year. A bunch of speculation and opinion articles.

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@ Rosscoffx

seems like you need to get your facts straight. UC4 is not Sonys #1, it is Gran turismo. UC4 will be a big hit but doesnt come close to GT.

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Sony has nothing to do with it. Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with the PS4 20+ million install base? Just a thought.

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Your Avatar is Boss!

on topic,this game will be amazing!

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Thank you both!

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so in order to play the demo have to pre-order type-0 from the SE website, or can your pre-order from gamestop and get the demo?

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Even though it wasn't as big as FFVII, Jrpg fans know its right up there with it.

Also when it was released it wasn't a game missed by many even when FFVII came out.

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Fighting games don't sell much? Go pull up the total sales of SF4 and then get back to us. And no attention? Google EVO.

Bottom line, Street Fighter is the most popular fighter in the world.

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One word EVO!!!!!

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I think he means Console exclusive.

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Two wrongs don't make it right?. Get out of here with that Septic. So Sony is just going to sit back and let MS Moneyhat the big third party exclusives?

The shoes on the other foot now and its "two wrongs don't make it right". Remember MS started this garbage and like I said in the beginning of last gen, these kind of deals will not sit well with gamers in the future and it turns out I was right.

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