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I know what you mean about how much personality a talking rubiks cube would have, but IMO, we are talking about the far future here. With a talking rubiks cube as you say, that can actually revive a dead guradian. With technology like that, it would not be farfetch at all to have a robotic talking rubiks cube to have its own personality.

I would imagine that once our real life robotics technology advances enough. One of the key areas of focus in improvement would be for the r... #6.1.2
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I've had an opposite experience.
I had the PS Gold, used it and loved it until I accidentally snapped the side of one of the frame, leaving one speaker just dangling. Ended up giving to my brother, since it still works perfectly fine and he repaired it with heavy duty tape.

The PS Gold's sound quality is nice, this is a fact, but the one thing I always wished it had was more oomph to its bass. The bass on the PS Gold is basically non-existent. So even though t... #8.1
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A BoF game for the PS4 would be my dream at least. I truly hope they are working on a proper BoF game for the PS4. #3.1
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That is awesome. One thing is for certain from now on.
More developer support, both from first, second and third party devs. Both exclusives and non-exclusives.

If the PS4 sales is being compared favorably with the PS2, can we also expect the same amount of memorable franchises, both old and new to be developed for the PS4? #23
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That looks awesome. I like how it doesn't appear to transition to a generic battle arena to fight on. Maybe it's combat is more akin to Chrono Trigger? Where it is still turn-based, but battle takes place on where ever you encounter the enemy.

The 3DS version looks cool as well. I just might have to get both versions when it comes out. #4
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That is an awesome deal, if I say so myself.
The PS4 is not only just white (like my original Destiny bundle) but has some neat Destiny designs on it. Then it comes with The Taken King Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade, as well as a physical copy of the TTK as well?

If I didn't have the original Destiny bundle, I would seriously be looking into getting this, considering it was cheaper than what I got my destiny bundle for. #3
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Hell yeah, I want one, even though I got the glacier white PS4 Destiny bundle. Going to stock up on cup of noodles now. #10.1
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Cause he is disgusted by the fact that you like it in the mouth. #1.1.2
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This looks like a nice RPG to play.
Graphics looks pretty nice for an JRPG and I want to play that wizard/mage lady for obvious reasons haha. #2
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I wonder why its not $60. I would have paid $60 for this game, easily, but if all they want is $40, I will never speak of this again haha. #4.1
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It seriously does look insanely epic. Its like playing a Pixar movie and this game will easily appeal to younger games, as well as the older gamers that have grown up playing ratchet and clank. #1.1.10
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55 inch Sony TV?
Do you have a Sony 55W900A as well?

I love mine so much and sadly, sony no longer makes TVs like that one anymore.

Looking forward to seeing TLG finally show up at this year's E3. #3.1.2
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That is messed up, but it is also so funny.
Whether it shows up or not, I am personally hoping (more like wishing) TLG will be there at this year's E3. #28.1
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Was looking forward to this game from watching a trailer I saw from the Playstation YouTube channel. Now I'm sad. #10
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President Evil #49
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I assume these are PS3 gameplay? Edges seems a little too jaggy to be be PS4 graphics I assume.

I like the art style for this game and combat seems fast paced and over the top. Reminds me of Devil May Cry. #6
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I like Candace Bailey and that Kevin guy better. #25
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Am I missing something here, since I've watched the video briefly and it is just game play video of the game and isn't about the upcoming patch? #1.3.1
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I want that pic without the words as my desktop wall paper. What's her name? #2
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Anything above 1% adds to your overall trophy level, so I don't see why anyone would want to delete any other trophy other than 0%, unless of course its some perverted game that they don't want others to know they play. If that is the case, in the privacy settings, one can turn off others from viewing their trophies, games they have played, etc. #7.2
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