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After the Switch press conference, any interest I have in it is thrown out of the window and evaporated into a different dimension. I have no interest in the Switch now, as it screams a major fad is in the works. Pricing alone (compared to existing available consoles) is too high.

Horizon: Zero Dawn full steam ahead!

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Going to get one of these and see how it improves FF15's loading time on the PS4 Pro.
Based on what others have said on open world games, I am confident it'll be a size-able reduction in loading time. Excited to get one now.

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Best comment right here!

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I like her petite ass...

OT: I thoroughly enjoyed uncharted 4. Currently finishing up RotTR and I'm enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would.

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That is odd and don't have a problem with it, since this is for the mobile FF games. How would the tie-in even work? There isn't anything fantasy about her (cue the fantasizing jokes about her lol)

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I got the 49 inch version of the KS8000 and I don't sit all that far back from it. Maybe 4 feet or so. As long as I can glance at the top left to see my radar without moving my head in FPS games, it is ideal for me.

I play on it in game mode and input lag on it is great. This is coming from a BenQ RL2755HM BTW.

In game mode, most TV's disable most, if not all the post processing effects that artificially makes the image look better anyways. <...

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Got this when I heard it has pro support. At that time I was playing on a BenQ gaming 1080p monitor (Author was really using just a 1080p TV from the comments I've read? Lol,) and wasn't much impressed IMHO. I now have a Samsung KS8000 4K HDR TV and when using the favor resolution setting in-game just now (first time since I've got the new TV) it looks terrific! A new game even! The clarity really gives the game that Pro "pop" if you will.

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No one cares for Aranea or Iris? I like those two a lot. I didn't see any problems with Cindy or Luna. I guess I'm just simple lol.

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The "journalist" also wants to get paid too.

As a result, he now chose to be a hypocrite and so elegantly wrote about what he is perfectly fine with in other mediums.

Probably wanted to jump on the current bandwagon of subjects that are sure to get more exposure / ad revenue...

As a result, he is seen now as a phony and a hypocrite.

If the guy can live with getting paid, but have his name / image be seen as ...

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It really is, think about it, without them, mammals would all be extinct, including us!

I love boobs and so should you!

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That is what I am playing it on as well. It looks marvelous and with this update that I got early this morning, it plays even better.

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Why are you getting disagrees? I am doing the same with going about doing as many side quests as I can. Once I start to get bored of that, I do the story mission(s) and repeat. I am like lvl 45 and I am on chapter 4, I believe, where I need to get the Regalia back.

Just taking my time with the game you know? Waited all these years for it, so no point in rushing through the story and be like yeah, I beat the story already (not knowing there are other things you can do and se...

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I hope it continues to sell very well, as I am enjoying mine with FF15 at the moment.

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Women flaunt their breasts in real life too, so what's the big deal here? Victoria Secret and similar brands sells bras and such to enhance that particular feature and women buy them up like crazy.

How I see it, not all women flaunt their breasts and assets in real life. Same as not all videogames characters as well.

In real life, when someone sees someone doing that and dislikes it, what do they do? Most likely give them a nasty look, maybe go on a...

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I have a KS8000 and I can also confirm you do not have to have game mode off to enjoy HDR gaming.

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I am going to go with delusional, because Titanfall 2 (played on PS4 Pro) was both rock solid in performance and visual fidelity.

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Accept what? I'm part of the PS4 Pro crowd and I don't need a nobody that doesn't even have said product to tell me what's acceptable or not. I do have one and my reason for wanting the Pro is more than acceptable -thank you very much. Games like; Ratchet and Clank, seeing FFXV Judgement Disc in the higher graphic mode, Titanfall 2, and Uncharted 4 -to a name a few I've been enjoying on the Pro, I would rather not play on any other console than the Pro.

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I have the PS4 Pro and even at 1080P (don't have a 4K HDR yet, waiting for cyber Monday) games that have Pro support is night and day.

The key difference for me is a much cleaner, sharper image. The fact that jaggies or shimmering in pixels are non-existent is what most will notice and may be hard to see in comparison videos.

I don't know about others, but jaggies or pixel shimmering is very distracting.

This is the one thing...

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This article needed a spoiler alert when it came to talking about how the story unfolded in World of Final Fantasy. I read a part I shouldn't have before simply closing the site in shock lol.

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