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I feel like its best they don't have matchmaking for RAIDS and nightfall. To attempt anything in the game, you can do so even at three levels below what the enemy difficulty would be.

So the thought of being matched in a level 30 nightfall, for example, with two level 27 is not something I would want to do. Imagine a bunch of people at lower levels queuing the raids before the weekly reset and your matched with them?

It's just too much trouble for s... #16
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I want this as well. Sometimes I want to just play Destiny for example and do a few bounties, without requests to chat, help with nightfall, etc. #20.1
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I like her the way she is actually. What's wrong with her in your opinion? Do you want them to cover her up more? #6.1
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So what happens when the 7 day trial is over and say you live in the west coast. Would one be able to continue using the service and pay for it, while living outside the unreleased regions? I'd like to use this service for awhile to know how I like it when it does release in my area. #3.1.1
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Can't wait to see what this home console jrpg surprise will be from square.

They teased another home console JRPG surprise? On what platform do you know? #3.1.2
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NO, from my understanding, there is a box that has two HDMI ports. One goes into the PS4 and the other into your TV. That way it can display both on your TV and through the Morpheous. So it does not have to double the resolution, as it is essentially just splitting the signal for the display. Think of it as having two HDMI out ports. #6.2
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Some games are blocked from playing remotely by the publisher. CoD Advance Warefare is the only one I can think of. Weird, considering Destiny is able to be played via remote play, but Advance Warfare is not. #10.1.1
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Sekrion and the minotaurs all shoot void. So their damage is 300% more than usual, because of the void burn. Goblins before Sekrionn's area also shoot void as well. So one got to be very careful in those engagements. #1.1.1
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You are correct that the article meant light levels will be increased to light +39 and not the actual level.

With full gears to light +39, it should take the max level to 33. I don't think the article is covering what the new raid gears light stats will be though and most likely are talking about the vendor gears.

Considering from Vault of Glass being max level 30, then Crota's End being two levels higher at max 32. It only makes sense for House of W... #1.1.2
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Is yours the KDL-55W900A?

That's the one I have and its a superb TV for gaming. I believe the input lag is 17ms and its the best I've had. My friends and family are blown when they drop by and play games on it. The basically nonexistent input lag is really noticeable to them compared to the TVs they used personally at home.

Not knowing about input lag while playing games is fine, but once one does the research and actually own one, playing on any oth... #11.2
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At level 9, I'd say level up some more and get better weapons.

At that level, you have not unlocked all your abilities that could make you have a better chance against others in the crucible. If you are playing a Gunslinger Hunter, getting the perks that are stackle up to x3 for both stability and reload speed helps a lot. You also have not unlocked all the perks that can adjust your armor, recovery and agility. Once you do, I recommend maxing out recovery and agility as... #3.2
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Read an article about a guy being able to test Fate of All Fools scout rifle from the only person that has it right now through play share. #1.2.3
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I don't think it's a successor to the 3DS, since Nintendo have just announced the NEW 3DS that has yet to even release outside of Japan right?

I am personally hoping for a NEW Vita with cheaper storage/integrated storage and of course better graphics/smoother gameplay. #1.10
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Yes it does and it plays extremely well too. #14.1
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I'd buy that in a heart beat.
I prefer the Alpha series art style compared to what they did with SF4 and now SFV.
Of course I would still be buying SFV, just that it would have been so cool to see them use that art style, but with Unreal Engine 4 (like how Guilty Gear Xrd did) #6.1
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They should release an HD edition of Shenmue 1 and 2 for the PS4, see how well it sells to gauge the marketability for a Shenmue 3. #18
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Same thing happened for me and apparently for everyone else as well. No one got through at the beginning to even be able to complete the check out process. It took me and my three brothers 4 freaken hours to get one order through. kept getting some gateway error, misconfiguration. Something along that line. #2.12.1
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I saw two for $15K and one for 20K that were auctions. I highly doubt the highest bidder will actually end up going through with the payment though, considering there are a few for $1800-$3000 "buy it now"

I wanted to get at least two and even had my three brothers on their computers and laptop go through the checkout for me. In the end, spent about 4 hours trying to get even one through to complete checkout, let alone two.

Now I am left with a big... #2.10.1
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I like Andrew House, he seems cool and down to earth (That and the fact he can speak a few languages, even Japanese fluently) Wish I was able to meet the guy. #1.6.3
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Idk man...I like bouncing boobies too, but would Tecmo keep releasing DOA games without people buying and playing the game? #11.1
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