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Lol. If that was the case...I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue.

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Wonder what happened to that game.
The reveal and subsequent interviews with screenshots and trailers, with tech demos shown of the engine, etc, looked really cool.

The graphics looked awesome even with today's standards and so I wonder where the progress for the game is now.

Hope we do get a showing of the game at PSX or at least an update on the games progress.

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Maybe he meant 4 years and 8 months of playing the best versions of games? He isn't wrong right? Prior to MS releasing the X, the PS4 has always been the one with the best version of games. Not to mention the countless exclusives that has been released in that time frame and will be available for the PS4 in the coming year.

I have no idea man, I'm not a mind-reader lol.
Maybe he just meant the lasting appeal of the X and whether it will continue to sale l...

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Sweet. Looking forward to this game. I remember the Shining Force games back in the good old days of Sega consoles.

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That is nice. Can we get teasers of new Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury games please?

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I agree.

I thoroughly enjoyed the single player campaign.
The story of the main character and BT is an awesome one.
Wish more multiplayer games focused on their single player aspects just as much as their pvp going forward.

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You're trying way too hard.

Just skimming through the comments and I saw one of yours saying do PS people on here even play games or what not, yet I've seen your comments the most lmao.

Do you know why PS people bash the Xbox One X? My guess is because clowns on here who go around calling it "the beast, Uncompromised 4K, True 4K console" yet it's the contrary.

Then you can yell all you want about the X still run...

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Da beast my ass.

Sure it is running the game better than the Pro -better hope so considering it came out a year later and costs $100 more, but the fact that I saw plenty of people going around saying "True 4K console" "Da Beast" "Uncompromised 4K" sure is looking pretty silly now when hyping up the Xbox One X before.

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If you were talking about U.S or U.K for example, where Xbox has larger appeal compared to Japan historically, then sure let us wait for facts. Like everyone has said though, the article literally states it is selling pre-orders only. No stocks of the hardware like a traditional new hardware launch. What does that tell you? That demand for the X is very very low in Japan!

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Grow up man.

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What a perfect fit and a superb idea for a crossover.
Got a bro that was not interested in this game, but when I showed him this trailer with Aloy playable,
he is now willing to give the game a chance. I am already sold on the game, as it fits my type of game. Now with Aloy playable in the Playstation version, I am even more excited for the game. Going to be so fun.

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Thank MS for getting stuff for free and cross-play?
Bahahahaha... No wonder MS started this gen with Kinect, always online and TV TV TV with die-hard fans like that. LMAO.

OT: MGS Phantom Pain is noticeably sharper looking and overall smoother to play with the Pro patch. They even included a few quality of life things in the menu, tutorials, etc.

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LMAO. Damn, the hurt is real...with your comment.
Sounds like some kid on a play ground frustrated that he lost in a game of kick ball or something.

Guess your opinion was not shared by many, seeing as many more people actually cared to buy Gran Turismo over Forza.

Gran Turismo not only crushes it's competition every time, but crushes feelings from those who wish to see it fail! Bahahahaha.

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What about glimpse of actual Death Stranding gameplay footage?
That would be super sweet along with all your other predictions.

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That game looks so imaginative and beautiful.
Can't wait to get more footage and details from Wild.

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What kind of lab you working out of that you didn't understand a PS4 Pro is still a PS4. An iterative console.

Nintendo Switch = New console.

That's what the other poster was saying. That a newer console is easier to sell.

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Broadband internet on consoles? Uh, have you heard of the PS2?

Per Wikipedia, the servers for that game was shut down in 2012. The game was released in 2003. That's a helluva long time of online multiplayer gaming on a console lmao.

Changing the outdated idea of cross-play? With what, PC?

Why weren't they so willing during the 360 days when they were doing better than how they're doing now with the Xbox One?

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LMAO that's Forza 7 and I see peeps in here talking about GT losing it's racing game throne?! I don't care if there's weather, more cars or what some are saying to down-play GT, but I've played GT Sport beta (will be getting the game soon too) and it looks and plays much better than that. Why even make a track with roads in the first place if one can just drive through grass all the same?

It's clear now; if one wants a realistic racer get GT Sport p...

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How many different Honda Civic do a game really need?! Especially when most will be aiming for the exotic/concept cars anyways.

I like this approach.

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What? The auto rifle is seriously being overlooked here. It destroys in pvp with high stability, aim assist stats.

Time worned spire pulse rifle melts too! Stack two counter balance mod and you'll see it shoots literally only verticle. With fast rate of fire, the time to kill is superb.

Wizened rebuke fusion rifle Snipes people in pvp too. It only needs four of it's bolts hitting for a kill in pvp. So it is very forgiving in doing its job of kill...

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