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Didn't MS say that the power of the cloud would make the Xbox One three times more powerful, or something along that line? Lol

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This E3 is going to be awesome if Sony plans on one-upping their presentation of last year. I can't wait for what secret stuff they are working on for that show. If Shu is there, it's gotta be something(s) good.

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That's awesome! A proper 10-bit HDR 4K panel? Yup. You're going to have a great weekend starting Friday. Enjoy!

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Yeah, my 2013 Sony 1080P TV uses quantum dots (Sony calls it Triluminous Display) and it is still a great gaming TV with input lag of 19ms. I let my bro use that TV now, since I have moved on to 4K with the Pro.

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Oh dam really?! You're in for a real treat buddy. What 4K HDR TV did you end up going with?

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Horizon looks and plays absolutely​ great on the OG PS4 too.
Truly a feat Guerrilla Games did with Horizon and why I believe game engine, optimization is always welcomed in a game. It really shows.

However, when you do play Horizon Zero Dawn on a proper 4K HDR TV on the pro though, it'll simply make an already great looking game more enjoyable/immersive.

I've experienced both already, since I still have my OG PS4 my younger brother use...

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I wouldn't be surprised if Sony announces the Pro for $349.99 at E3.
Well, I hope so, since I have two brothers that I game with regularly that are looking to upgrade to the Pro.

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Most stupid comment I've read in awhile. Seriously.
Do you think an iterative version of a console that has sold less by the 10's of millions will miraculously close the gap, make people cease in buying PS4's entirely and take Sony out of the console business? Lmao.

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That is all you need to know right there under the article title: It won't be worth it to the developer, because it would be a huge undertaking to change texts, dialogue, conversation trees, design. Did you not think that there would have to be two versions of cut scenes, two versions of voice acting for how the cast would interact with the female version, etc. What you want and whether the developer seems it worth it or not is up to them.

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This is getting a little ridiculous IMHO.
What's next, a demand for a female Kratos?

I've played epic games with male and female lead characters and if there were an option to play as one version or the other, it simply wouldn't be the same!

Horizon Zero Dawn wouldn't be the same with a male version.

Tomb Raider wouldn't be the same with a male version.

Metal Gear Solid wouldn't be ...

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I am not going to get one, as I've always stucked with PS games, but to say Scorpio is just an up clocked hardware isn't true. The hardware sounds impressive, but even so, it won't be for me. I'm sure it'll be a great for Xbox fans though.

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I still agreed, but I don't think the PS5 will be announced next year.

There isn't a reason for it at all from Sony's perspective, as both the Pro and the Scorpio are essentially PS4 and Xbox One on steroids. So with that in mind, Sony holds a considerable market share over MS and Nintendo this gen right now, maybe even more by the time Scorpio is released, with a lot of third party exclusives as a result. All they would need to do is focus on creating more game...

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That is what I am working towards right now with Nier. The whole game had so many story developments that shocked me in a good way. So I am looking forward to the true ending and what that brings to the story overall.

I really want to get Persona 5 next, since it is getting rave reviews and I like the art style. How's the timer I see in trailers and videos work though?

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Depends on the gameplay reveal on May 18th, but IMHO, it'll be a hit sales wise.

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That is a good deal and so I've went ahead and preordered the game.

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That is a fine 4K HDR (best bang for your buck imho) I got the same one, so I know you're going to be blown away.

Make sure to update the TV right away, as a lot of improvements has been implemented on the TV that a boxed firmware may not have. Current firmware in US is 1168.

Set PS4 Pro resolution to RGB (will be change automatically to YUV-422 for HDR games) as that will provide you with the best image quality.

Make sure to go ...

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Double check if your settings are optimal to take advantage of the extra hardware.

1) Make sure resolution when connected to your 4K HDR TV is 2160p-RGB.
It will result to YUV-422 when playing an HDR game. That will provide the best quality picture.

2) Make sure RGB range is correct on both PS4 pro and 4K HDR TV (Correct matches are Full/Normal or Limited/Low)
So if PS4 is set to RGB Range Full, set the TV equivalent to Normal. PS4 Pro ...

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@ cd1

I do not have that game, but from what I've read and seen on YT, that game looks insanely good on the Pro with 4K. It even has faster more stable FPS in multiplayer too.

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I got the PS4 pro first, while I waited for the TV I wanted next (Samsung KS8000) to be on sale during the Holidays last year. So I've been playing on the Pro with a pretty capable Sony 1080P TV (KDL-55W900A) during that time. Noticed the difference the Pro provided over the original PS4 (most notable is decreased in aliasing, sharper image, etc.) and appreciated that.

When I finally got the TV I wanted and set up the TV properly for 4K HDR, with help from Neogaf and A...

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I hope so too. Will probably be the first game I would like to Platinum.

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