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In your case, wouldn't it be so simple as to know where your PS4 is located at and simply run your hands along the top of the PS4 to turn on/off? Not that hard really.

If every day people can maneuver their mobile phones in the dark and locate the appropriate button to turn on their screen, surely it is not hard to do with a bigger device with two touch sensitive buttons to remember which does which, -literally the first time.

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The best way to get Phoenix credits is in the dark zone. An evening of just running around killing the mobs/bosses/rogues for materials to craft will naturally yield Phoenix Credits as well. One can get 100+ Phoenix Credits each time, depending on how long one stays in the dark zone for. IMHO, much more fun than doing the same missions all over again, as it is more dynamic with rogues running around, able to extract weapons/gears for crafting, etc.

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They do however sell 204 gears and weapons with predetermined stats and talents.
Most of the time they are meh, but keep an eye out for them each week, since I was glad I got that 204 AUG with Vicious, brutal and meticulous. It is a beast of a weapon and have no regrets buying it. Only regret is, I deterred my friends from not buying it. I felt like 800+ Phoenix credits was too much for me to influence anyone on spending at the time. Had I known better, I would have told each and eve...

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I agree the Division has a lot of bugs/glitches, but I still enjoy it enough to put a lot of time into it already.
Then again, I enjoyed Destiny as well and that game has a lot of hate too lol.

If the only contenders are Uncharted 4 or Division, for sure Uncharted 4 would win hands-down.

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Jimmy Fallon is funny, but IMHO, Conan is so much funnier.
His little skits available on YT cracks me up every time I watch them!

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I believe it is from Tomb Raider (fan art, not from actual game)

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Well I am sure Sony owns the rights to Motorstorm, so it is possible a game from that franchise can still be released on the PS4 yet.

Would be cool if we saw the Evolution guys and possibly some of the Lionhead guys work on Motorstorm for the PS4 in the near future. The PS3 games were so fun, I can only imagine how awesome the mud deformation would be on a Motorstorm game if it was developed for the PS4.

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A lot of them seems to be on Amazon leaving reviews for this when it is not even released yet. LOL.

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I agree man.
More and more websites are coming out with annoying doom and gloom articles that, like this one, do nothing but harm the games prior to and after release.

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I think it is going to be where they release another version (Xbox One S if you will) with upgraded spec's, but yet be able to still play the current games released and developers would be able to release games that take advantage of the beefier spec's.

So a scenario could be where the current Xbox One playing games in medium settings, whereas the new version would be able to play games in the high or ultra settings.

It was mentioned in another articl...

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That is the feature I am looking forward to most.
I often go home from work, make something to eat and turn on Netflix to unwind a little.

My friends are oblivious or something that I am on Netflix and just spam away until I join or ignore the invite for the hundredth time FML.

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It does look awesome.
The art style and theme of the game gives me a Final Fantasy Tactics warm feeling inside.

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I would too man and I never got to finish this game when it was on the PS One. I want to learn what happened to Vivi. He is too cute of a character and I remember stopping (too many games to play during that time) when he was going through that mist factory and seeing how there were others like him.

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Getting same warning. Apparently it is filled with phishing and malware, based on what Google Chrome is telling me at least.

Who the heck approved this article from such a website?

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Still going to wait how the final game would be first, but based on videos of the beta, the enemies are a bullet sponge.

Weird thing is they are human enemies, but take so long to kill. Kind of breaks the immersion for me there. One thing that would push me over the edge in getting it though, would be if a lot of my friends starts playing it over Destiny.

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Hell yes! I love Wild Arms since the first one on PSX.

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Game looks fantastic. I have not played any MOBA's before, but I am going to start with this game and hope I do not get too addicted from what I hear is possible with other MOBA's.

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She looks so young for retirement.

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I was going to get it regardless, but when I found out in the article that the same people that was responsible for the Nathan Drake collection, did the remaster for this game, I just can't wait for the game to come to the states even more. Might be my first import actually (since it has English texts in the Asia version)

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I hope not. What I liked about the original summons in FF:VII is how over the top they are.

Didn't like how summons in FF: XIII for that very same reason. I want my summons to come out and do some ridiculously cool attacks and be gone.

However the new combat mechanics will be, I hope they just have it where Cloud and crew disappears, then the animation for the summons takes over from beginning to the end (Have options to skip though, for obvious reasons)...

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