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Looks like an action RPG type of game, but how will VR be implemented?

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Andrew house was asked a question and he is basically saying, hey, it's funny how everyone said MS has changed for the better this past year and yet they appear to be the same.

"Don't dish it out, if you can't take it"

Reminds me of MS and how they screamed at the top of their lungs about NPD each month. Yet with how things turned out with the PS4, they announce Xbox live accounts instead. Lol.

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Clicking on the link to the site shows a Malware warning using Google Chrome.

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That is odd, the leaked photos on Neogaf shows that there isn't an Optical Output like the original PS4 does in the rear. So how else would headset companies be selling their headsets that requires there to be an optical input to work properly?

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Websites like GamingBolt is why I have an adblocker on my phone and my desktop.

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Wish they brought back Panzer Dragoon Saga...

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The level of flexibility in creating a character in this game is insane. The quality is the best as well IMHO. I have never played this game, but the trailer in the article showed off so many gorgeous character creations and it would be cool to see it come to consoles.

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Seriously, why would anyone even side load an app that's readily available for download legitimately?

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Could not have said it better myself.

Aren't people and the media always complaining about a JRPG falling into traditional tropes of characters and such? So why is that when all of a sudden a JRPG doesn't have the traditional female characters, they end doing the exact same thing? Complaining.

Dumb fuc*s and entitled bitches -same peas in a pod.

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What the heck, that is not even relevant to Star Ocean. Man whoever submitted sure knows how to get attention, haha.

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I can't wait until a PS4 only made Tales of- game is developed, because then the graphics would certainly be a lot better. That is not saying I am not still excited for Tales of Berseria, since what I like about the series are the characters and the combat system.

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I can see it coming to PC, considering a lot of Square-Enix games have been getting released on PC too.
Who is the girl on the pic above? She doesn't seem like she is part of the main cast of characters in Star Ocean V.

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The real question should be if MS Scorpio can compete with a much larger install base of the Sony PS4 / PS4 NEO by the time Scorpio is released late next year.

Another thing I do not get is that the Xbox One is not selling so great now.

Why? It lowered it's price, had promotions that gave games away and yet it did not slow down the momentum of the PS4 at all. So I don't see how a much more powerful Xbox (with a higher price I might add) would pe...

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Sweet Baby Jesus that was awesome! This game is starting to look better and better every time I see it! Love how the boss battles reminds me of old-school shooting games like Raiden, with all those floating bullets that needs to be dodged.

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"But I do feel it wouldn't take much to beat.........."

All it would take is actually showing off new/existing IP's in the works, more game play of some high profile games, and new games in development.

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Kind of weird what MS is doing with most, if not all their console exclusives going to PC too.

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...When it is released in over year from now, assuming no other console is released before/around the same time Scorpio does with better specs.

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I never finished it on the PS2, so I am quite excited from this game getting a remaster.
So with me having a job and I find that it is enough value for me to invest $50 into playing this game with all the enhancements, then that is not moronic pricing at all.

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