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Loved how that Guile player was t-bagging the Cammy player and ended up getting his ass kicked. Fvck ESPN. Nuff said.

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Awesome. Wonder what adjustments will be done to the Dragoons.

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Well said.

I've only gotten into the game (no where near the second or third expansion yet) and have enjoyed it a lot so far.

What are these people trying to do anyways? What is their motive in doing all these attacks?

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I just ordered the 2TB FireCuda during Prime Day sales. Got that bad boy for like $62.
What a steal and can't wait until it arrives tomorrow to see if the load times in games and overall PS4 dashboard are faster. Saw an article on DF and if it is something one accesses often, there will be speed differences close to even SSD. Pretty stocked about that, since I only ever play two games or so at a time. With the PS4 menu always being used and accessed, I can see why the FireCuda wo...

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It is just following the trend that started with the original PS4 Destiny 1 bundle (which I have still) I don't think it was an excuse, but more of a tradition.

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Insomniac is a top-tier developer for sure.

Ratchet and Clank on the PS4 is such a good game.
Everything about that game screams dedication and love for the series.

Are you playing it on the Pro, with a 4K HDR TV?
Highly recommended, as it takes the already superb visuals to damn near CGI movie quality.

I even recently replayed the New Game+ to try to get all the missing gold bolts and upgrade all the weapons into thei...

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Lol got me there. Either way, it is still awesome as fvck, with all the cameos from multiple franchises that I grew up watching to a certain extent. Some more than others (cough patlabor)

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Judge me, say what you want, but I want this game released in the west please, now!!!!

Did I just see Godzilla, Gundam and Evangelion in one game?!
Too. Much. Awesomeness.

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"What does Microsoft have to do with this article? Someone mentions Hot Shots golf and your reaction is to talk about Microsoft? Typical"

Why not? When it is clear who the recipient is and what he is trying to do?
It's called reputation. When one has a reputation to troll in constant PS articles, while screaming at the top of their lungs like 6 year old girls (beast!!!!) It's only natural and expected.

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That's what happens when the extreme side of the base has been promised ground breaking things to happen with Kinect, cloud computing, etc. And have to defend it all these years. Not only that, but from a console that has sold at a lower cost/while more powerful, with more support and games that are only growing before the "beast" is even here.

Carrot on a stick for years, whilst the other side have been eating their carrots for years now.

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Highly doubt that.
The most expensive console is not going to do those kinds of numbers unless the competition ceases to sell from this point on.

Especially when the market leader is poised to have the means to lower the price of it's own consoles if it sees fit. Then it'll be back to square one. X.

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This one please. I love FF: Tactics.

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Had bigger expectations myself from the game. The demo has way too many load times in between each match. Turned off big time with the auto combos, into air combos by just pressing one button repeatedly. Gameplay does not seem smooth, fast and effortless compared to how marvel vs Capcom 3 was. The best to me so far has to be Marvel vs Capcom 2.

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Or Paris Games. Possibly Tokyo Game Show. My bet would be PSX though.

What they did with inFamous Second Son and Last Light in 4K HDR is amazing. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves next.

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"Additional reparations would then have to be included to all gamers directly for the damages and unfair vicious tactics that Sony has inflicted on our beloved industry"

You should do the same for damages inflicted to people's brain cells. For obvious reasons.

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I can respect that.
Just get the beta out, let players experience a small portion of the social area, the crucible and a small area of the open world. Report bugs, gain statistics on server loads, net codes, and all that, in hopes of having a solid game come release.

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Why do I keep seeing you make comments like this?

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but this game is said to be using a dynamic resolution technique. That's different than 4K CB, is it not?

Based on the Xbox website, it is different.

To MS, 4K Ultra HD is a game with a 2160P frame buffer output.

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I got the collectors edition with the statue of uncharted 4. Does that come with the DlC for free? I truly hope so, as uncharted 4 ranks among my most liked game this gen so far. Still play it from time to time, since it's gorgeous on the pro and a 4K HDR TV.

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Your memories have failed you briefly there, as there were a lot of flak from the usual click bait sites (cough, Gamingbolt for one).

Any Digital Foundry article would bring out the usual shouting; "fake 4K" "wait for the beast". Always debates about what 4K CB is/not. Haters calling the Pro a cheap useless console and that they'll wait for the true beast that will do native 4k60 on all games. On and on and on. A lot of 180's shortly after E3 20...

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Why would Sony speak for developers creating the games? They can't say with certainty developers will or will not take advantage of anyone's hardware other than there own.

They aren't stopping anyone from doing anything. If they don't, they won't. Simple as that.

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