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Holy damn, really? I freaken love zone of enders!
Going to get both that and SotC day 1.

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I saw that too.

What is weird is that there was an update for the 5.00 beta 5 at the same time.
Why do I still have a notification to update to 4.74, when I just updated to 5.00 beta 5?

First time I have seen this.

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Games with RPG features are like that though.

It is all about the progression of your character as it levels up, get new gears, -get stronger.

For example, do you expect someone playing Diablo with a character that does not have a cohesive build with set items to perform as well as someone who has spent time in acquiring those gears? Of course not. That is the RPG part.


There aren't random perks on weapons a...

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Bruh, the games barely out and you're crying for nerfs? Your 5 games and the scores you got don't mean jack nothing.

It is not hard to get high efficiency in Destiny 2, let alone nerfing something based on only five games. Your assists and all that contributes to the efficiency. It's not K/D you know.

Playing in a full fireteam against a bunch of randoms that are playing solo with a common Pariah auto rifle (one of the first weapons you'...

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Love how expansive Destiny 2 is compared to Destiny 1.
The more I progress through the compaign, the more open each world seems to be.

Currently on IO, and I am having a blast just exploring around. All the while joining public events, getting loot, scanning new things that gives more insight into the story from the ghost and the music is surprisingly good too. Makes running and jumping around that much easier, considering later missions seems to be increasingly lo...

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This review is for the full game, not the beta, so YES?

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You mean from obscure indie developer like the makers of Aaero?
Honestly it is the first time I have even heard of that game.

While major publishers and developers at Activision, EA, Ubisoft, Square-Enix, have stated their games sells more on the PS4.

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It's not a big deal. You don't even have to buy any silver (paid in-game currency) to get a crap ton of shaders.

Like some have said, once you reach level 20, and then every level up from there (despite the cap being at level 20 right now, you still receive XP) you will receive a bright engram.

Once decrypted at the archivist in the farm, you'll receive a ton of random shaders, gear and weapon mods, etc.

There is an in-ga...

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Those are 1080p screenshots? Damn, those are some nice visuals, with very nice looking textures. This game is now on my watch list for sure. Hope performance is as cherry on top as it's visuals.

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What destiny is to me is the shooting mechanic, which IMHO, is too notch. The other part, which is the main reason is doing all the content, whether the story, crucible, raids, etc. -with my brothers. Just hanging out in party chat, catching up, as we don't all live with one another and enjoying a good evening.

The story in part 2 so far is much better than part one, which is cool and appreciated, but not my main reason why I enjoy Destiny.

I'm ...

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Just a no-name website trying to cash in on the Destiny hate.


Stop with the hate for Activision.
Is that the hipster thing to do nowadays?
I get the hate for them from CoD and the lack of innovation there, but to hate on all the games they publish from every other developer under them is simply blind-hate.

Did you hate on the Crash Bandicoot remake as well?
Cause that was a gem, with game play left intac...

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It was quite nostalgic to see who I went through each Raid, Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris with. Pretty cool Bungie kept track of that all along to recap the journey. Wasn't expecting that at all when I started Destiny 2. Had my brother next to me, which I went through almost all with, so that was kind of a cool moment. He was pissed I didn't go to the lighthouse first with him though LMAO.

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I think you mean to say MS is more lost than Atlantis lol. If not, care to elaborate?

Did they really think a beefier console without differentiating exclusive games will turn things around for them this late in the gen?

MS this gen has done nothing but play catch up with Sony in every regards.

X1X at $500 is playing right into their plan.
A cheaper PS4 and cheaper (say $350) PS4 Pro will ...

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HDR makes a game so much more immersive. The depth it brings to contrast, color, and lighting is something you wouldn't want to experience it there is an option to. For example, I will never want to play Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, etc. In nothing short of HDR.

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Lol too funny man.

OT: I am going to grab me one of these chair. Sounds like a good deal.
Hope the build quality is durable.

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That's how it is. I don't get why it is so hard for others to grasp and making a big deal over what has been the norm. It's business.

Once you're the market leader, why share your player base with the competition when it is a selling point in having the most players for any given game.

The market leader, in this case Sony, will also see it as a factor in potentially moving more units or not.

Say for example, one finds...

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Street Fighter 5?

It has cross-play with PC.
Why don't you try it on there instead.

Guaranteed you'll get your ass handed to you by plenty of PS players.

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Uh oh.

Curious how it'll sale on launch.

If PS4 still win in sales on launch and the holidays, I can see major shake-ups at Xbox after.

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Probably being defensive somewhere about MS lukeworm response at Gamescom.

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Damn, that burn.
Doubt he understands the logic behind it and probably really thinks his math added up to a better deal.

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