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get a life dude. what do you get out of this? pretty sad life people like you must live. im looking forward to playing this on my X, because i havent played it yet.

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Just got myself a 55" LG C7. Expensive, but absolutely worth it. Awesome tv.

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Can't wait to buy this on steam. Lots of people in here who apparently have gaming pcs in Xbox Scorpio articles, yet can't wait to buy the inferior version of NMS on ps4...

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Halo 5 mp beta was some of the best mp i have played in awhile. I am not worried one bit...

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i haven't enjoyed a game this much in quite awhile... Just finished my first play through, and am working on new game plus now... AWESOME!!!

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This is awesome news. I bought quite a few wardrobes that I would definitely want back.

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Game Boy was a good chunk my childhood lol. Mario Six Golden Coins is one of my favorite games of all time.

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you said it yourself. they PLANNED on implementing these features. i could be wrong, but those things are yet to be implemented, right? if those plans end up going through, i will change my tune, but until then im not going to harp on what could have been.

as of right now the ads on live or psn arent even an issue to me. i rarely even notice. however, that guy was in a lot of articles last gen about xbox live bitching about ads on the dash...

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psn now has ads too. i guess you missed the the ads for taco bell in the psn newsfeed. im sure you are ok with that though.

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vince zampella said on his twitter about an hour ago they are starting to send them out tonight.

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both of these games are going to be great. im a little more excited for titanfall, but infamous is not far behind.

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im pretty sure that number is not region based. if it is, then the kz website is as well. i never see more than 2000ish people online. i have seen plenty of other people on the net post similar online numbers. are we all in the same region? doubtful.

people on this site will defend killzone to the death. even if it means flat out lying.

i think kz mp is fun, but face it, it is almost DoA. its a shame given the amount of hype kz gets for months leading t...

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i vote for ish!!! that would have been great.

"If you happen to find my skeleton, please don't step on my skull. Thanks."

i really enjoyed unraveling that little story...

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even though i havent really played it much since i bought my xbox, i dont regret my ps4 purchase one bit.

right now there really isnt much to play that i havent played on my pc over the last year. if the kz mp community wasnt on life support already, i would play far more of my ps4. resogun is awesome, but there is only so much i can play of the same 5 stages. hopefully more will come.

i have no doubt that more great games are in the pipeline though. infa...

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"Good video. I wasn't interested in the game before the player count thing emerged, so the news doesn't impact me at all. "

2nd comment
"Yeah I have yet to see any footage that shows all those AI being involved. though since I don't want the game I don't look...

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Look... I have games on origin, I just prefer to not use it. My comment on origin was probably a bit overstated lol, and I was more or less just shit talking. I just prefer to have my pc catalogue in one place, and if I have a choice, I skip the origin version. Is that ok with you? I'm playing tf on Xbox one because I want to, and that's where my buddies will be, not only because of origin.

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