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Diablo 3 ROS release date has been out for ages... its end of March (25th or something).

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The ai are not players lol l2read

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I don't know what is so difficult to understand. the ai are not players, they are like creeps/adds. Human players are like heroes (think dota/LoL).

Respawn are leveraging the very successful formula in mobas.

I can see this working nicely. to be honest I feel insignificant in bf4.

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@FunAndGun I guess you havent heard of DOTA?

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How is it showing the gains made? If it were to show the gains made they should test on the same CPU with and without mantle enabled (mantle is a software API to rival Directx).

Instead they are showing a newer CPU which has a R9 270 graphics chip built into it vs an older intel CPU with a TERRIBLE onboard VGA adapter that no one EVER would use for gaming except people on a $200 system budget.

So in effect... this doesn't actually test anything.

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Can this article get anymore misleading. they are comparing an old Intel cpu with built in graphics on the cpu LOL. its not even close to a proper comparison. Good job n4g.

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Are you sure? I thought it was an OS for steam. i.e. new client etc.

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Why didn't valve just make a steam client for Linux like mac osx. I don't understand this new version of steam. Last time I installed steam it was like 50 megs. So this version must come with lots of games or something to be 900 megs.

I was going to download this version and see if it works on my mac osx but I doubt it will work coz I don't have lineux setup yet.

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Too dark and no start menu or other features. Gonna give it a pass.

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Not sure if you understand the difference but screen hz and fps are different.

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Is it just me or has EA been dropping the ball lately. I mean sim city and bf4 both had so many issues and now this. I'm seriously considering not buying their titles again.

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Tank healer or dps ? Is that it. Wow nice reporting.

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Ummm because Microsoft owns direct X.

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Ryse is a tech demo. Xbots gonna eat some humble pies

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This is what happens when you dev games for inferior consoles and port it over to PC.

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Lol you were still wrong and I was still right. Intel cannot beat AMD GPUs. I'm not sure which part of it you can't follow but long explanations you pull from Wikipedia etc doesn't impress me when your original statement was clearly wrong and mine wasn't despite the disagrees LOL

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Ummm Intel don't make GPUs? What do you think is inside every i7 chip?

Lol you shouldn't post if you don't know what you're talking about.

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Still can't compete with AMDs GPUs

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Man this game brings back memories... one of my fav games of the 90s.

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Consoles have been holding back game quality (graphics wise) for years. Finally devs can make games look decent so us PC players can experience 2013 graphics instead of 2007 graphics.

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