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Noo. The 360 controller is the best. It is so ergonomic. You can play for hours and your hand won't get cramped up like whenyou use the PS3 controller. Plus the Wiiu pad is so expensive. Not practical.

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This is bad news for IGN. I hope people there don't lose their jobs.

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This is great news for those that like casual games on 360. 360 has a whole bunch of games that cater to casuals and hardcore unlike Nintendo which is for casuals only and the PS3 which is just for the hardcore. Wahtever games you like is fine by you. People have different taste.

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I really think the 720 will be much more powerful because MS has lots of Tech friends with dell and all the other PC manufacturers and they have windows the best OS known to man. Things are looking great for MS but Im not so sure with Sony cuz they have lost billions and had to sell their building to make ends meet. This is scary times for Sony. Trust me I'm a concerned gamer. I have a PS3.

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PS3 sales will go way down if Sony announces the PS4. This is not good news.

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This is a very good game. But I don't have much patient for long RPGs. Hope Sony has a hit on their hands. They really need it.

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This is not good. I was hoping PC gamers would be able to experience the masterpiece that is Halo 3. Maybe MS will release at a later date. Pray for this PC gamers.

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PS Vita definitely needs a hit because the system is struggling in America, Japan and the rest of the world. Bad games like Blacks OPs doesn't help the Vita's case. This is from a concerned gamer.

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I just hope Sony improves games for Vita and work on the security for PS3. Cuz I have been hacked on multiple occasions. I own a PS3. I'm not trolling. This is from a concerned gamer.

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No Sony needs to work on the PS Vita. It is not doing well and there needs to be more games for the system. Also I think Sony needs more security for PS3. I hope they make an announcement for this. I have a PS3. Not trolling.

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The world wide media would destroy Sony. Their stocks would tank.

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Why can't Sony put new games on PS+. Why always old titles that people play already. it would be really great if I could get new games and actually save money.

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I think Insomniac wanted to go to other platforms because 360 is so much easier to develop for and has so much power. More power than the PS3 and it came out one year before. So impressive. MS technology is incredible.

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I hope Sony creates good games and have more security for PS4. I was hacked on PS3 several times. And I'm afraid people will steal my data or credits cards on PS3. Also have cross game chat please.

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Because this game is absolutely terrible. Very mediocre. This describe lots of Sony's games like starhawk, this and thousands of others. This is why I think Sony is struggling. Nobody is buying their games. I think Sony should ask MS and Nintendo for help in creating good games. All this is my opinion. So don't be mad.

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Halo is alive and well. Best FPS series of this generation.

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I'm only interested in the last of us. But I think I will just rent the game for 2 bucks at redbox. Save me alot of money because the multiplayer will likely be terrible going by uncharted multiplayer.

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I just know that the next Xbox will be a more desirable console for me and many of my friends. Can't wait for next gen.

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I just hope they make the Ps4 more secure. I was hacked multiple times on PS3. Sony needs more security.

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I've had the chance to play both 360 and ps3 versions and the 360 has better graphics and performance.

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