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I tell you what is stupid... Comparing graphics !

Imagine you met a girl (or a boy), she is the girl of your dream, funny, smart, laugh at your jokes. You met her at a bar and she had a beautiful dress (or whatever sexy clothes you like) (=PC graphics). The next day she wears normal clothes (still the same F***** girl) but with jeans and a t-shirt.

Is it really matter ? You gonna dumb her and try to find a girl that always wear dresses ?!? If you answer... #1.4
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Ares :

This is why I'm moving toward boardgame for collection... A boardgame I bought 2-5 years ago is not only own by me but it still worth 75% his original price... Try to sell a 5 years old ps3 game just for fun. (Obviously you have to take care of your boardgame but still)

Anyway, now I'm ok with renting game because I don't see it as a collection anymore... samething with music...

Books and boardgame are my collection h... #1.1.5
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The multiplatform developers and indie will say that PS4 is better.

That is my f****g point....

Ah... useless ... I like the ps3 and will get a ps4 but people here are just fanboy that don't want any debate...

some Indies will say ps4 is best because sony facilitate the business side but at the end that doesn't really change the experience for the player... multiplatform developers have financial interest when they define "bes... #1.2.5
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I didn't say more powerful I said best... best could mean more powerfull but best could also imply : easier to develop on, easier to publish, the partnership is incredible..., implementation with their accessories open tons of possibility, exclusivity, the company approach, online support, etc...

And if you NEVER came across developers... well here an exemple : TURN 10 (forza 5 dev) said that Xbox cloud allowed them to boost AI at 600% which was not possible before... #1.2.2
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Well I LOVE playstation but I tried to keep me critical thinking every time console are compared by dev. Why?

Well if :

They develop exclusively on ps4 they will say ps4 is the best
They develop exclusively on Xbox they will say Xbox is the best

They develop for both... Well they have no interest of choosing one console over the other one and if they do I assume they have personal reason not because of the technology but because of... #1.2
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More realist
I also try the demo and quite enjoy it. As you mentionned, previous version of NHL games I was using good players the have speed and balance to smash opponents... Are sometimes I was hit pretty bad by other and was running/skating after trying to knock them down but it was not feeling right...

Then I played NHL14... Again I use Toews, a good player to hit a guy pretty good... But hey... to play stopped and one guy drop (Thornton) his gloves and comes at me... Obvious... #1
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I did... Even better I d/l the GT6 academy... But this demo is not the final built and I still have hope for improvement for the final release. Loading time was faster but because it was just part o the game I don't know how relevant that is. I had better "feeling" with the car itself but graphically I didn't see that much improvement. From this trailer I don't see how GT6 will be better than GT5. So I'm not that impress by the trailer... may be if they had sh... #2.1.1
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Looks like GT5 to me...

I don't say that for trolling... I have and still play GT5... I'm just saying that from this video we can't say that much... I want to see gameplay #2
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Going lower than 450 will be really unlikely because PS3 is still an option for buyers...
If PS4 is 350 than the ps3 is unattractive at 250...

With watch dogs, gtaV, GT6, the last of us I think Sony will sell the console at price close to 499... which is still lower compare with the 750 of the ps3 at launch...

But if they are willing and they manage to have a better price, it will certainly be interesting to see how that will affect future sells. #27
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I should have update the page before because I wrote my post but I didn't click on "add reply" and well... you pretty much express what I think. #3.2.1
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I agree with you. I'm just saying that when moderation is supported by the readers these situations will happen. People are not getting paid to take their time to approve article and filter out these posts so I expect this kind of situation.

Personally I think the blog rule is more to prevent exaggeration. Also personal blog are not valid if you are not in the game industry... He claim to works in web design and Css which is technically speaking not game industry rela... #3.1.2
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Because people don't report bad post.

So basically you have three choices.
1. You accept that some bad posts make there way here.
2. You read all of them before they get approved and report the bad one so you will prevent such situation.
3. You go on website that are not monitored by the readers so information will be more "control". But could be bias... IGN, Gamasutra, Gamespot, etc... #3.1
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Because people don't understand the word "opinion" anymore...

You think like them or your are the enemy... What is good for one can be bad for another one ... if only everyone could understand that the world will be a better place. #9.3.1
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I said they push too much for ME.

25% mean that compare to when I subscribed 3 years ago, I have 25% less for the same price because I don't have a vita...

So for ME it is not good... If you have a VITA well it is amazing...
Is it that hard to understand ? What is wrong with you guys ?

I understand their business decision and I still think that PS+ worth it but every VITA games should be cross buy because not every ps+ member hav... #1.3.2
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Well I'm a fan a PS+ but still nothing is free... I paid 50$ for these games... They push the vita too much for me since a don't have/want one... #1.3
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I have nothing against PC games... I would like to have a good PC for gaming myself. I just don't like people that come on a PS3 article to troll about PC games...

I mean it is not like it is something new... PC games have always been cheaper. That said, I don't think that the price of one affect the other because even if there is an overlap, people are PC gamer or console gamer.

Still, 30$ for Tomb raider on console at this point it is a good de... #3.3.2
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buying a game is never about saving... Saving is put money aside...

The question is more if you get enough for what you paid for... I can tell you, a game of this quality for 30$ it is a good deal. Don't you think ? #10
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I though about it too. W'll see. Still if PS+ get the game it will be awesome. I'm still waitinf for sleeping dogs on PS+ ! #8.1
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Console version 29$

PC version = 20$ + THE F**** PC...

What if I don't play on my computer ? Can I enjoy a great console deal without reading comments on how cheaper stuff are on PC... Just buy it and play on your PC.

Anyway I don't even believe that you buy your game... You probably hack them and worst you are probably proud of it. #3.3
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As far as I think the game will be incredible, I don't get the point of pre-ordering anymore.

Company don't give S*** about fans that pre-order... It's a shame...

No more discount... They give in-game things that you can have anyway and habitually it is faster to just stop by the store the same day the game is out instead of waiting between 1 and 4 days to get your hands on the game... #1.2
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