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They'll probably get sued by Image Comics as well
Since Walking Dead is their intellectual property in the first place.

AMC has the rights from them to make the show
Telltale has the rights from them to make the games
This Warz developer group have no rights at all so... lol #3.2
True, Shadowrun did have cross plaform play as did Final Fantasy 11. But those were both BEFORE Microsoft took online gaming out of the silver account and put in in the gold account.

The reason the PS3 gets cross play games with the PC is because they don't have to pay. Look at Portal 2. Look at Skullgirls. Look at the upcoming Final Fantasy 14.

Microsoft might be the problem here because they don't want their users exposed to what other users are goi... #3.2
LOL someone was caught #6.2
Ah... I see now. You're one of "those" kinds of people. Ones that see what they want to see rather than what the reality is #6.1.1
Not to defend lodoss or anyone else You must be a simpleton if you think THAT was a personal attack. Me calling you a Simpleton, now THAT is a personal attack.

And maybe you should actually look at BOTH those profiles you talk about a little closer. If you did, you'd see how wrong you are. #6
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What irony?
Gaikai is a service with no subscription fee. Live on the other hand makes Gold members pay as well as serve ads.

HUGE difference there.

And I'm not excusing ads by any means. But I will say that I'd rather that than being forced into paying a fee. And I damn sure wouldn't want to have BOTH be forced on me like Live does. #10.1
You guys need to stop making it a fanboy issue and look at the reality
Last I remember, even before Sony purchased Gaikai, it was a subscription free service. And to my knowledge, it still is.

So if Gaikai does have ads, it's not a big issue BECAUSE they aren't making you pay any fee to use the service in the first place.

Xbox Live Gold however is making people pay to use the service AS WELL AS giving you advertising.

Don't even tell me you can't see what's wrong there. Because if you don'... #6.6.1
I don't know, there is a difference here.
If Gaikai won't have any cost to be used, then I can see the ads being acceptable.

If however, they pull what Xbox Live does and make even their Gold members have to deal with ads, then yes it's a problem. #6.5
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