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WiiU's selling only like third of last year's same week.

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I'm waiting for third party vertical stand that allows you to let air in from the bottom as well.

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Holy shit.

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What does that mean...?

Markus Persson ‏@notch 17min
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If you want to see 1080P images here you are.


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As I said above just get Kenzan over here already.

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It was release to PS3 last year.
I'm not sure about localization schedule though.

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It's analogous to the treatment of Ninja Gaiden 3 Sigma 3 Plus #*?! Edition (whatever it is), though.
Instead of hoping people to triple-dip they could have brought Kenzan port instead.

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Another year (or more) old port from PS3 yikes.

Edit: Nvm it isn't a year old yet (would be like 8 month old after PS3 release).

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Wii U version?

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When you start the retail version (cartridge or DL version), it's going to ask you whether you want to carry over progress from demo version or not. If you choose yes then it should detect the demo and saved file.

My advice is to download the demo if you have a slight interest in this game. At Japanese version carrying over the character (even with zero progress) granted you a bonus spell.

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I'll be VERY surprised if DQX sells more than 20K next week.
Plus, it sold 33K in two days, not one.

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Isn't it more like PS360 crushed WiiU's heart?

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It also was a best and cheapest Blue-ray player at that time, an important factor that cannot be ignored.
Meanwhile, WiiU currently does not have other alternative uses.

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So this is Rayman going multiplat after all...

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Online 4-player co-op is the biggest addition to this game for me.
I'm wondering why this wasn't implemented at the original Xbox360 version.

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It much better to take time to polish it, rather than release half-assed game and get panned by critics and users.

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For once I Agree with Mika lol.
The licensing in Japan and stateside is mixed up way too much.
This doesn't become a problem when game/comic/video is released for one particular franchise.
However, when a game contains many franchise at once things get really ugly.

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Just stop putting flame-bait title and say "come on read the article before you comment, please".
I wonder how much do contributors get paid for this...

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