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Good lord his debut was awful. People were expecting him to come out and be a monster and instead we get the funk-a-saurus.

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Who cares. PC gamers are a minority now. Multiplat titles sell more on consoles. Let PC gamers feel high and mighty while the rest of us secretly laugh behind their backs.

Go go gadget flame suit.

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Wow. Fail hype. I though it was going to be a game that was ACTUALLY GOOD. What is this XCOM garbage? #areyouseriousbro?

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Get out.

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Only runts play Soccer. Trolololol

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They need to hurry the hell up. I hear it's finished and that they are doing nothing but polishing/bug fixing.

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SOmetimes I hate playing online. Some of the CAWS people make are retarded. And this green guy would make me rage quit because all he does is spam super kicked like a faggot.

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Probably because 98% of all their games have characters with huge eyes and goofy ass looking hair...

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Thank god. The Rock comes out I hear crickets, when Austin comes out I hear crickets, Cena? Who cares he sucks...

When I deliver an RKO I want people to get the fuck up and count 1, 2, 3 as i'm pinning the poor fool.

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These don't make me want to see a Half-Life movie. For one, where is the suit? Two, same pose in almost every picture, third, who the hell are these random cast actors i'v never heard of and four... Why the hell does it say Half Life instead of Half-Life 2?

I'm pretty sure Half-Life takes place in a research facility, not City 17.

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lol call of duty...

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Killer Instinct 3 plox

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Like if the thumbnail reminded you of Ultima Online.

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If it costs $500+ i'm not buying it. $399 is the right spot.

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It would be the first silent film since one hundred years...

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Who cares. Too Human sucked ass.

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GTA and Halo 4 are the only ones i'm looking forward too. Can't wait for more games to be announced at e3.

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This list is ok. But what about RAGE? Giant meteor smashing into the planet was pretty damn awesome.

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Fix your source...

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