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Annoying to you. Not to me. Why? Because i'm an Xbox Live Rewards member and Microsoft gives me free Microsoft points just for doing a few surveys every month as for doing other things such as renewing my XBL membership, signing up for Netflix and other stuff.

Only an idiot would turn down FREE money.

*Walks the fuck out like a boss*

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Some like quantity. Others like QUALITY.

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I have a 4850 and can run BF3 at all high with 60FPS. If the only game you can get 60fps on with a 6670 is COD then the rest of your PC must be complete trash.

A graphics card is only as good as the other components in your case. If any one of them bottle necks it will bring everything else down with it.

Just saying.

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lol what would be the point in that? Still... I want.

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I like the point system. Especially because i'm an Xbox Live Rewards member and I get free MS points for doing a few surveys every month.

If they get rid of it, it's not going to deter me as i have credit cards but still... :(

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Just blow in it. Works all the time.

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Bring back the old school static camera angles and i'll start buying these games again.

Stopped playing RE games after Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

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Western Art is more realistic unlike Eastern art where every character has massive eyes really huge knockers and fucked up hair.

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It's Safe For Work when you work in the porn industry. *trolololol*

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MASSIVE flaw in your argument there champ. Children can't enlist in the military. So who cares if they "think" the military is going to be like a game. They are CHILDREN. By the time they ARE old enough to join the military they will have enough common since to know better and that it's not a game.

Please think before you speak. kthnx

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How about bigger maps, dedicated servers and a new damn engine. (preferably one that wasn't used to run Quake games like the current engine)

Haven't purchased MW3 because the series is stale and plain garbage. Come back to me when you guys put your big boy pants on.

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This list blows ass.

Where is the sweet rolls from Skyrim?

What about Bonk atomic punch or heavies Sandvich?

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Pretty sure BF3, skyrim, Crysis 2, assassins creed, dead island are on consoles.

Second of all take BF3 off this list. The lighting is god awful. Unless you like your retinas burned due to the massive amount of contrast and sun glare...

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My pass is 20 character long and contains random nubmers and letter. I have it written down so i don't forget.

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Only clicked for Lara. Fap time initiated.

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HAHA. This list was so damn hilarious... /s for those of you who can't detect it.

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Well this sucks. I was hoping they would shut down so I can have a company who knows how to make a proper wrestling game. *cough* AKI *cough*

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They are ok. But I find is strangely fascinating that games on current generation hardware still can't hold a candle to the classics such as No Mercy.

For NM to be an N64 game it was a blast. WWE 12 is fun but it's missing a lot of features that the older games had. For example, in WWE 12' Rey Mesterio can pick up Mark Henrey and do a Suplex. That should NOT be possible.

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Also have MC on PC. Can't wait for 360 version so I can just chill on my couch with my buddies.

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I have to say Mortal Kombat. The story took place after Armageddon and they re-made a classic by going back in time and showing off the story and characters really well. Something past games lacked due to technology.

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