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Same, however i'm a bit weary of how it will perform on my PC. My PC is pretty decent but if Cities XL lags with just 100k population then there is no telling how demanding SC5 will be. I really hope it's greatly optimized before it comes out.

I'd really like a console version to be made as well in case my PC can't run it.

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Hahahaha... no.

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That's why millions of people watch it every Mondey.

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Then he's an idiot. I would have loved an AC game set in Japan. I'd imagine Japanese gamers would actually BUY this game.

I want Throwing stars, Katanas, Tanto blades, Nunchacku, Kusari-Kama, Shuko hand claws, Throwing Spikes, Caltrops to slow those pesky guards down when chasing me!

The possibilities for weapons are very high. Instead, we are being given a gun and an axe... That takes away from close quarters which the AC games take into tradition. B...

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Good. He's a douche bag. I can sense douche bags from a mile away. It's my superpower.

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I thought their original plan was that Gears of War was going to be an Unreal game titled "Unreal Warfare" and they ended up turning it into what it is today.

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She must think they are all aliens (hence zoids) or Dinosaurs(hence saurs) after most all of the them. lol

I cant's stand pokemon anymore. The last PM game i owned was yellow on gameboy. There are way to many. Long live the first generation!

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If they think that then they are retarded.

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This is a stupid question. Game development is an art. Who do think writes the stories? Designs the concept(art)? Uses 3D programs to SCULPT the models and design the worlds?

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Only if Pixar does it.

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Kind of like how Europeans spell mom "mum". It's annoying. It's MOTHER, not MUTHER.

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I have a lot of XBLA games. Some are great and others i regret buying. BF:1943, From Dust, Monday Night Combat are some of my favorites. Recently just got Burnout CRASH and i'm enjoying it as well.

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I agree. Something about the metal AC logo looks wrong to me. I also like how things like this are "accidentally leaked" these days.

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It's remarkable how many players still defend this terrible series of games. Glad i stopped playing it.

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Who allowed this to get passed?

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It might help if Japan would make the characters in their game look human and stop making them look like retarded Anime characters.

I want a realistic looking game. Not a game where the people have huge hair and eye and exaggerated bone structure. You might like it if you are a weaboo but i'm not. I like games where the characters look like real people.

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Well the ME games were supposed to be exclusive to 360. Be lucky you even get to play them. BF3 get's DLC before the 360 yet i'm not going to complain about it.

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The ending. It made me cry. Tears of hate, anger and absolute rage. I thought my skin was turning green at one point.

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This list fails and so does the Author. I stopped reading when he put down MK4 on the PC. Seriously? MK4 was good but only on console WHERE IT BELONGS. Second, the new MK game is the goriest out of any in the series and third (and this one takes the cake) is when he described Raiding using his razor sharp hat. That's Kung Lao you MORON!

And no GOW? How the hell are you not going to have Gears on this list? I'm going to throw up. Someone hand me a bag.

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