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I'll help ya out ill invite everyone that adds gamer tag is crill virus I have a pic of mega man as my gamer pic on live ..

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You might have it allready and not know ..check in your display and sound settings go to the right if you see chats mixer and sound mixer you have the latest update ..I didn't even know mines updated to days later lol

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This is why the vita and ps4 can never beat the wii u to me the lack of clickable analogs and missing top buttons just kills it for me

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I'm add you now can you invite me please thanks in advance ..just edited this to say I added you ok send me a invite if you can thanks

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Can you send me a invite if you don't mind I know by now you might have gotten a lot of request so if you can't it's ok

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Can some one send me a invite gamer tag is crill virus

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I love my wii u currently playing it more then my x1 cause I only use that for titan falls.. Wii u has the best single player games out right now

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Its hands down my fav of the console Zelda's yeah it wasn't perfect the gameplay was great but the world felt a lil small but it's the story that makes this one for me I love how they placed everything together...

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Please they could make this for mobile if they wanted its a money thing cause wii u could run a lower res version like ac4 wii u did etc ..

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I believe these number the last 3 weeks I've had about 30 of my friends from 360 upgrade to the one there where waiting for garden warfare or Titan falls

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It's not releasing on the 27th cause of mario kart on the 30th ..they ubisoft are scared to put out a game at the same time as Mario kart as there scared Nintendo fans would buy kart over it ..

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This will all change once Mario kart and Titan falls are out ..let's see how the numbers look come e3 ..I'm happy Sony is doing good cause the ps3's first few years almost killed them

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Well with over 100 million ps3's and Xbox 360's compared to a few million next gen consoles they would be stupid not to... expect there to be a bunch of games for last gen consoles for the next 2 or 3 years

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Especially when its not like the wii u where the second screen is there already with smart glass you have to put your controller down to pick up your phone or tablets ..

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Ha ha ps4 has no games that's why fans wish they had this game

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My favorite Zelda 3d game ..I love the story

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This sucks I originally got it for 360 but it was unplayable then on wii u where I found it better but not perfect ..I'm sad there not giving us the dlc

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Man I hope not I love when a game is 60fps even if its 720p it makes the games look and move so much better to me I hope ms can fix this ..I seen a video of tomb raider running on both consoles and it looked so much more fluid when they where running and gunning etc but the graphics look almost the same

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Yea so we can have 3 consoles that do the same thing and that's just makes the wii u stand out as the weakest console ..and he said people think the wii pad is add on and that's bad but not that it's was a bad idea he also said there going to be focusing more on the pad and showing what it can do plus they will be showing off more games that use the NFC reader and about excepting payments cards using NFC

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Take this article down they didn't say that they said the opposite

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