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FFVIII's entire OST was pretty damn awesome. What's been on my mind the past few days is "The Landing". The game still looks and feels great after all these years.

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Anything Japanese related are usually pretty expensive and rare. Working Designs... you did so much effort in your packing... too bad I wasn't old enough or notice your gems when you were a publisher.

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if true, that would be the only reason to get this

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I wonder how much all that Idolmaster DLC is in Japan... I don't think NBGI could get away with that outside Japan though.

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Wii Party was an unexpectedly fun game for my friends and I. I could use more party games.

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All the heroes I know of are either dead or in jail

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It was... not anymore

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meh, I buy games if I want to support the developer, even if I don't own the system.

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yup yet again they team up with Dominos! They should do it here in the US as well. Don't care if a lot of hate it will get, just want more exposure.

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This is a pretty decent score compared to other sites.

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Well it's a card game being ported to the Vita... they gotta pull people in somehow. This is absolutely normal and of course the author of this article likes to make ridiculous headlines.

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To clarify to anyone... this is A.I. versus A.I.
if you were wondering why the battles seemed kind of weird.
I'm still waiting for footage of someone REALLY playing the game.

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A successful IP is one that can keep making money for years and years... just how does Nintendo keep making money off of the same IPs? I don't know, but I seem to enjoy their games anyway.

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Sony has very good Japanese IPs and developers... hopefully they bring/make more of them as the year goes by.
Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke and Freedom Wars for the Vita have not been announced for the west. It's been years since a new Wild Arms (although Sony did stop publishing them in the west since 4). They also opted to not publish Demon's Souls in the west.
Sony is changing up though... hopefully they realize how good or promising their Japanese games are.

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I have GGXX AC+ on my Wii haha. I chose it over the PS2 version when they were(?) rare to find. Hopefully it gets on the Wii U, at least eventually. Arc is a smaller company than most. Maybe they don't want to risk porting it to the Wii U because of the situations it's in.

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Exactly... I don't trust or am dedicated to any company completely. They all have their good and bad sides.

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I feel like it's a good idea to rerelease some old PSOne classics on PS4/PS4's PSN so that when they become free on PSN+ they can get more well known.

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This game was announced at TGS of last year. Now I know Sony is known to not publish their own games outside Japan (Demon's Souls for a recent example) but any Japanese publisher would be hesitant to publish anything internationally if they weren't sure it would make profit. (Xenoblade and NOA for example)
The site Siliconera translated this series as "Over My Dead Body", questionable because Sony has never given it an official English language translation (for the t...

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle... this is the only game I want localized this year...
I'll admit there are probably many games more worthy of being localized and I'll admit I'm just a huge fan of JoJo...

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Wasn't a new Sonic game announced exclusively for the Wii U? I would hardly believe Sega would want to go back into the console game business especially how it is right now (and they weren't doing well financially at least 6 months ago)

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