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Mmm... I wouldn't say saturated, I would say it about FPS games for sure but not open world games just yet.
Yes there are more of them coming out lately but not to the point to be labeled as saturated.

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My hype level for this game is over 9000!
But I won't judge them in anyway if it aint game of the year or if it ain't what we really expect.
Mainly because its a new studio with a small team and a low budget, like "DougLord" (first comment above) has said.

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Crash Bandicoot :D

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I played the DEMO of fat princess on the PS3 before it got released and i played it to death even after its release because i didnt have no money to buy it... (yeh.. bad days back then) but the DEMO was sooo addicting!
Anyways, i am so excited that they are bringing this game on PS4 and its a day 1 purchase for me!

Now bring my profile picture back to the PS4 -.- :P

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Naughty Dog <3

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Go play on 480p then since all the other resolutions out there dont equal great visuals.

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One of the games for me is Uncharted hands down.
Even before Ps4 was released or ND said anything about Uncharted 4, i said to myself, im getting a ps4 cause i know this game is coming

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Agreed in a certain degree on that but lets not forget they are Sports games and you cant change much. just graphics, AI and animation.

But on shooters you can do a whole lots of things, cause they dont have rules like sports games if you get what I mean. You can do whatever your imagination says.

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Time to pay a visit to GAME

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Dont forget the OS :)

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haha its cool man.
And exactly! I said it once and i will say it again.
These people don't mind that we can beat the hell out of a "human" *pixel* but they mind if we hurt "animals" *pixels*
Now that kinda worries me a little...

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That blue with the light blue blending is sexy as [email protected]

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Oh my a PC is superior than consoles hardware wise?:o No f'ing way! :o

Nvidia please... we get it, a £/$1000 PC is better than a console hardware wise.
You don't need to be a genius to figure that out..

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I love animals and I have gone through 4 dogs and I would never harm an animal in no way in real.
However this is a GAME, VIDEO GAME.
If 84.000 people can't understand the difference then I don't know ...

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Trevor is the best!!!

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I would love it but at the moment I do not have almost £3.000 to spend on a monitor. I rather upgrade my PC hardware, buy my PS4 with games ect...

Of course ones the price drops I will pick this up or maybe if something better has come out with around the same price.

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The scene like the above comment said was pretty tame...
They obviously not seen the Heavy Rain scene that the guy has to chop his finger off.

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I personally contacted R* and they told me they will restore everyone's items and ranks once this issue is fixed

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I have the AMD FX-8350 its fantastic, don't think about it

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Agreed, it should have been expected, R* said it days before this happened.
Why they delayed it? Maybe they were thinkin if they leave it a bit less might join at a time or something like that. Or they were adding some things to Online that they weren't finish doing

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