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i used bad language when i saw this trailer on e3 live conference.)
This was like no way) but it`s true!) The best gaming new in last 5 years at least for me.) Really hyped!

It`s hard to tell what FF game is my favorite, i love them all. But FF7 was my first FF game.
Well actually when i got psOne, i had oly 2 games with it, FF7 and Red Alert.)

But i liked FF7 over FF6 for sure. Not only story, but the whole ATMOSPHERE was great in FF7. Preren... #1.8
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Rest in peace Steve.
You did well. #1.23
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And that was nice.) #51
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This new game still will sell over 10 mln., no matter what you say people. It`s a BRAND.

And no matter what, i still will play(try) it, but not going to buy it.)) #1.1.7
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Both looks fantastic
I choose games! =)
Will enjoy them both.) #1.1.29
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Just for the records
There are still many countries in the world, where average salary is only 200 euros per month.

So spending 30-40 euros on a GAME, is just not affordable for those people.
PSP for a 3 years will cost you 5 euros per month, that`s not so much. BUT buying a GAME for 30-40 euros, come on.

============================= ==============================
If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 human beings, with all t... #1.1.14
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3DS promotes 3D without glasses
But still it`s 3D. So, later some people may be interested to get 3D even with glasses.

But i like the idea of 3D without glasses, and well, there are some 3D TVs, that don`t require glasses.
So, probaly, 3DS is a good thing for Sony too, atleast for this time. :) #1.1.8
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Games HERE also cost 60 euros. Not 60$. It`s Europe.

You can buy 1 new game or you can get this bundle. The only problem, that there is no sub-controller bundle for now, it should come at 70 euro and will be a must buy.) #3.2
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PlayStation Move navigation controller (formerly known as the sub-controller) will be sold separately.
This should be inclued in that bundle for same 60 euros, maybe 70.
Then Move would be a massive success, But it`s probably because of Nintendo, which also selling Wii nunchuck for aditional price.

The only problem, that all Wii have both controllers, while sub-controller for Move is not included in that bundle, and comes for additional price.
Hovever,... #1.1
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Nothing groundbreaking
KZ3 - okey.
Move - don`t care much, though that Sorcery thing looked interesting. Also, that 2nd controller shoudl cost 20$, 30 is a bit to much, because together it`s 80$, which is a bit pricey. Both controller for 49.99$ would be a Must Have. That`s why audience were aplausing when heard first the price of Move controller, but then kept silence, when heard additional costs.
PSP - atleast they showed some footage of Parasite Eve: 3rd birth well, GoW:GoS is okey too, but like... #1.2.1
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It needs time, like any new technology
But just like with blu-ray back then, if Sony would wait, until more people would buy HDTV, blu-ray just wouldn`t be as popular as it is today. =)
The earlier you start, the more common technology will become later.) #1.1.2
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Strange list
Because Gran Turismo 5 will sell WW MORE than Halo: Reach or Gears of War 3.

Title Units (K)*
Gran Turismo 10,850
Gran Turismo 2 9,370
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec 14,890
Gran Turismo Concept Series 1,560
Gran Turismo 4 “Prologue” 1,350
Gran Turismo 4 10,980
Gran Turismo 5 “Prologue” 4,650
Gran Turismo PSP 1,800
Total 55,450

*as of December 2009
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After 2 years
There will be A LOT of 3D games and at more available price 3D TVs, then we can speak.
Right now it`s some sort of future technology, like blu-ray was 3 years ago. #1.1.1
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Forza 3, a racing game needs 2 DISCS = DVD is NOT Enough.
FFXIII on x360 runs in SubHD resolution and on 3 DVD + the game and cut scenes quality is much lower because of lack of space on DVD.

Also, MetaCritic is biased that was proved many times:
1. Playstation 3: Final Fantasy XIII (2010) 83
Square Enix
2. Xbox 360: Final Fantasy XIII (2010) 82
Square Enix #2.2.2
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BUT much much less profit for Sony.
I think, GT5 alone will move A LOT of PS3.

And i don`t think we will see 199$ until late 2011.
But when it gets to 199$, EVERYONE(all gamers) will own PS3 because of games like this:

Disgaea 3
Ratchet & Clank:ToD
Heavenly Sword
Valkyria Chronicles
R... #2.2
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Bring Kutaragi BACK!
He is GREAT!
I always trusted and believed in him.

That media and MS, that is their fault, that such a GENIUS had to step back.
3 years passed, and what we see? PS3 is FUTURE PROOF.
Blu-ray IS needed for NEXTGEN GAMINMG!
Just look at Uncharted 2, KillZone2, LBP, MGS4, God of War 3 and incoming GT5.
Then take a look at FFXIII and Forza 3 on x360, and you will imideately understand everything! #2.2
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This Thing is for casual gamers
And i don`t think, that hardcore gamers should criticize it much.
This Thing is just for different auditory.

Hardcore games will always need buttons, atleast untill we will have something like from .hack// anime system.
And i don`t know, why i would spend My time on this childish Thing.
My opinion. #1.1.3
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FFXIII wasn`t so identical....))
Anyway, can you name several games, where PS3 was lead platform and x360 version was identical to PS3? =)

Because, so far, all games on which platform they were primary developed, run better, than on ported platform, and that doesn`t matter, which platfrom was lead. #1.3.1
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Too much variety =))
PlayStation works more like a TEAM, there is no particular leader.

But main Sony tittle is Gran Turismo.
For MS - Halo.
And for Nintendo - Super Mario. #1.1.8
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