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I want Jedi vs Sith battles again.........Ah, the days of double pulling or infinite chocking people, so annoyingly fun.

Red 69 Standing By.

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The best game of all Time enough said.

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The hell is this? re release a game and not even the best version.....the WiiU's situation is bad.......Nintendo should have released it until they had a new Zelda and Mario Galaxy game to boost initial install base and gain publisher support. A better online network could have helped.

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I wish MAG2 was one of these exclusives. If Sony gets someone to make MAG 2 I'll buy 2 PS4s for it. MAG is my favorite Multi-player game of this gen.

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I would prefer it if they were to release it simultaneously on both the PS3 and PS4..........However, I do understand that it could be bad for Drive club's sales(if its a launch title), if GT6 released as competition. If Drive club is not a launch title, then not releasing GT6 on PS4 could cause Sony to obtain a smaller consumer base than they could, if GT6 was available at launch. Now more importantly when the next Gran Turismo hits the PS4, I'm hoping that old PS3 Wheels are compat...

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I enjoyed the Conan, Tomb Raider review. As for Beck I wish he would debate Jon Stewart at least once.

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How dare Sony beat MS to second place(1st if not counting the Wii).......Oh the humanity. The world should have ended before this happened. Why did the Mayans had to get it wrong?

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I hope is a complete remake. New skins, character models music etc., not just the resolution upped to HD.

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Maybe pics may help...How do you make the pics full size? Anyways people can check the GTplanet forums to find GT5 pics on full resolution.

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The pics look amazing, but some IMO can be easily match by GT5

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Which of these is not a boss in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?


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In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Who is the Sage of Light?

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I would have gone with either Wind Waker or Shadow of the colossus. The Wind Waker because, I hated the art style right off the bat, but when I played it I was amazed. Beautiful music, gameplay, and of course great story. Shadow of the colossus, what can I say about it, that hasn't been said before. Just amazing. Half life 2 I played it and it was great, Story wise, but I guess it didn't awe me like the other two did, not a bad choice though, if only they would at least announce the s...

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The horror is that the game is no longer a horror game.

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Take away co-op, remove everything other than Leon's side of the campaign and make it longer, no more baby sitting annoyingly dumb AI..........and I don't know...make it scary again.

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It's so offensive! Yet, I can't seem to be able to stop staring at it.........Is there something wrong with me?

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Looks sweet

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If only the screen was bigger....32" minimum and Sony would get my money. Hopefully in the next model(if they make one) they'll make it bigger and a TV.

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The most realistic Sergio Busquets ever.

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The one thing I would like to see improved a little more is the lighting......maybe something similar to GT5s lighting for more realism.

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