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I guess the Wii taught them that people actually do like to play online. #2
Does the character creator have a slider for how much your wrestler loves 'murka? #1
I'd forgotten all about Ni-Oh. Glad they didn't. #2
That's a really cool story. Kinda reminds me of Animal Crossing Mom, only way happier. #1
I literally cannot argue with that. #2.2
Duke Nukem Forever had a button prompt to pick up a turd.

It was optional, but still. #1
Some of my best friends are lady gamers. #1
I can't even believe this. At least the Mass Effect 3 Ending crowd sent cupcakes and raised money for charity. #2
Or they just didn't like it as much. It's possible. #1.1
That Okami one saved me some time. Which was good because that game is ridiculously long. #1
I always thought the Dynasty Warriors games were boring as hell, but this nerd trap might catch me. #2
I'm not really sure how well those games will work on mobile. #1
I stand behind every game in my Steam library. Even the half-dozen or so I have never played. #1
So it's like Flower, but you're a kite? #1
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They're really good. I'm sad the series is ending. #4.1
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Now you can just sit down and play them all straight through. Might be a fun way to approach it. #1.1
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Come on, Last Guardian ... #1.1
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Because of the Olympics? Really?

Hearthstone? #1
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The airdrop thing seems contrived; I was hoping for having to open them up and dump all of "The Orange" out. #1
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Why was Octodad there? #1
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