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Come on, Last Guardian ... #1.1
Because of the Olympics? Really?

Hearthstone? #1
The airdrop thing seems contrived; I was hoping for having to open them up and dump all of "The Orange" out. #1
Why was Octodad there? #1
Kinda like how The Agency is tooooootally still a thing, right? Like, that logo?

That logo was dope. #3.2
Kinda surprising since they've already worked with the Kinect. Huh. #2
The trick is sticking all the money in your ears. #1.1
I really don't feel one way or the other about this game, which is kinda too bad. #2
I don't think a Tetris movie could be any worse than Battleship. #1
I'm not sure how I feel about paying to be an alpha/beta tester, especially if the game may not even come out. #2
Yeah, I'd play most of these. Huh. #1.1
Oh, right. Like that one. #6
Boat stealth was a bit of a stretch.

"I don't know. Sail casual." #1
I don't even know what to do with that. Is the game good or bad? #1
That series is too convoluted. #1
Nice to see Nintendo making sequels instead of the almost constant re-ports. #1
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Looking forward to this one. I hope everyone points a lot. #2
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Five is enough because I forgot the sixth one even existed. :)

But really, what's left for the series, plot-wise? He has killed everyone.

More beloved than Uncharted? #1.1.1
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Can't wait. #1
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I don't understand what you think a review is, then, if not one person's opinion of their experience with a game. #3.2
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