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should of put halo higher on the list

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Looking forward to the COD footage

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love the ending, lul

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ps3 only :(

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I assumed all of these started as mods, but I only knew of tf and cs for sure.

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High hopes for this game

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Really excited to see what Xbox is going to reveal on the 21st, hope COD isn't a let down

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That moment with Sander Cohen had me tripping balls

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all solid things that ghosts needs, for sure. This is a great opportunity for them to shake some things up, they're not tied to the modern warfare games anymore so they have the pretext to change some stuff around. Remove one hit insta-kill knifes for example. there was rumor of sliding or peaking around corners, they can do that now. The sky's the limit, lets see some inactivation on a 'new' engine in this new generation. if not I can see it going the way of the dinosaur.

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love me some robot kickin ass, bring it you metal bitches

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Make it their horde mode, fight off waves of dinosaurs. 10/10 would buy

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Every sequel in any FPS title is exactly the same, it wouldn't be a sequel if it didn't have the same gameplay.

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Hoping for it to be a Ghost prequel

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Really wish destiny would hit the PC, I'm not a fan of console specific titles. At all.

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Of course not. I agree with the guy in the video, it's appropriate.

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It shames me not to be able to include Gotham City Imposters on this list. If anyone happens to see this comment and hasn't tried it out yet... I urge you to do so. It's my personal #2 :)

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Graphics do add to the game, but everything you mentioned there (except maybe uncharted) only did ok, not great.

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I'm not sure how you define decent graphics in your mind, but I enjoyed Minecraft and Terraria. I'm sure there are other examples but would you simply not give them a chance because of how they look? Not saying you would, but if you do... it's a shame.

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There is something remarkable when you play a beautiful game, it can really enhance the experience. But if the game plays like crap it doesn't matter how good it looks. Graphics should always take a back seat to gameplay. Plain and simple.

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Spot on. I would never give this a chance when I've heard so many good things about the other.

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