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change the date to a later time like the 30th of February

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FTW & the 1st resistance deserve more hype than it received

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thats my exact thought if PRo can do that dam well just wait for the final version

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they shouldn't of release that info about making a new one so soon because it has a tendency to kill momentum a bit because people don't like to know there merchandise is going to be obsolete even if its true, how would you feel if you bought a gaming system today & in that same day you hear a new one is on it's way?

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Fable 2 HA! considering how disappointing the 1st one was I'm surprise anyone is looking forward to this one. what people forgot about was the two big guns that went off earlier this year (MGS4 & GTA4) & the big guns to come such as R2, LBP, Gears2, GHWT, Fallout2 ETC. so please don't think your fooling anyone when you release these crack pot stories from writers who know nothing about the industry.

really no BS but Fable 2 would be lucky if it could even win the game of...

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but go learn to read/write proper

7 more days woot woot

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is still in the top 10 ten best PS3 online games & this demo will be adding more people to the madness.

so see you all online just note when you see a Tow Missle coming towards you that's you little sign to run like there no future for you, oh wait there wont be =)

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really does anyone really take this moron seriously?

hey i love Hip Hop but for some reason i despite you.

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ill just wait for the game to drop & get it at launch

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everywhere i go i see these G SackS employees keep pushing the the 360 by degrading the PS3, im not much of a talker but i have to say something & the thing is ur going to be out #ed most the time, when they talk BS they always say the the 360 graphics are better, the games play better, the online is way better, & they have better games than the PlayStation. but the two worst ones i ever herd has to be when people start to show interest in the PS3 the dude said "for what? all the...

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isn't LBP coming to the PC as well, so i think u need to increase that 12 million a tiny bit at least.

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5. fable 2- fable sux plain out, fable wouldn't even make the top 50 RPGs of all time.

4. GTA DLC- everyone one is over GTA already & the people who plays now mainly plays offline, & for Christ sakes its a DLC.

3. fallout DLC- its freaken DLC.

2. left for dead- i didnt learn about that game until this video, i feel sry for the poor saps thats gonna pick this up.

1. gears of war- meh a reasonable one but still it will have resistance...

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2nd. Resistance 2

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instant blockbuster

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but i would spend $80 on the case alone or even that new skin

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well at least we know where he games at

he may be jumping in water but he loves to play beyond

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if they do it might share the similar faith the PS2

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