BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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That was stupid of them to Pre-order, when the open beta is just a few days later... LoL

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Mastered, Not so fast... It is really good but not yet Mastered.... but they are getting there..

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LoL... I could explain it to you but something tells me you wouldn't get it..

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I thought that was actually a really good idea, the gore would make it a lot more realistic/ kinda like more walking dead then cartoony zombies imo.... And as far as the Nazi Swastika Stickers do you really care? They are still there in the campaign, just gone from the multi-player... which makes sense as Multi-player is about having fun not being historically accurate.

And why in the world would no Nazi Swastika stickers stop you from having fun playing the game?

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LoL... to my haters... I just per-ordered... sorry but the game looks like it will be fun, sorry to mess up your master plan to get me to dislike it... LMAO..

So to all my disagrees...( at least you tried )...LoL

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It actually looks pretty good, I'm pumped to play it now... Nice Job SledgeHammer....

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That's because it is...... LoL

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Wow trailer looked amazing, they did a really good job, I am actually excited to play this... hope it turns out to be as good as it looks...

If you have not seen it check it out, it's still up on some sites...

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@ InMyOpinion

- this is actually not a fair assessment as Project cars 1 allowed you to adjust the settings to such a level that you could actually get the car to drive how you want, and while the average person is not going to go into the controls to that level, it is there to give you full control of the feel..

That is what makes Project Cars so good, I know this because at first I hated everything, until I found a guy on youtube who was showing how to...

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I'm no graphics card specialist, but isn't this Epic Fail..... GTX 1070> AMD Vega Frontier Edition.. -_-

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Nice... Gives me a nice reason to get back to playing and finishing this game, been stuck on COD MW4 Remastered- every time I get on my friends want me to join up... LoL

Been loving Multi-player on Uncharted 4 -The Survival Missions co-op were you play with two other people to kill the enemies... OMG! it's running so smooth now after the last update, I'm loving that game...Trust Me if you don't have that one in your mix of games, get it.. Worth every penny.

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Console games on the other hand continue to struggle, that's all you really need to know about China....

Sorry but wake me up when they start actually buying consoles games...

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So there you have it, PS5 confirmed... :)

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Yeah they should have made it a freebie for the people who pre-order the new God Of War... that would have been cool.. :)

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Yeah I got Shadow of Mordor --Game of the Year Edition-- for 3.99 --Unreal... :)

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Well it depends on what you mean like icons loading slow and scrolling through games is slow as the games take time to pop up?

actually there are a few things that affect menu lag, but one main thing people don't know about is your theme... Try this, go to the playstation store and download and install the Payday 2 theme, do a search on the game and then scroll down to the theme, it's a theme that is very low on system response, -- now see how fast your menu is loa...

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Place Holder.... Games do not release on DEC. 29 That's a Friday people, a PlayStation Exclusive is going to release on a Tuesday, the day the PSN Store updates...

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Looks Awesome...

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They are saving it for the release of Xbox one X in Nov ..... LoL... That's going to make it tough for Xbox, a PS4 pro going for $349... that's going to be too sweet a deal to pass up..

This holiday season is going to be interesting...

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You and me both my friend, you and me both..... :) -Can't wait to play this again... Loved this Game

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