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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"


@ kiz2694

oh ok Rute already hooked you up... just follow that link... #1.2
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Yeah don't hold your breathe on that, since this is the one by Treyarch - and that's the better studio of the three...

plus Black-ops was loved more by the fans then ghost and advance warefare, so chances are this one will probably still do huge numbers.. #2.1
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I think you forgot Black-ops 3 - NOV. --> and The Division --end of 2015.. hopefully

-but yeah this fall is going to be crazy... Might as well go ahead and break that piggy bank.. ..LoL

I also got everything you said for PS4 so (MSGV, Mad Max), plus-

Project Cars - May 8th

RainbowSix - OCT.

No Mans Sky - 2015

Assassin's Creed Victory - fall 2015 #1.1
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@ SmokingMonkey

Me too I added a 1TB day one, so you know my exact feeling, too much digital games on my PS4 so yeah I do get nervous every time...

-So thanks for the update going to go ahead and update. #1.2.2
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Has anyone done the update already...

Is everything all good after the update -->

-- Just trying to see if there were any problems before I go ahead and just update.. #1.2
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Well Finally - as in I was hoping it would go gold before May hit and we get another delay...:)

So Finally can't wait to play this...

Super Racing fan over here, so just can't wait to play this.. Been watching a lot of videos of the PS4 version and it looks really good..

Really-Going to enjoy this one.. #1.2
finally... :) #1.1
LoL... Yeah this made my CPU shoot up to 48% just to watch the video...

The Detail is just insane... it really does look nice, but I can't get over how sharp everything is, really is amazing... #1.2
Yeah I was thinking the same thing you can if your super worried about it save to USB, BUT- and I do think there is a..

-But, Because I do get that he is already paying for Plus and this is a feature that should remove that worry.

For example if you think about all cloud services they have all stepped up their storage over the years, with-out increasing the price...

MS - OneDrive - huge space

Dropbox - huge space
OMG! I'm so pumped to see this, It sounds like the game is going to be awesome..

April 18th we will know for sure, glad it will have actual game play.. can't wait. #1.1
Oh Sh*t hell yeah, I actually enjoyed Black Ops so I'm not mad at this, I'll come back for 3..

I don't want to say it, but yeah I'm excited to see what they do, will it be really amazing graphics / will it have the right feel / can they really make another good call of duty..

I guess were going to see...

April 26 hurry up and get here, I'm pumped to see what they got..(I hope it's good we need a good COD to take us bac... #1.3
This video really shows it off much better, how it all works and how it all comes together -

It really is an amazing game engine.. #1
Wait is it too late for bubbles.. :) I Love bubbles #82
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@ xHeavYx

Exactly, Nintendo does not get it, and this is why they fail.. Nintendo is becoming totally irrelevant and they can't even see it..

It's funny because Nintendo must be run by idiots, if you can't realize that having a video about your content going viral is the best thing for sales since slice bread then your company has the worst CEO's to ever run a business...

:( #1.1.2
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Yes, Cat you will be missed big time, I wish you all the best in the future... #1.2
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yeah I won too, I was so excited, I was like -->

So Awesome, Love :) #2.3
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Well this is good to know...

Rock Star is one of those top developers so I'm not surprised they got this out so quick..

Really nice job. #1.4
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Yeah I'm with you, even though I love God Of War to death I can't can't buy this one just to play single player over again...

I would if it was GOW: Ascension because I had fun in the multiplayer.. So sadly I'll pass and just wait for God Of War 4 which I'm sure will be Awesome.. #2.1
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Well they will be showing the actual trailer April 17th - I can't wait..

Here is the article for reference -->

I think the game is going to be amazing especially if you go off of what those who have seen it have said. #1.2
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Dam Still, how long is that Porsche License going to last...

I know I have driven some Porsche's in Driveclub, but I guess it was the RUF - Now that I think about it...

Wow really sad how EA locked that up #2.1.1
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