BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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The Slap to the face felt around the internet.... :)

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THE Greed is Strong with this one....

YOu underestimate my powers...!

EA don't do it, I have the higher ground... I'll be forced to put you down, your killing the Star Wars Franchise.

Just Give me your wallet, I'll take what I need...

EA You were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them. You were supposed to bring balance to th...

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This game is garbage on consoles... worst launch I have ever seen (Any time you have to spend 4 hours just trying to get the setting right so you can drive, the game is trash) and even after all that it was still bad... game was a mess on PS4 and the patch did little to fix that, this game is trash...

If you love wasting 60 dollars then by all means pick this up, but with all the amazing racing games that are well worth your money I would highly recommend you buy one of th...

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Yeah if this is what you get when you give the developers time to really develop the game, then wow, by all means let every developer have all the time they need, because this game is a masterpiece... it will do down as one of the best Games Ever...

I have been playing it on and off and it's amazing (between GT Sport, and COD WW2, no time to play everything but I keep coming back to this) I really love the combat, love the missions, love the graphics, love the whole f...

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well please PM it to me, I would love to use it..

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That's because U can't use the discount on Pre-orders/ but if you wait till the day it comes out then you can use it on it...... The code is It's actually only for stuff that's out now on the store.. / since pre-orders sometimes have there own deals, free theme, price discount for pre-ordering, free avatars... so if it was on Pre-orders too it would be like getting a double discount depending on the game.

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Same here, yeah, I never get these, but if anyone has a code they are not going to use, please PM it to me.. I could sure use a discount

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could not have said it better, it looks amazing, it plays really nice, but yet it feels a little disappointing as the menu is all over the place, yes there are a lot of things on the home screen, but surely this could have been made more simple to nav.. like going to garage and livery editor, that all could have just been in the garage menu...(just one thing I didn't really like, but that's minor)

The games real problem is always online for no-rea...

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I'm sorry I should have said the PS4 games, I only play on PS4.... I was hoping we would at least be getting some AAA games, Metal Gear Soild V was good even though the game is mad old, was nice to see we were at least getting Triple A games...

They could have gave us watchdogs the first one... or something like that.... I just hope Dec. is better..

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Wow, garbage.... oh well, guess it's time to keep my fingers crossed for a better Dec. because this months games suck

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It's an Awesome game, well worth the money, it really should be doing huge numbers... Game is Awesome...

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Actually I'll pass on pre-ordering and get it when God Of War comes out, I mean I'm in no rush to play that game, it's an old game I played on PS3, that way I can use my 20 percent off coupon... That way I can get it for $20 bucks, which is all I'm willing to pay for this re-master... so, god of war is 59.99 + 39.99 - 20 percent off = $79.99 means I got Shadow for 20

I don't pre-order anymore no real need to... game comes out 12am at night, when I'm...

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@ The_Infected....

I laughed and Laughed at that gif.... thanks for that... LoL

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DriveClub was an amazing game that didn't get the props it deserved, it did things games can't match to this day, rain was the best I've ever seen in a video game, had an amazing feel, was super fun to play and do the challenges...

Yes, yes, it launched bad and multi-player didn't work out the box, but later on it came into it's own... it deserved a Part 2... Developer was just really getting good at making the game awesome.. it's a shame...

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Greatest Racing game ever made on a Console in my humble opinion.... Truly have loved this game over the years.. Hats off to this guy, he has made me Love my PlayStation, I look forward to this game year after year... And he knocks it out the park - No one makes racing games like this guy...

GT Sport beta was a blast, can't wait for Oct.17th Love this Game..

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Yeah from what I have seen they didn't really bump up the scary, which was something I would have loved, so kinda bummed about that but I guess I'll still get it.. -But if they would have made it really scary that would have been awesome...

Ever since playing P.T. demo... I have wanted a really scary game so bad... but I guess were just not going to get one..

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@ C-H-E-F

I didn't order the digital from amazon, I got it from the Playstation store...

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They do this after I get the Digital deluxe Edition... Thanks Amazon... Late much... LoL

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This has the making of an epic game... needs to play like Halo the very first one on Xbox and I'm loving the story so far, really nice.. I see the game like a huge open world, set way in the future..

Man I would love to be in the room with the design team, this game could be something epic... Would love to help them make this, with all the game experience we have as gamers I think it's key to get a hardcore gamer in the room to nail the feel of the game..

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@ GT67

You have a hard-drive problem, this has nothing to do with the update, I would guess your hard-drive has a bad sector, this could have been caused by one or two things... a game you downloaded or a game updating and didn't update right... you need to delete this game and re-download.... this should take care of the problem / also do a restore of licenses after you re-download the game...

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