BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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Garbage... Why would RockStar use that engine when there Game engine is a Monster... Have you seen the game on PC..

Have you seen the Mods on PC, the Mods make it look ten times better then that Unreal Engine ever could and that's only because rockstars engine is a complete beast already.. They don't need a 3rd party engine..

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Yeah I guess, I really don't even play that game that much anymore... But when I looked at how he was playing I was like wow, I sure as hell am not that good, I was pretty good on BF3 but not in this new one, I have a hell of a time aiming...

But yeah i guess it's not like on Bad company 2, on there I was a monster, I use to check my stats all the time... LoL

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I had a chance to play against one of Battlefield 1's top players on the leader-boards and he showed me one of his game play videos...

OMG!.... I've never played battlefield 1 on that level... LoL (Dude is a monster) or I'm just getting too old for this.... --->

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Well yeah, it's still impressive I guess that it didn't fall off a cliff because PS4 was killing them, dropping kinect and lowering the price has helped them sell better, but there is still plenty of room for the other consoles.. Look at the Wii U... it had pretty low sales out the gate and look stuck, but then came back to still do over 8 million which is really impressive for a console....
So Microsoft decided to stop reporting numbers but Nivida says Xbox One has sold Abou...

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Not really...

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Garbage..... -_- They really need to step this up, the free games are becoming seriously Lame.. :(

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Not if you don't have a 4k TV...

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" respected analyst Michael Pachter, Xbox Scorpio’s price will be set at $399 " -Since when has Pachter been a respected analyst... LoL

More like an analyst who always get's it wrong, is most likely wrong again, with his stupid prediction that Scorpio will costs $399. -(Pachter go home your drunk)

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I'm more worried about why is there no Digital copy of this game...? Why is it not on the Playstation Store for Pre-order --> Why is there no digital copy on Amazon.... every other pre-order has the digital Copy version, but not this Game.. Why?

Is Rockstar trying to do a no Digital Copy of this game...? Seems like a really stupid move... and Yet there is no place anywhere offering a digital copy of the game? Why is that?

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Everybody is chasing the money trying to build massive studios with all these titles, but what they don't understand is it's Quality over quantity..

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Yeah surprised the hell out of me, campaign was actually really good... I enjoyed it... Nice campaign -- I only got this COD because I wanted the re-master, so I didn't really care about Infinite warfare but he campaign was nice...

for $49 -or- $43.99 at best buy like this guys are saying, that's a steal...

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No... Question Answered... ( Just saved you a Click )

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I wish they would have Re-mastered this game and put it out as $15-20 dollar DLC for The Last Guardian... Would have loved to go back and finish that game, it was awesome, I think a lot of people who never got to see it or play it would have loved that game..

Team ICO has been doing amazing things in gaming, and Shadow Of Colossus is a pure masterpiece that many young gamers probably won't even know about. Updated Graphics and game-play on that game would be epic..

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Dam.... 50 million... that's huge... Wow...

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Oh, Sh*t.... I can't wait to play this... OMG! Finally going to find out what happened about that lie Joel told Ellie about the fireflies and the cure...

This one is looking awesome.. Just can't wait.

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Can you get a second chance to make a first impression.... the answer is No...! So yeah in the world of video games it's far too late...

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It's because that game is garbage, I was in the closed beta... it sucked..

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