BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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Yeah PS4k will definitely be revealed at E3 so it's going to be a really exciting show can't wait.. E3 starts June 12 so yeah one more month to go and we shall see it all.. Can't wait.

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@ Brugal
@ DarkHeroZx

I thought I linked y'all but here is the link in-case I didn't before -->

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@ KarmaV12

I think everyone sees the paywall but no-one cares because the thought of getting a remastered version of Modern Warfare 4 the one that started it all, just sounds too good to be true... Hell I don't even want to tell you want I would be willing to pay for a Bad Company 2 Remastered Version...LoL (My Fav Battlefield of all time) Plus I don't think anyone thought it would be free..

This is Activision were talking about here/ at least t...

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@ NatureOfLogic_

I feel your pain player, but I think your only saying this because you don't really understand what Neo is and why Sony had to make it, I was going to write a blog post explaining the whole thing (Because as a tech person I think I can help explain it) but then I started thinking I need a good place to write this, so I went to -Medium- and I'm working on an article now.. (hopefully be up soon)

I think once you understand everythin...

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@ Valenka...

Well based off of the info that leaked, what will happen for older games, it will be up to the developer to just add a patch, So I don't think they will milk the game, as much as it will just be a free update that pushes some of the extra benefits you get from having a PS4k..

So just some minor upgrades that increase HDR, and UHD and give you a closer feel to the PC version if not a direct port. As the PS4k might actually be able to run t...

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Ok cool, let's just hope Rockstar does the same thing for the PS4k version, that would be awesome... upgrade all the graphics with some nice new tweaks with better lighting and draw distance...

I'm excited to see what it would look like...

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, I don't know if I can believe this, it just does not sound like a real name, but who knows... I guess we will find out soon enough... Trailer should be coming soon - either before E3 or @ E3

There going to need to show it soon in-order to start building up the hype..

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Not long now and it will be time to start pre-downloading it to my PS4 -(Can't wait)- I get the feeling this one is going to be Epic.

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I think people don't get it.... PS4k is not a bad thing... I could explain but I'm guessing no one really wants to hear the explanation..-but it's really about about 4k TV's

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Probably Price... The price will be key... how much will it be $499 or $599...?

$499, sure I'll upgrade... but $599, well then it better be really amazing for me to upgrade at that price.

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@ Rashid Sayed -- There is no Third tier or First tier....? Ok that's the first problem right there with your statement...

There is indeed a first and a Third tier, the problem is, if you don't know what that means and then you say there is none, that makes everything you say next totally pointless because you don't even know what that means.

1. First Tier Developer is a developer who is in a deal with the console maker -and because of this...

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@ KiwiViper85

why would you say that, you didn't think the game looked good, or you mean the PS4k?

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Looks really good indeed... Wonder how this plays out when PS4k is released - The game looks so amazing has some really nice high detail, but with PS4k right around the corner, I'm wondering is there time to go in and make some tweaks for the new system, its already looking really amazing so it will be really interesting to see if new titles are going to be making adjustments...

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Not exactly...

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Seems to be a theme in Corporate America... Just look at Call of Duty with the original guys at Infinity Ward, who made the first huge COD modern warfare..

They got robbed blind and kicked out from the studio they started by Activision..

And Activision later had to pay them their money years later after the court case...

(Lesson here is stay completely independent) Hideo Kojima just learned this lesson too with Konami - Start your own studi...

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Can't wait, I found some Amazing settings on youtube that made the game feel amazing with a controller.. Only thing I did different was sense of speed I went with 70 because after the update 10.0 it felt a little slow..

But If you have Project Cars indeed try these settings-

Also I keep
Traction Control - ON
Stabilty Control -...

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Wow that's pretty shady... Rockstar I'm shocked -_-

-Why? Just Why would they do this, these guys are rich, and besides this is one of the guys who helped make the company- Pretty sad they did him like this..

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Also when you go fullscreen the video says, "Activate Windows" in the bottom right corner... -I was like, what the hell my windows is activated...

Then I notice oh, that's in the video... LoL

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-uh yeah, what he just said...

I played TitanFall on PC and it was awesome, had a blast, but the lack of a real campaign made the game feel stale.. no real purpose to the fighting - so it was hard to really make an attachment to where you just love the game and want to keep returning to it.. Hopefully this time around it's the complete package..

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Yeah super excited to see what they do, it's a perfect fit with CodeMasters being such an amazing racing car developer studio.

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