BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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Yeah, can't wait either... but when is it coming out.. ? can I keep my fingers crossed for 2017

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Remake - what Remake? all he did was add the battlefield music to this video.... LoL -- You can't be serious right now...

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Wow... the unreal engine is just shinning in this game, I mean wow... this just looks unreal.... (sorry for the pun, but wow) I mean this is really amazing... I can't wait to see more of this game...

They have a real chance at making something epic but it will come back to the fighting, because the sound and stuff is not enough to really excite gamers, you are going to have to deliver epic battles...

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The Return of the Porsche.... Man it's been awhile... Welcome back...

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Great right after I buy it for 59.95 yesterday, it goes on a permanent sale for $40 ...Wow my luck is unbelievable

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@ Allsystemgamer

yeah I guess, but hopefully it's soon like a year or two, game does look amazing.. I'll give them that...

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I don't mean to laugh but hasn't this game been in development for like forever now.. I have been hearing about this game since 2012 -2013

People that's like 4-to 5 years... wtf... when is this game actually coming out? This thing sounds like it still needs 3 more years... LoL

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@ Kingthrash360

... Actually I'm going to agree with you, I think you said it best... the talent makes all the difference in the world...

And the MGS4 engine is a good example, that engine was pushing graphics to photo realistic more then anyone has ever done.. and P.T. looked insanely good because of it... So yeah your a 100% right, could not agree more..

I like the way you said it.. very good point..

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ridiculous claims once again as always.... They can't even pull off the Watchdogs from the E3 trailer but now were going to get photo realistic... yeah ok, how about we just wait to see them pull off the Divisions E3 trailer and then we can talk...

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Yeah just got God of war 3 Remaster for 6 bucks, couldn't pass that up, I wanted to go back before 4 comes out and play GOD3 again, had a blast on that game when it first came out on PS3 so at $5.99 that's a no brainier... lol

-too sweet, May the Gods have mercy for Kratos never will... LoL

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Yeah and makes sense, April 20 2017 --> especially since the beta has gone out, usually these developers release beta's when they are close to release, like ghost recon did.. Beta kinda is the sign your close to full release these days, so yeah really good news...

-Can't wait to start playing..

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It is but I think that was the point classic click bait..

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It's because the camera is off center, so it feels a little weird but I'm sure it's fine --> if it's close to the first one where you can dial in all your setting tweaks I'm sure it will be fine, and be a pretty good game..

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I was just joking, I'm sorry ea doesn't charge or try to milk their franchises not sure what I was thinking **cough cough (Battlefield 1 49.99 DLC pack) I didn't have my coffee yet forgive me...

-But all jokes aside I'm really looking forward to the game, looks like a lot of work has gone into the game.. reviews so far seem pretty good so I'm stoked..

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I am completely shocked, you mean EA is going to charge, no way, you don't say <--- EA and robbing you blind, don't those two go together like peanut butter and jelly... LoL++

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Why does it says GTA V is 29.99 but when you click on it it's 59.99... wtf...?

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I really don't care either way, I've been waiting for something, anything to come out that I can play at this point, we really don't have games like we did in the PS3 days.. so I'm just buying whatever looks good as it comes out..

I really just feel like there are not enough nex gen games coming out, i don't know if it's harder to make the games now or what, but I've staving for good games... so I've just been buying whatever comes out..

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Yes I signed up this morning the second they wrote that blog post, since I follow them on facebook... fingers crossed, knocking on wood, doing whatever... I want to play that beta so bad.... OMG!... can't wait.. :)

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OMG! that's complete fail... so now when you join that one guy who is lagging like hell, guess what, now so are you... Epic Fail..!

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