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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"


Yeah this is actually really important, but unfortunately it's going to go right over the heads of Gamers..

(but all you need to know is make sure you get the CUH-1200 model)

The new PS4 is actually 36 percent more energy efficiency, if you get the right one. And while that doesn't seem to big, it will indeed be big when you think of the amount of time you use it, and the savings you get year after year.

Most of my friends leave their... #1
It's an awesome game, gamer's these days are so spoiled they have no idea how good they have it...

I mean here is a game that nails driving, flying, shooting, all in an open world game.. It's been a blast to play and the next gen version of the game is awesome.. Not to mention all the heist and DLC's have been Free/ Yes FREE... OMG! too awesome for words.

Can things be improved, of course, but it's a well polished game, don't underesti... #1
Yeah I think it's going to be fine, I trust the TLOU team to do an amazing job.. #1.1.1
Niether one of them could hold a candle up to DriveClub

When it comes to rain they don't come close to looking as good as the rain effect in DriveClub, by far, DriveClub has the best rain effects I've ever seen in a video game...

Let me just say this, DriveClub looks like when I'm in my car driving in the rain in real life. (I don't know how they did it, but it looks spectacular) Nothing and I mean nothing comes close to the fidelity they have... #1.2
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@ Phoenixup

Do you mean can't, or just don't do yet...

Because I think PS4 can do anything PS3 did, it's just a matter of putting those features in.

Like Notifications for when your friends sign on, PS3 use to tell you as soon as they were on, but it's not an option on PS4. (but of course it can if they add it) #1.2
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And when is this coming to the U.S...? #2
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Beta's been a blast, a little laggy at times, but fun to play...

I think this is the call of duty we have been waiting for.... #83
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@ -Foxtrot

Ok, god dam if it came with all that, i would buy it too in a heart beat... LoL

(But No, Seriously all jokes aside, yeah that would be Badass)

Well the helmet is already out there, so yeah I guess they could have made one- #4.1.2
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Yeah but what would have to be in that collectors edition to make it amazing? #4.1
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Wow it looks BadAss too, Love the controller with the one red button... & how the touch pad says StarWars... Nice Job...

Here's a better look at it..

if I didn't already have a PS4 I would get this one... #1.1
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-No release date or pricing has been revealed yet, as the team has not yet been able to lock down an exact date, but wants to make sure they can deliver at that time so not to disappoint. -(so they are not announcing a date just yet)

“For Dying Light: The Following, we're adding a number of bold game-changers to create one massive expansion," Dying Light producer Tymon Smektala said. "Something big that will give the game a brand-new flavor. The new map alone is... #1.1
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Exactly, looked really bad to me too, and it's because they spent their time re-inventing the wheel instead of just using a wheel that already works and is really good.. #3.1
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Exactly, it's completely stupid not to tech share, you know that saying, "two heads are better then one..."

It's not because it's easier to do things by yourself. Same thing here, if you already figured out shooting mechanics that work great then we should have that to now build on. (The worry is that you would just copy what GTA does) But no, what you do is build on it.

So you give the player what they already love and know really well... #1.1
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The code is for you to go to the website and register it, then pick Xone or PS4 on the BO3 website and a code for your system will be sent to your email right before the beta starts... so you can download on your system

If you don't go register the code / No Beta Access

STARTS --> Aug 19th for PS4 - Xone and PC a later date....

To anyone who bought this Digitally there is no need for a code, you are already registered and in the beta,... #1.2
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Actually the recent Gameplay-tralier Looked pretty good -->

Game seems like it might actually be really good. #1.1
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Who is really buying this thing, are you serious.. 140 total... LoL (100 for drive 40 bucks for this junk)

Ok first things first.. --This makes your PS4 look ugly as hell...

Two - it's $40 bucks for a hard-drive holder- LoL

Three - Did you know you can just buy a 2TB hard-drive that fits in your PS4 for 95 bucks - 27d ago by Crazyglues | View comment
So pumped for this game, hearing this is just putting even more icing on a cake that was already looking Delicious...

Can't wait to start playing this, the wait is killing me...

Going back to sleep now, wake me up when it's Nov.. #2
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Funny how every single shot says E3 but somehow they are from Gamescom 2015...

Why is that..? seems strange.. #1
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yes, yes indeed, that's what I really wanted to see, how are the mechanics, how does it look, how's the gameplay, vehicles, size of the world, what does shooting look like...?

This just told me the game is coming 2016, and nothing else, makes me more worried this won't be good then get's me hyped.. (seen this CGI B.S. play out bad, just one too many times, so I'm not impressed)

More then disappointed, to be honest, but I guess I'll jus... #2.1.1
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Ahhh... it was awesome and all but we didn't get any Gameplay this was all CGI... and where's the Mafia? Didn't really see the tie-in to the big crime family from this.. (maybe they are going in a new direction with all this family talk)

And I can't tell if the game will be good or how well it runs on the system from this trailer... Looked good, but what did we really see.

Still pumped for this game, just wish we could have seen what its reall... #2
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