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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"


yeah the second beta is worst then the first, it's even worst on finding and connecting to a game...

And the lag for bullets is awful, you don't need to aim just use shotgun and bam you killed him...

It's awful, want to really cheat, grab a shield, guy with shield wins every time.

Game is seriously not balanced and it only has multi-player/ No campaign and that's all the developers worked on, and that part sucks...
... #1.1
...LoL #1.1
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All I want for Black Friday and going into the new year is some PSN money for these games on my 2016 hotlist..

Ghost Recon
Far Cry Primal
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
For Honor
The Last Guardian
No Man's Sky
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Homefront: The Revolution #50
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ALL I WANT FROM BLACK FRIDAY IS a new PS4 Controller.. (-_-) Fingers Crossed, But it's looking Like Cyber Monday is when the real party begins... #51
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There will be, this deal was done since 5/8/15 this should have never been Approved.. #1.3
I'm thankful for Fallout 4, never before have I enjoyed a game so much... I have been playing it day after day for days...

It's an amazing game and I wish all games could be this good. Indeed Game of the Year candidate right here.. without question..

It's Amazing #43
-Like A Boss- #1
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It's by far one of the best games I've played on my PS4...

This is one of those games you get lost in, and can't believe it's this good... The game is just truly Amazing -

I've played for hours and hours, day after day, and there is still so much to do, this game is worth the full price... Bought the Season Pass Day One...

This Game is the kind of game -Gamers Dream of Playing- If you don't have it, get it now.
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I disagree too, on price and fun..

First let me say I'm a Die hard, I mean die hard Driveclub fan.. Love the game..

-But strange enough I don't feel bikes are done right, the learning curve is ridiculous.. if your not pro, forget about being able to ride the bikes probably..

This should not be the case, a game like GTA V let's you jump from bike to car with no problem, now I know GTA V is not a racing game but my point is it's... #1.2
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Worked fine, I just did it... (no bullets in the gun but I got it) #1.1
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OMG!... you know how long I wanted to put stuff on the dog and had no idea how to do it... and it's this simple...

I had a dog armor and I had to throw it away because I had no idea how to put it on him... LoL

-OMG I Fail... LoL #1.1
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The game is amazing....

I've tried to put it down and go back to playing Black-Ops 3 but I just can't let go.. I'm glued to the controller...

I'm stuck exploring every little thing.. The game feels amazing, if your on the fence, get it, it's amazing...

I love the game, I'm stuck in the world and I can't get out - It's a really well done game, and it is more then worth the price of admission. Buy this New and su... #1.1
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But, but, wait a second, I thought no one plays single player anymore, isn't that what these game companies keep telling us..

I don't blame anyone who's upset for not getting a campaign, I've been playing the single player in local game mode/ (which means offline or with a local machine hooked up for co-op) and I don't see nothing in here that could not have been added to PS3/X360 in a downgraded graphics version.

it's not going to be... #1.1
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Hurry up and check it out before it's down...


Game is looking amazing, can't wait to start playing this.. This is going to be a lot of fun...

They have nothing to worry about this game is going to be a blast. #1.1.1
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well at least they got the rain right...Not!


seriously, come on' -So far I don't like it at all but it's still early maybe it gets much better..

Looks amazing, but drives like it's on rails.. #1.1
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well considering it was suppose to come out in Oct. before it got delayed to Dec 1st it's not surprising that it has gone gold.

The extra couple months were for the team to improve the game's co-op, fine-tune weapons and gadgets, and make additional refinements to the game's menu and interface...

So you wouldn't really need a whole lot of time for that, but it would force the team to miss the intended launch date... So it will be interesting... #1.1
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Actually that's exactly why I hate it...

I was upset with AC Unity that I bought on launch and I said never again Ubisoft, never again. So good or not good I passed on Syndicate.

Getting burnt tends to have that effect. (and a little bit of what you said -Foxtrot, but manly because of my experience with AC Unity) -if I'm just being honest.

I'm sure a lot of gamers passed because of the AC Unity experience. #1.1
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It's not true, there really is a time when we gamers have to look at the writing on the wall..

Companies are all about money, so I don't believe they would make your experience worst unless they are really facing tough choices... (And trying to still support last gen is the tough choice)

It's time people, time to upgrade.. I know that's tough if you have no idea how you are going to afford it, but things won't get better on last gen that&#... #1.3
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did you notice it has to be a 120Gb or bigger.. /most people don't have that big a hard drive in their old PS3 #1.1.1
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Why not both, They can do new cars and tracks --> tracks really are not that hard considering they are not made from real tracks, they are just making them up in the studio.

DriveClub has really come a long way from the time when it launched, these developers are really doing an amazing job.. #1.1.1
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