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"BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already"


lol #1.2
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That feeling of disappointment is the feeling of someone putting their hand in your wallet and taking $40 dollars (hell, I guessed they named it right, the takin' king) because he's taking alright, he's just not giving, and therefore, Guardian there appears to be no real value for your money..

Sure we can say, "it's worth $40 bucks" -but Seriously, how can it be, when a brand new game with 10 times the content cost 60 bucks..

So for... #1.1
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Yeah it really does, can't wait to try it out Tuesday... :) #1.1
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you know yearly would be fine if it was good, but it's looking less and less like assassin creed every time it comes out, especially this one...

Not sure if this was AC at all because it looks more like Leonardo DiCaprio Movie, "Gangs of New York" the video game version. #2.1
looks well done, like the developer took there time to try and make it good, normally you get these shooters and there is not this much going on..

-And it's not just that it's busy, but it's well done looks really smooth.
A lot of work went into this.... #7
Wait What? One of these four are in game graphics... No way...

Mind Blown- -*no way this is in-game- The bottom right one, Wow #2.2
... Very.... Mad World... LoL #1.1
Man I hope this game is good, it's looking so amazing, I hope they can nail the gameplay...

This is a Day-One buy for me, always been a huge Need 4 Speed Fan.. #1
@ Spotie

Ok, I rather play the new ghost recon looks ten times better ...imo - #1.2.4
wow looks really good, love that bow and arrow.. #1.2
@ bananaboats

oh so when pete said. "it looks so cool" - he meant gameplay...

oh ok, I'm an idiot I actually thought he meant what he said... clearly he meant something totally different then what he wrote..

-he meant the gameplay on this, the actual mechanics are going to be awesome...

Because clearly Looks so good, in plain English would mean how something looks, but here on that actual means, "... #1.2.2
@ DirtyPete

Are you serious? "This game looks so cool" - are we looking at the same video, do gamers really not see the ridiculous downgrade that just happened.?

E3 2013 vs E3 2015 -
Watch in HD-

To be 100% honest when I first saw the E32015 I was like oh sh*t they got this running on the Wii U, wow that looks really impressive for running on th... #1.2
Well on the upside it feels nice and smooth and Rocket league is now working fine for me...

where before it was making my PS4 scream.. now it runs fine.. so who knows maybe stability just fixes a few things that were not running smoothly.. #1.5
or this one... -

It let's you play so much more games, and at a far better res...

this is the arcade machine if you want to go back and re-live those days today. #4.1
But isn't this just ten times better... #4
RIP #3
Wow looks really good... Really excited to see this now since it's running on CryEngine 3... #12
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This is going to be the game to beat, because it's going to do numbers...

I will call it right here, this will be the biggest selling PS4 title to date... Hands down.. it will be huge..

This is Looking like it's going to be a good one, a lot of the things they have shown are some of the things people wanted in Fallout 3, build your own place, customize weapons, first person view..

This is going to be one hell of a game... #1.1
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Just an F.Y.I to everyone...

PSN Cards are on sale on the eBay Digital store - Buy two 50 dollar PSN cards (that would be 100) and get them for 85 bucks... 15 buck savings it will show right in your cart before you check out...

I just bought two and added... #1.2
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Yeah this is priceless... LoL #2.1
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