BF4 on PS4 is a freaking mess... Fix the Game Already


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See, why is it funny when Eonjay says it, but I say it and no one sees the humor... LoL

Guess I got to work on my funny bone... maybe add some stability... LMAO.. no, come on' that's a good one.. LoL

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It's funny, but it really does feel more stable.. :)

_And I'm being Serious..

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No way, are you crazy, I was in the beta and GT Sport is so good, man it's amazing, they have really fine tuned this one, it's awesome, the feel of the cars - it's as close as you can get to real racing in a game, they did a hell of a job on this one...

-Graphics are unreal, of course I'm on the pro, but I've played it on reg PS4 too... the sounds, the different car feels, nothing comes close, this game makes those other games look like they were made fo...

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stability Incoming.... LoL

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The lost legacy was awesome, but make no mistake it's because of drake it's this good... They took everything they learned and made an awesome DLC... Still would love an Uncharted 5 - One Last Time -

Put everybody in it and have like 12 new bad guys... it could continue where this one ends.. Drake was called for one more thing from Chloe before he retired so it's before the end of Uncharted 4 but after the Lost Legacy..

It's hard to say ...

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wow, that's sad, but I've been playing on PS4 pro and have not crashed once... really sorry to hear this.. hope Bungie can get it worked out..

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Yeah I know right..., been telling people it's pretty good... color me surprised.

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LoL... ya' think...

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LoL... Sold out my ass... looks like it's still up for grabs

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Didn't the last one cost like $149... so how much is this Part 2 cost... LoL... sorry I'll pass, I just get three normal controllers instead, but thanks...

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@ moldybread, I kinda see what you mean, by you don't want it to be too realistic, but you still want it to look as high detail as they can get it... just not with the intention of trying to make real life look, but like still graphics just higher graphic not photo real graphics... if that makes sense but yeah I agree with you.

I just thought it would be cool to have it like a mod, like fallout, if they added mods to the PS4 pro version so you can have stuff like this s...

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Yeah this is what I wished Rockstar would have done for PS4 Pro users, a nice visual bump, by just modding the world so it would look like this... more realistic.. and even add the sounds, like the car sounds, it just sounds amazing... Stuff like that would have made me run out and get a pro...

Even if it was not free but like a 15 dollar upgrade, would have been worth it to see the pro version tweaked to take advantage of the extra power over a original PS4...

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Man I hope so, I don't think they really understand how good that game was, it needs to be a trilogy, especially for the fans...

-Not to mention it will do numbers.. Remember that game had Multi-player, and even though they just scratched the surface on Multi-player, it was done really well... for Part 2 they need to really open the world, make it a huge open world game like (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) -That's what gamers really want...


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@ The_Infected .... LMAO

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29.15 GB.... hmm is it me or does that seems kinda light?

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As someone who has been in GT Sport Beta, I can not wait for that game, it's amazing, but Project Cars 2 was a game I was not planing on getting, but since I'm a super racing game fan, I bought that too especial since it offers a different type of game when compared to GT Sport....

For one, the campaign I kinda liked in PC1 is was a little fun, Love the fact that there is so much customization that you can go into the game and get the feel how you like it if you a...

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Why the hell didn't they just Remaster Bad Company 2... EA has to be the dumbest game company ever, Bad Company 2 Remaster does 11 to 14 million easy and only takes 3 months to re-master, could have been out with Star-Wars this year.... 2017

Guess they hate making tons of money for there stock holders... Unbelievable...

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Yeah I hate to say it but I gave up on Destiny, I thought the beta would bring me back but it just confirmed my fears... More of the same nothing to see here, at least for me anyway, really not that impressed..

I'm not even sure what it was, but the game felt really under whelming... the new guns were cool but five minutes after that it just felt like Destiny 1 all over again, at least for me anyway..

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I mean come on, Beta had some nice guns but that's about it, it felt like a skin pack, more of the same, I'm sorry but if this is a new game, I can't see how..
-Can you now fly in a ship and go to other planets..?
-Can you now drive or fly across the land..?
-Can you play with more then Two people on your side, So i can get my 5 man crew together..?
-Can you Now pick up weapons of other players on the floor..So I can at least see how bad ass...

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@ ccgr

Bungie doesn't disappoint....? -Did you not play the first one.. that stroy was trash... you gotta be kidding

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