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This reminds me of the old PC game Gangsters...apart from the different city (Gangsters one was purely fictional, I think) this seems pretty much the same! And that's not a bad thing...

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As much as I CANNOT wait for ME3 there's still a part of me that's a bit nervous and worried.....nervous and worried because I know that as soon as the credits roll on the final installment I'm gonna put ME1 in again and start a monster playthrough that may well cost me my girlfriend and some friends. Might as well enjoy the time left, I suppose....

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Fallout: New Vegas disappointed me. It's not just the bugs that everyone has heared about (although they do suck) but it seemed kinda weak after Fallout 3. In Fallout 3 you played for like almost two hours before you left the Vault and your eyes adjusted to the daylight and you saw the Wasteland. It was kinda a massive moment! Here, there's no real build-up. I didn't feel anything for my character and the loyalty system sucked as well. I get ambushed by three Powder Gangers, defea...

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I personally meant a single-player KOTOR 3-game in the same mould as the previous two. I heard the same about SWTOR being KOTOR 3 but, not speaking for everyone here, I really wanted a single player KOTOR 3 over an attempt to continue the francise whilst attempting to exploit the MMO market. Gimme another 30+ hours of story-driven, party-building and galaxy spanning Star Wars adventure!!

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Spitefully, I actually hope Old Republic does fail as then the realisation may dawn that perhaos they should concentrate on the series' everyone is mentioning above-KOTOR and Battlefront. Man, I'd love a KOTOR 3-still play the first two!

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Hmmmm....aren't there rumours that GM give awesome scores in return for getting their hands on a review 'exclusive'? Didn't they give Mafia 2 a 8/10 or 9/10 whereas every other mag averaged 6? Still, FIFA FTW!!

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I don't like the fact that I can't afford a HD TV which means that sometimes when I play a game with some subtitles or a lot of detail/draw distance I have no idea what is going on! Ever played Dead Rising on a non HD TV?

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I know Fullajah is in Iraq but my argument is that because the War in Iraq is still fairly fresh in people's minds companies decided not to go ahead and publish the title at the moment-and this is a war that's supposedly been over for a while now. So it just seems strange they can use that logic and then allow a playable multiplayer character to be a representation of an organisation (?) that are currently enagaged in maiming and killing Americans and Coalition soldiers.

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Yeah, I see your point but time has probably sufficiently passed from WW2. I think the worst thing about this whole idea is it seems the Taliban are becoming a small celebrity-now you can play as them in multiplayer-what next? Kinda insensitive in my opinion where we still have young guys 18-19 year old losing life and limbs. In fifty years it probably won't be a problem but wasn't Days in Fullajah dropped for being a bit too close to the bone lately?

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I think it'd be cool if after an online team play the other players all have to vote on a Man of the Match-no voting for yourself though! Hopefully that'll eliminate the players who insist on dribbling it from defence even though they're awful!

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I actually don't think too much of the game, to be honest. I think it was hyped to insanity and, whilst liked it on the playthrough first time, thought that all the random events were okay but got a bit samey after a while. Oh, look, another woman getting hanged....oh, and there's a chap taking a leak....I think without the hype and marketing push it wouldn't have been wanted so badly. Don't get me wrong, like I said, I enjoyed it but have no real desire to go back to it again...

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Cueil-true true! I quite like this game and can overlook most of it's broken features as it's a lot of fun to play but my friend hates it and traded it in. But, then again, he also couldn't into Mass Effect or Dragon Age.....why does he buy RPG's...?

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