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"Who keeps taking my bubbles? get a goddamn hobby power tripper"


I'll be passing on all DLC for Destiny. It just didn't do enough to keep me interested beyond the first week. I'll give them one last chance with Destiny 2 (or whatever they call it) and if that one fails to captivate me - I'm done. #4
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I like to think of myself as something more of a god in my own right.

=P #23.3
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I have a career and a family but I do find time to give my systems love. Not always easy but it works.

Not to mention my wife is fully supportive of my hobby, she plays with me and even will sit with me while I play. She just started The Last OF Us and is loving it. #23.1
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I don't see why not. I have a family and a job and other activities but I have all the systems and sometimes duplicates even. I'll admit that th3 number of games I need to finish is growing but I think that now that there are no more releasesthat interest me until spring I'm in good shape to keep busy on those sleepless nights or evenings when the wife and daughter after in bed early. #28
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I've been a loyal XBox Customer since day one of the original system and been an Xbox Live Subscriber since day 1 (though I did have a 16 month hiatus because there was no High Speed internet where I moved) and I've amassed a nice little collection. Woul dbe awesome to get something random sent to me but I won't hold my breath. #17
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I'm not sure what such a small percentage is or isn't playing affects the rest of us. I'm also not sure why anyone on N4G would care either. Maybe time to downvote the site. #12
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Actually Paul...Not to split hairs here but Sam and Dan Houser (Owners of the series and Rockstar)are Brits. They have a VERY heavy hand in everything that comes out of Rockstar. #51.2
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Sarkeesian? That's kinda what I thought too but I'm sure it's a coincidence. Rockstar isn't that ballsy to do that intentionally. #38.2
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Mmmmmm.....Book burning...parties

*drools* #26.2.1
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I agree. I think the game looks sharp and for the most part plays well. Granted there are some collision issues and framerates drop at times but I found it to be a really good and fun game. I'm the4. player coop too. #1.1.1
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I really don't think you have a clue. SPencer has single-handedly changed the message of the current Xbox Platform, he's accessible and he actually listens to what gamers want. Give your head a shake. #1.1.3
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There's no question about that. In Canada it's disgusting how Telecom works but in all seriousness. I hate the fact that a good number of developers are pushing games to gold knowing full well that in some cases their product is not quite complete and they'll just continue to finish these parts knowing they can just push a day one update with the finished parts.

I'm getting tired of it. #6.1.1
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It's getting old having these big downloads before you even start playing. I'm on a very limited data cap and somehow this month I'm already over 75% of that. #6
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Sorry to hear that. I found it incredibly easy to put that game down with little to no intention of going back. #3.1
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I crushed the 500GB HDD months ago. Spend a few bucks, get an external HDD and Bobs's your uncle. I'm all good for now. #24
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I'm not even going to click the link to see what kind of asinine theory this guy has. #1.2
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thx. I appreciate it. Now to embark on the long ass wait until my preload unlocks.

The wait is killing me #1.1
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you seem...sad or upset. need a hug? #1.18.1
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So says the CEO of the company that WASN'T picked by any company to be the provider of GPUs in the current market. #1.20
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I've had the game for over 2 weeks. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they burned through the campaigns already by now. #1.2
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