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Cause modz are godz around these parts. They make up the rules as they go.

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Too... Many... Reasons... To.... Type....just.. Scrap it all and move on to a new IP.

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wow. nice

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but.... does it work? Cause man... I would KILL for this to be XBox One back compat

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Good Lawwwd have mercy

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I'm still not looking forward to VR. I need to see how that tech matures before I even think about getting into that realm.

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Clickbait at its most balatant. I will agree that Zelda is overrated. Even as a kid who was around for the original release of the franchise I just never glombed onto it. Haven't played one of those since windtalker(?) and even still didn't finish it.

But to say that the last of us isn't a great game is just preposterous. Don't do this guy any favors by clicking.

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i contemplated this title but it really didn't look all that interesting to me.

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staying away from VR for the foreseeable future. Not saying it's outrageously priced for a brand new tech, hell new iPhone cost nearly $1000 to buy outright, but I see the technology and support advancing by leaps and bounds in the first 5 years. For me I'm going to take a wait and see approach for the next 3 years for the tech to come out of it's infancy.

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Strongly doubt it. WHat they'll likely do is let him ride off into the sunset, a little older, a little battered and left open to retire him forever or leave it open to a passing of the torch to his offspring. Regardless, it seems that ND wants a break so this is probably the last one we see until the next cycle of consoles. Unless of course, Sony backs up a dump truck of money to the teams front door step.

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nope. Did you (my guess is you;re going to say yes) I'll admit I haven't played it but I also know I won't have to play it to know I don't want it and won't want it until a) the price comes down considerably and b) there's games out there that actually interest me. Same goes for Playstation VR. I know I don't have to play it to know that the games they showed looked gimmicky and less than interesting to me.

One of my friends was one of the original...

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I'm notorious among my friends for being an early adopter of technology but this is going to be one of those rare times that I want absolutely nothing to do with it. Not because I'm against it but because I know that the games for the most part are going to be ports or gimmicky. I can't for the life of me see this being a great game changing way of playing videogames for at least 5-10 years.

Nothing I saw from Sony was even able to convince me otherwise at their e...

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Yes it's my opinion. Thanks for reminding me of that.

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Unfortunate. Nothing by the guys at From Software has captivated me or managed to keep my interest for any more than an hour or 2. I passed on this after watching people play when it came out.

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LOL!!! Click bait at it's finest. this article is sh!t. pure unadulterated sh!t written by a hack who clearly was disappointed by every single major release that everyone universally loved for the simple reason to draw clicks and cause controversy. Pass on clicking this trash people. I wish I had,

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first thing that came to mind for me was.... Ok.. and? talk about having too much spare time.

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Why would they bother sending messages congratulating them? There's nothing all that intriguing or interesting shown yet.

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You;re exactly right. When the publisher decided to cancel the project Square-Enix bid on it and bought it then nurtured it and release dwhat I think is anything but a "poo man's GTA" It's grounded a little more in reality but the story was fun, the acting was good and the gameplay was tight. To degrade it that way is unjust in my opinion.

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Yes I played Sleeping Dogs and LOVED IT!

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