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"Just checked - JL is still a scumbag douche"


I hope to get another Xbox One for my home theater. #34
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Oh I didn't click on the post. Trust me. And not that I feel I need to justify myself to you, yesterday someone was mentioning in another article that this was something they wanted. #2.1.1
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I like the fact that they were able to figure out Back Compat and as someone with a very large library, I appreciate that they're working to give me the ability to play these games (granted no necessarily all). What Sony did was a step in the right direction but as someone who lives in a rural area, my speeds weren't strong enough at 10MB to actually be able to subscribe to the service to play the games I already owned. I did like the ability to try other games I didn't already ha... #7
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Not interested in the least bit to play this. #2
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Rise of the Tomb Raider would have done better sales wise had it not been sandwiched between Fallout 4 and Call of Duty. I hope it picks up during the Christmas season. Having said that, if you haven't picked this game up. I implore you to pick it up. Rise of the Tomb Raider was an incredibly well crafted action adventure game more than worthy of your time and money. #6
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Oh my god people. Are you guys who actually got your panties in a twist about this really so pathetic and looking for the next big things to bitch about? Get a new hobby if this is what you make a priority in your daily activities.

The Vault Dweller carries around 200+lbs of things armor, weapons and ammo. He hangs out with super mutants. He can even withstand a fat man smacking him in the balls with a mini nuke. Give your heads a shake. It's a game for chrissake. What k... #18
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I'm thankful for my wife, my daughter and all the other good things I have going for me in spite of having a few really rough years professionally. #161
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No thanks. I'll pass on the horde mode. #9
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I've often said that Nintendo's backward compat was a smart move and when the WiiU came out, I really had high hopes for it. I knew it wouldn't have the same juice the other systems had but I honestly did want it to at least to better than it's done thus far. fact is, last generation of consoles, I had far more amazing games on Xbox and PS3 so for me back compat has always been something I wanted and hoped for. getting it with Xbox One is a big coup for me. it means I might be... #13.1
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Didn't like Red Steel, hated No More heroes, didn't play the rest. #11.2
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Mario Galaxy is probably about the only thing.. or te House of the Dead series just because they were so cheesy it was awesome. #11.1
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That's just incredibly time consuming #3
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Why does this article exist? It's already been established that the world is in fact huge. #10
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HAHAHAH! I've seen so many comments like that I just move along shaking my head. This is a fantastic post by Crave. #3
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Depends on the kind of value you see/get out of it. For example, I liked Dishonored, but never got around to playing any of the DLC (in truth, I know little about it) but because I liked the game it may be worth say... $30..maybe $40(preferably less) for me to rebuy it and relive the experience next summer during the inevitable summer doldrums of game releases.

If the game is something I owned on a previous system + all DLC, and the only thing i'm getting is a slightly pr... #15
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Bethesda has never claimed to have the most amazing graphics. What they do promise is a massive world with hours and hours of immersive and engaging gameplay. Personally I think the graphics look just fine. #12.2
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That was actually my concern for the game. I hope she doesn't get lost in all the noise of Fallout 4, COD and SW. I still think Ms.Croft can hold her own but I think her numbers are going to suffer a bit because of the timing. #5.1.1
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I've been playing this all weekend. While I can't give any specific details or anything of that nature but I think it's going to do just fine. #5
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Was told I'd have my copy this mid week. I sure hope that happens. #11
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