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just work on sonic for ps4 and xbox one we love to see sonic in true next-gen #20
the ps4 has changed how it displayed the size of things on the HDD 1000Mb-9999MB are now 1GB-9.9GB and the ps4 now displays TB
to see the changes go to settings then system storage management #7
no LBP3 or R&C wtf boooooooooooooo #6
nov is all about LBP3 for ps3&4 :D #3
and still no ps-store pre-order for EU #5
I think we have life? I am on destiny in the tower #36
we defo need a system update to "Stability has been improved during the use of some system software features" there has been no update for that since 2nd sep the system has been lagging with destiny #8
my question for it is will it support the sims 2 #6
hmm it could be on the disc ready? #10
that what I mean lol why disagree? wtf? #5.1.1
driveclub ps+ in oct a decent ps+ game #5
looks great its coming out 2015 right? also omg it looks like the CGI has been improved since FFXIII trilogy wow :O also hope there loads of CGI like FFXIII #65
cant wait 2015 right? #14
maybe news on sonic ps4 and xb1? #5
just waiting for the reviews from IGN and GT
as a Sims fan I will be missing 4 on pc might get it on console that's all
I see what they are doing remove stuff and make you buy with EPs etc £££ that should of been in the base game better make it a free update too with the missing stuff #3
I agree why didn't they add this stuff to the next DS will most likely be called Nintendo HDS #16
the psn is not working on ps4 and the web store but psn is working on ps3 :S #2
well you are right it might of been running of a pc #10.1
signstar or buzz quiz or ps home #14
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