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oh dear
"This video has been removed by the user"
also it looks fake from the picture on the website
and i am sure that memory card picture is copy right to Sony PlayStation?

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the games that are coming out this year most of them were shown in the pre-show like crash and knack 2 etc BUT i think most of the games showen in the pre-show should of been in the main show more

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they got all monday for a time slot beside maybe ubisoft and they choose the same time again
us in UK/EU having a late one again woo

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same here omg

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enjoying digimon world next order but the plat is a pain lol

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tbh i think the software side to it is nvidia fault the ps3 had quiet a few problems with the software too also who remember all the YLOD including the fat ps3? i might be right or wrong it just what i think
and the ps4 does not use nvidia and its runing loads better

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knack 2

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crash and knack 2 did it for me :)

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destiny 2 maybe

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so just to make it clear the press conference is on sat 3 dec at 10AM Pacific Time?

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one is data to start application and the other is when all data is downloaded you know play as you download etc but dont understand how it works on a sandbox game lol
also its on ver 1.02 unready so its downloaded a update in there somewhere

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and do they have the day one patch? if not that is why lol

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they are also doing it with FFXV

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it does look a lot more funner then the 1st game

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The site ahead contains malware

umm WTH :S

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did people do there research before pressing that disagree button?

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soon see what happens when support for the ps3 ends in nov

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i like final fantasy 13 it was my first game from the series was recommended by a friend before launch,
destiny kept seeing it wasn't sure about tried the alpha and beta and then i like it still playing it today taking time with the quest i haven't finished yet
and there is watch_dogs first saw it at playstation 4 revel event liked it when i saw it and cant wait for the next one
i like all 3 of theses games not because of the hype but because they are my t...

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they should of kept making buzz it is a great party game i hope London studios take on buzz

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hmm well for one here when they will be stopped being supported:
ps3 nov 2016
vita should be in dec 2021
because they have said a 10 year life cycle so when that time comes will the ps+ support end for that console?

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