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it does look a lot more funner then the 1st game

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The site ahead contains malware

umm WTH :S

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did people do there research before pressing that disagree button?

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soon see what happens when support for the ps3 ends in nov

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i like final fantasy 13 it was my first game from the series was recommended by a friend before launch,
destiny kept seeing it wasn't sure about tried the alpha and beta and then i like it still playing it today taking time with the quest i haven't finished yet
and there is watch_dogs first saw it at playstation 4 revel event liked it when i saw it and cant wait for the next one
i like all 3 of theses games not because of the hype but because they are my t...

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they should of kept making buzz it is a great party game i hope London studios take on buzz

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hmm well for one here when they will be stopped being supported:
ps3 nov 2016
vita should be in dec 2021
because they have said a 10 year life cycle so when that time comes will the ps+ support end for that console?

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with step 2 if you got one controller it is ALSO best to buy a longer charge cable so you can play and charge

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i have a 3DS never seen any thing telling me about playing for soo long?

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i think about a 4k tv with next gen more tbh if it does well they will bring it to next gen
3D tv gaming you dont hear about it this gen if i am right?

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nahh crash bandicoot more

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btw it goes even more back then that they played one of crash bandicoots themes at a press conference on February 20, 2013 have a look

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i see but there is no more BIG games for the 3ds like Mario kart etc

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umm should Nintendo be working on the next DS/new handle more?

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well said
i have all ways found uncharted games over hyped

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umm who gives a F? its only a few secs wow its not likes its mins

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bring on tues 10am sooner got noting to do on that day :D

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if you watched it thought your ps4 it would be IGN app or ps4 web browser with YouTube live

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well u nerver know with 2&3 Re-Imagining

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jaw droping

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