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so R&C don't do this then? #8
what time does it finish today? or has it finished?
to keep me busy till 9/9 rayman legends online challengs to get the plat ps3&4, gamescom, some ps3 games and maybe some online hacking with watch_dogs ps4 #7
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shouldn't be rely both Xbox one and ps4 can fully run Sims 4 on max specs etc tbh #2.1.1
I thought they was dropping support for xp?
and are those specs for sims 2 or 4? lol very low #4
Now as you know they re-did halo 1 for Xbox 360
I do know they have re-done halo 2 for Xbox one is it also coming to Xbox 360 yes or no #10.1.2
Why disagree? Just asking if halo 2 coming to Xbox 360 yes or no #10.1
Is halo 2 even coming to Xbox 360 it seems odd to miss it for people who have a Xbox 360 and don't want a Xbox one #10
is this the same law and rules on retail pre-orders or not?
or digital only #3.2
so US ps store pre-orders take the money soon as you want to pre-order it? is this on a console or web store?
is this why the pre-order software never went on to USA ps3's a few years ago? #3.1
here how to do it on ps4 or 3:
1. go to settings ps4
2.PSN ps3+4
3.account information ps4 Account Management ps3
4.wallet ps4 Transaction Management ps3
5.transaction history ps4+3
6."select an account to view" this should only appear if you got sub accounts I think
7."specify the time period to be displayed" if you not sure the date you pre-order the game please refer to you e-mails and find one called "Pre-Or... #4
mine is pre-loading now ready for next week I pre-ordered from ps store if I don't like the game I cancel it using transaction history if I like it I keep the pre-order
and this can be done to any ps store pre-order game in EU #9
try now I am downloading it now #4.1
very true I was looking forward to there big opening video turned out to be the ps4 wave close up and raced on it... #1.4
@turdburgler1080 no till 2020
Mainstream support until January 13, 2015
Extended support until January 14, 2020. #3.2.2
not a COD fan but 100% agree #10.4
umm I am sure he said this on 20 feb 2013 "a video game console for game creators by game creators" something like that
its defo working 1080P 60FPS games 1st party more I see 3rd party games are suffering in a way #9
the ps3 ver will be on one disc most likely 95% sure
it fits ffXIII on one disc #7.2.1
? It be pre-loaded for at least a week before release
I just hope they don't worry if people hack the game early like ubisoft did with watch_dogs I am sure they f***ed the release in EU that didn't take payments for the PSN wallets for digital pre-orders and was unable to play it at midnight :@ #6.2
so how many disc is that on xbox 360? I think FFXIII was around 30GB on 3 disc #7
I got a 2TB in my ps4 want more info? go here look at message 2 I used this psn user advice and it fully workss
also the HDD is a Samsung #13
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