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I hope it get rid off " you can easily access your preferred power options" on boot up and get rid of "power options" and view them all on power menu #9
hmm is this a sign that blu ray rom disc are coming to PC? not every pc gamer got super fast internet from what I know
yes I am a ps4 gamer but I know how much of a pain downloading watch_dogs and saints row 4 was because you needed to download the whole game before you could play it and GTA5 cant be no different
play go doesn't work with giant sandbox games #14
I can only think sims 4 and what I understand its a flop compared to 2&3 #3.7
they mean the disc ver
a digital ver of the game all ways download a update with the game like you said unlike the ps3... #1.1.1
all I know is that ps3 support is meant to end in 2016 it is often 10 year life cycle #15
a laptop that might over heat and turn it self off? #10.4.1
FFXV 2015? #8
well I thought it be batch face on earth this week lol #5
But big updates are all ways out by the end of the year so we have to wait that long? So its a bit early to testing this update now? Or is this normal to test big updates this time of year? E3 is in 3 months so you never know #27
I say:

also when it was omnigal last week I didant even try them I wonder if other people did the same #1.2
this has been happening for months right? so why hasn't Sony and bungie set up some block bits when using share play on destiny? #76
snap I have done the same :D #1.1.2
gosh smooth hehe cant wait for next week #2
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could it be out 2015? #15
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just work on sonic for ps4 and xbox one we love to see sonic in true next-gen #20
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the ps4 has changed how it displayed the size of things on the HDD 1000Mb-9999MB are now 1GB-9.9GB and the ps4 now displays TB
to see the changes go to settings then system storage management #7
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no LBP3 or R&C wtf boooooooooooooo #6
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nov is all about LBP3 for ps3&4 :D #3
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and still no ps-store pre-order for EU #5
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I think we have life? I am on destiny in the tower #36
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