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nahh crash bandicoot more

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btw it goes even more back then that they played one of crash bandicoots themes at a press conference on February 20, 2013 have a look

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i see but there is no more BIG games for the 3ds like Mario kart etc

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umm should Nintendo be working on the next DS/new handle more?

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well said
i have all ways found uncharted games over hyped

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umm who gives a F? its only a few secs wow its not likes its mins

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bring on tues 10am sooner got noting to do on that day :D

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if you watched it thought your ps4 it would be IGN app or ps4 web browser with YouTube live

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well u nerver know with 2&3 Re-Imagining

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jaw droping

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I hope this upgrade fixs the system so I can play sims 2 again I miss it

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umm 11PM BST? tell me if I am right

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hope the rumors about it being free are still true

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I hope it get rid off " you can easily access your preferred power options" on boot up and get rid of "power options" and view them all on power menu

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hmm is this a sign that blu ray rom disc are coming to PC? not every pc gamer got super fast internet from what I know
yes I am a ps4 gamer but I know how much of a pain downloading watch_dogs and saints row 4 was because you needed to download the whole game before you could play it and GTA5 cant be no different
play go doesn't work with giant sandbox games

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I can only think sims 4 and what I understand its a flop compared to 2&3

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they mean the disc ver
a digital ver of the game all ways download a update with the game like you said unlike the ps3...

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all I know is that ps3 support is meant to end in 2016 it is often 10 year life cycle

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a laptop that might over heat and turn it self off?

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FFXV 2015?

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