Slapping PS3 fanboys Daily!


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You sound pretty mad, I feel like I get a lot out of current consoles. I happen to be a gaming fan and I realize what can happen if we start seeing short console cycles again.

We would see a huge decline in gaming, sales and quality. I for one just bought a new console, I would be kinda ticked off if they announced new ones right now. I simply cannot afford those types of things right now. The economy is bad and we are seeing some of the most spectacular games ever with games...

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I cant wait to get mine on the 4th. I think things like Kinect Sports is more in the Wii Sports wheelhouse but that's not really a bad thing. Also for some reason I'm really drawn to Sonic Free Riders.

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360 is taking off and running. The 360s just got released in some countries, so we will see at least a small boost there.
When we see the 360s Arcade for $190 or whatever it is, we will see another larger boom. I suspect the Kinect bundles will help even more.
Sony will not catch the 360. Just wont happen, maybe had the 360s not been released, but that thing is just on fire right now.

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Disregard a solid 360 exclusive. Mass Effect 2 will probably win GOTY and deservedly so. It's amazing. Quit whining over it.
I mean Sony bought off enough people to make them say good things about Uncharted 2, now it's time for a true critical success as well as true units sold success game win something it actually deserves.
Good Show Microsoft, here's hoping we see Mass Effect 3 next year. What a year that would be, Mass Effect 3 and Gears 3 in the same year. S...

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On the console market. They were the ones who went back on their words, went the opposite direction that made them great in the first place.Their true fans were core, casual and everyone in between, why? Because there games were fun, accessible and the console itself was cheap, from the start.

They could have put a little lesser technology in it, beefed up the online and charged for online from the launch. If anyone hasn't been too brainwashed to notice, Sony has only ta...

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I already pre-ordered it. Slapped my $150 down and look forward to the day I get to go pick it up at Gamestop! Hoo Rah!

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Which is why none of them have headsets and they complain about the cost of XBL, while playing on an inferior online service. Also, most the PS3 people I know sponge off friends that can afford the map packs, which is piracy essentially. One person gives them out to up to five friends.

XBL isn't expensive. I've had it for a long time and I've never paid more then $34 a year for it. The past couple of years I've paid $25 and $27 respectively. I pay more for a h...

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That is all, Nuff Said. Xbox 360 and Microsoft making it rain!

Microsoft won because Kinect is hot right now even after all the PS3 fanboys said it would flop. Well there is a new motion controller flopping, but it's not Kinect if ya know what I mean?
Microsoft didn&#...

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Of course this is going to be on the 360 as well. It's a business, maybe one day they will be working with unicef and give things away but it's not likely.
I think 3rd party exclusives are a thing of the past. Who in their right mind would give up money? Especially when you consider how much larger the Xbox 360 install base is.
I'll buy it and support SE on the 360, just like I bought and enjoyed FF13.

@Britney Spears

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Microsoft won E3 if you go by sales. Check my post history if you don't believe me!
Microsoft are the ones raking in the cash money and Kinect got shown off to the people they were going after. I got a Blog being held up for over a day because it says the same thing, so if anyone can please go over and approve it I'd appreciate it.
The Slim Xbox 360 is really nice, I just got mine. I also pre-ordered my Kinect off of Amazon. I had trouble getting the new 360S, I had to...

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How many out there who are saying "Sign me up!" also said " I will never pay for something that should be free" Or made fun of XBL Subscribers ? Ya, The Hypocrisy I find slightly funny. That is all.

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I can see the New XBox 360S Arcade having some sort of HDD. 20 to 60 gig for sure. There will be no Wireless N though, I can say that for sure. I think it's only legit if Kinect were priced at $149 though, because they knock off $50 and make it $299. If Kinect is $99 then I say the bundle is $249. Either way $249 or $299 it's cheaper then the PS3/Move and only slightly more expensive then a Wii for a totally new experience in gaming. Microsoft is doing all the right things IMHO.

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I'm guessing if Kinect is priced at $99 then we will see a 360S Arcade/Kinect bundle for $249 like I've suspected for a while. The extra $49 more then the Wii is well worht it when you think about the value your getting.
I mean the XBox 360 can do so much more then the Wii and the online community itself is worth it's weight in gold IMHO.

So it looks like this Holiday we will see people buying a $199 Wii, $249 Xbox 360S/Kinect or a $400 PS3/Move Bundle. No...

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It looks like the truth. I am amped up!

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Sonic is still viable, they need to do something with motion controls and or go back to the Side scrolling device. A Sonic Adventure 1 type game or this new Sonic 4 sequel would do well.

Bayonetta is a solid franchise to build on, Virtua Fighter, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Daytona USA, Ecco the Dolphin, Sea man, Space Channel, Choo Choo Rocket, Out trigger, Crazy Taxi. Their is a need for a new Dreamcast or Sega console. I would instantly support it. ...

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Scanning technology we saw at the previous E3.This is such a cool device and has so much promise. I truly am glad it seems to have been received so well. I can see Kinect used in more ways then the Wii, even in Hospitals and for rehabilitation's and things like that nature, because it involves more then just arms flailing away and poorly tracked motions.
I'd be kind of upset too if Kinect was doing as bad as Move is. Maybe Sony can get Kevin Butler to go Door to Door and try t...

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Get real Sony fanboys! Kinect is the Business and Move is MOVING to the bargain bin.
I warned people that Move was trying to be both Hardcore and casual and it would scare off Causal fans by attempting to go after the hardcore ones and the true hardcore fans will never use Motion controls. Too much of a disadvantage.

So here we are after E3 and people saying Microsoft "lost" E3, all the while Kinect is Number 1 and selling like crazy and the Xbox 360 S is so...

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Not really! Sony spent so much time talking about 3-D, a format not even 1% of the population can use and the rest was spent on Move, but we only saw like 3 Move games, then we heard game releases for games they already said were going to be released.

If winning E3 is possible, then it should go by who is making profit off the E3 announcements and that isn't Sony. It's Microsoft. Kinect is outdoing Move by a HUGE margin. The Xbo 360S is sold out everywhere and Microso...

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Then it's Microsoft all the way. I'm sure Microsoft will take "Losing E3" on N4G if it means they get the sales and hype they've been getting since their presser. Kinect is doing well, the Xbox 360S is sold out everywhere and yet all I see are articles saying Microsoft lost E3. So like I said, I'm sure they will be happy with their "Loss" while counting their

*Edit* Whats that pre-order saying about Move then? I seriously doubt a...

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I love it. Those of you with regular XBox 360's should really consider this. It's so much quieter. You can install more games, music, movies. It doesn't get hot at all to be honest. Wireless N is the fastest you can get and it to me feels like your direct connected to the router. I run the same 4 bar on MW2 with it wireless as I do with it hooked up. I ran a few tests like this. Also I actually got host MORE often with it wireless on Gears Of War 2.
With the deals Gamestop...

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