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The biggest improvement I saw over Uncharted 2 was Sully's mustache. Have you seen the detail on it? It's beautiful!

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No, it will not be exclusive to either console next year, because it will be available on both. The PS3 will come with extra goodies, but it will still be the same game regardless. ME2 will lose it's exclusivity the moment it releases on the PS3 next month.
Why would it be considered a different game just because it comes with extra DLC on the disk? Mass Effect 2 is Mass Effect 2. They are the exact same game.
EDIT: BTW, I am in no way affiliated with this article or websi...

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Gears didn't release this year.

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This head2head is strictly between PS3 and 360. ME2 is on the 360 and not on the PS3, therefore, it is considered exclusive for the purposes of the article.

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Mass Effect 2 will lose it's exclusivity come January, meaning that at this moment, it should still be considered console exclusive to the 360.

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The best part of that movie was when they took scraps from their crashed plane and used them to build a freaking sailboat that speeds through sand. I hope Drake does something to that extent in Uncharted 3.

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Holy shit when did they announce a new Hitman?! Can't wait for it!

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Needs more The Last Guardian. It's my most anticipated game next year. I'd replace KZ3 with it, but that's just because I dislike most FPS games. Good list overall, though.

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I'm most impressed by how Sully's mustache looks like. The detail is amazing!

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The third Deus Ex game is also coming out, and Mass Effect 3!

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For some reason it really bothers me when someone responds "America" and not "USA" to "Where are you from?" or something similar. The USA pretty much stole the American name from what I understand.
Anyways it's just one of my pet peeves and can't be helped.

Or I could be totally wrong for all I know. If I wanted to not be wrong then I never would have replied in the first place.

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Still applies since Canada is in the American continent. America is everything from the northernmost point of Canada all the way down to the tiny islands just south of Chile.

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The final boss fight of Okami almost made me cry. Almost.
If you've played it then you know what part I'm talking about.

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It wouldn't make sense to cut content from the 360 version because some people wouldn't get a reference, so I'd say it will be in all versions.

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The reviewer got a different ending from me. His ended with the girl and mine ended with the friend. Is there an ending with the dog?

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You're better off not looking it up.

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Plus the more people that get to play the game, the better. I mean who would possibly want to withhold a game from millions of people for no reason at all? That's just childish.

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That's because Ryu is a freaking ninja. That automatically trumps pretty much anything else in terms of awesomeness.

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Even though they were honourable mentions, I think that Oblivion/Fallout 3 should have been included. I just got the GotY edition of Oblivion last month. I am past the 150 hour mark and it's giving no signs of letting up anytime soon.

My most played game this gen remains MGS4. I don't think many people have the same passion for it as I do though (I've beat it 13 times and counting.)

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Gray Fox is more of a "warrior" because he just wanted a fair fight to the death. Snake however, could be classified as an assassin moreso than Fox because he was sent by the Pentagon to (and succeeded in) assassinate everyone in the FOXHOUND unit, even if he had no knowledge of any of it.

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