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Specialist Outlets Covered This
Loads of sites covered this issue including Eurogamer, IGN, GamerZines and Kotaku.

What is this blogger on about?

Link: #18
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I think PC gamers may disagree with you... #2.2
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Ignore Kesvalk
None of the codes are wrong #2
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My apologies for the error. #2
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Not A Duplicate
But an update on the TR Natal situation... #2
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To those reporting. Is this not worth its own news story? #3
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Er, no. Market capitalisation exactly equals share price multiplied by number of shares. Nothing more, nothing less.

Though hardly the most accurate of sources, and not the one I base my knowledge of what market capitalisation is on, I hasten to add, but to quote Wikipedia: "Market capitalization/capitalisation (aka market cap, mkt cap or capitalized/capitalised value) is a measurement of corporate or economic size equal to the share price times the number of shares outstand... #38.5
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Sony's market cap vs Microsoft's market cap
Just to clarify one point. Share price is irrelevant to a company. What matters is market capitalisation (ie share price multiplied by number of shares = total value of company, or market capitalisation). Why does market cap matter? Because it is against this that companies can borrow money from banks, for example.

Sony's share price per se might be higher, but there is a bigger number of shares.

As far as I can tell from a little research, Sony's market cap is rough... #38.3
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Requires Adobe Reader 6+
Won't work as in doesn't download, or as in something wrong when you have downloaded it. The download itself is working fine, so if it's not then there's something wrong.

If it's not opening properly, then I would guess that you aren't using a recent copy of Adobe Reader. The PDF uses lots of features from PDF 1.5 (animation, video, etc) and only Adobe Reader v6 or above (not Foxit or Mac preview, etc) can display this. We recommend version 8 on a PC because it fixes various se... #1.2
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There's a lot more than just KillZone in there
KillZone 2 is the cover story, but there's Heavenly Sword, GTA IV, Rainbow 6 Vegas, PSN, an E3 roundup - heck, there's even Lego Star Wars. It's a full magazine. KillZone is just the cover preview, so if you're into the PS3, then there should be something of interest.

And if you're not into the PS3, then download the free Xbox 360 magazine, or PC games magazine, or PSP/DS magazine from the same site. Not exactly a Sony bias. #6
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This is to do with copyright
But the global launch of the video marketplace has never had anything to do with whether the Xbox or the Live service is technically capable of it, or about localisation of the service. It's always been about the global availability of content with regards to copyright.

What this news means is that MS is making headway in getting content agreements with the copyright holders. #9.3
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You beat me to it!
Wow, that was good. I was going to post that we'd published the issue, only to find someone has managed it before me. Excellent! #1
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PC only
The mag only really works on PCs, or some Macs. I doubt it works on handheld, though you might like to check out page 18 of this issue if you've got a DS if you do d/l onto a PC. #2
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