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Must have been for a very short time, as it's out of stock now...

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We've dug a bit deeper into the source article and come to the conclusion that you guys are right, the article was copied and pasted from the Sony America blog onto the PlayStation Europe blog which caused confusion on our end.

Article and submission have been updated. Apologies for getting everyone's hopes up. We let our excitement about PlayStation Now get the better of us.

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That quote was extracted from a hands-on piece on the EU portal of the PlayStation blog. Therefore it's easy to come to the conclusion that the article is talking about the European territory.

The source article even states the countries the piece is meant for; AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ.

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Holy moly, you're right! We couldn't put our finger on why that building looked familiar but you're absolutely right. It looks like the Hall of Justice if the JL managed to put together extra cash for some home improvements.

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I think it's to do with PvP. If you read the rest of the interview inside FirstLook Magazine, embedded in the article, you'll see that Matt talks about The Elder Scrolls Online's 200-man PvP battles, so you can probably assume the simplistic visual style is to accommodate that. 200 players on-screen at one time must be a right system hog.

It'll be very interesting to see how The Elder Scrolls Online works on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Carbine Studios has yet to commit to this game being either free-to-play or subscription-based, but I'd put my money on the former.

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Article has an update at the bottom to indicate this last minute change. Delaying Scribblenauts Unlimited three days before release is really odd behaviour, I wonder why Nintendo went to these extreme lengths?

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Yeah this article definitely featured one prominent maths failure on our part and it has been amended. Thanks for the heads up though, our excitement about all those pre-order bonuses got the better of us!

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Let's be honest, both are pretty good calls! :D

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Cranberry Publishing here. We're currently working hard on adding every game we possibly can on the basis of what titles people are interested in the most.

Part of the current Beta launch is deciphering that demand and going from there.

Thanks for checking out our site fei-hung, if you go to now you'll see that God of War Ascension is on there and I'm currently added Metal Gear Rising to the database as well.

We ...

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I think it should be renamed to give it a new identity

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Deirdre from Coronation Street?

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Probably be fixed, but I don't like being forced to change my password - that's fishy.

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It'd be nice if certain websites didn't put spoilers in headlines.

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Some media outlets reported that the PS3 was holding back Call of Duty a couple of weeks ago.


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"We have not said anything publicly yet, but maybe soon we will make something more public on the Crysis franchise."

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It's independently, not independantly. I'd change that ASAP fellas.

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That guy deserves the exposure. love the penis line.

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oh no, didn't think it would be that bad.

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Thought as much, they should give us some extra goodies though!

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