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How much bbq sauce??

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No mention of the vita. The only reason I'm keeping hold of it is for the ps4. And I give credit to Microsoft for the way they dealt with the rrod. Mine broke twice within 4 years and both times I had it back within 5 days even after the extended 3 year warranty had expired.

On disk dlc anybody?

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A came to the comments section just to get away from all the hate.

And breathe

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My 4 year old daughter bought £60 worth of coins on a game without needing a password. No refund. These freemium games are sneaky and give real gaming a bad name. I've been playing games for 22 years so I'm no technophobe

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I don't think many people did understand my comment judging on the dislikes
No I am saying everything released from now on is next gen, that includes the wii u which you were clearly digging out.

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I've come to think n4g users no longer know the meaning of 'generation'.

If a son grows up to look like his father, are they of the same generation?

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Basically a load of bollocks.

But funny bollocks, which is the best kind

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Pokemon and call of duty please.


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It's not for next gen consoles it says it's being released on steam

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I think both consoles will have solid state drives instead of hard drives so you can play from where you left off after putting in standby. Ssd is more expensive but is getting used more and more. I love this in the vita I just wish I had some games to go with it

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Best comment ever!

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i dont like;

raw eggs
smelly people
my boss

who gives a fuck?

the moral of this post for those who dont get it is nobody gives two shits if your not gonna buy elite or cod, seriously i aint gonna lose no sleep

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