I'm from the US by the way.


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Great article! Tiny Tina is definitely my favorite!

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They wanted to focus on next-gen and the Vita isn't next-gen. I don't think they'll let it die. I think over the next several months they will release more Vita-specific information.

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I had SUCH a bad time with 4 Xbox360 consoles crapping the bed, getting repaired, and then crapping out again over & over that I had decided long ago that I was going to pickup Sony's next console regardless of WHAT they said during their press conference. After having watched their "Drop the mike and walk off stage" moment, I'm going to pre-order one now. Sony Strong!

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Not surprised at all from Microsoft. Of course, I expect these kinds of delays from EVERY console manufacturer when trying to ship out next-gen consoles at launch (i.e. this early in the game)

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LOL! Thanks for proving my point! Funny how you chose the words "innocent and guilty" like some sort of crime was committed by the author. Who used the word "facts"? I expressed my opinion as did the author. The author mentions that female gamers (of which she is one and you and I are not) face sexism. Something she is keenly in a position to comment with some authority on. I LOVE how you immediately run to criticizing my country of origin, my use or lack thereof of reply...

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I didn't write it. Oh RIGHT! I forgot, blogs are fact-based encyclopedias! NOT! Blogs are websites for the expression of opinions. The author expressed her opinion on the subject and being that I'm not a women in the video game industry, I'm saying that I think her opinion in the matter carries more weight then yours or mine. As for the "student running a blog must have the same experiences as a female in a professional game studio" comment. Are you downplaying her role ...

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It's BECAUSE, historically, in a male-dominated industry, women are frequently not allowed to join the 'club" and if they are, then are frequently subjected to not being taken seriously as evidenced by the fact that industry for industry they are not paid equally with men but rather less than men for the same job. Nobody is saying that this is ALWAYS the case or even the case for ANY of these women but lets face it, gaming is a male-dominated industry/hobby. Because the author ex...

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As someone looking for honest advice on making let's play type videos, I found the article helpful and informative.

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Well said and I totally agree. That said, I hope Microsoft will make the xbox 720 more reliable than the first several gens of the 360. No more red rings of death and please don't change it to green rings of death. I plan on getting both consoles.

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I think that Microsoft obviously had some idea of what to expect from the PS4 announcement and so should have those ideas in mind while developing the xbox 720. I'm sure the 720 will have it's pros & cons (as will the PS4) but I'm sure the system will be "next-gen" and competitive with the PS4. To listen to the comments here you would think that xbox is a total world class piece of laughable junk and we know that that is not the case. I'm sure Sony execs don'...

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I think much of what I saw on the Sony PS4 event last night was awesome! Many of the social features were cool, particularly the share button on the new controller but it seemed like Square Enix could have come up with a demo that was totally whizzbang and more importantly, not previously released. Felt rushed and thrown up on the screen.

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At least Sony isn't writing off backwards compatibility altogether.

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I'm betting on Killzone and Media Molecule titles being announced. There's always one xbox fan trolling in here trying to stomp on Sony's thunder. Thanks stage88 for putting THAT to rest!

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I know right? Haven't felt THAT way in a long time! This is gunna be fantastic!

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I can't wait for this announcement! I'm holding my breath for a next-gen Killzone. 4 more days!

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It's nice to see other people that feel the same way I do. One thing I have noticed in talking to my kids, other gamers, etc... is that the difference between young and old gamers is that young ones feel the Kinnect is a clunky controller with boring implementation but older gamers feel like the Kinnect is a good substitute for a workout at the gym.

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Well I still play games that's for sure but I don't have the time (or attention span) to play them like I used to.

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I'm old and broke. Microtransactions scare me :)

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