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The PS4 is the right choice for me.

Cross Game Chat is a console feature, not a service feature. Everyone can use it, not just paid subscribers, unlike with Xbox.

Netflix can be used without a subscription to PS+, unlike with XBox.

ETc. ETc. ETc.

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If you don't want the word said, stop putting it your songs, people. Geez. lol Double standards help no one.

And there is no difference in nigga or nigger. It's the SAME word.

NO one should use the word, not even us.

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I STILL can't believe that in the year 2013 they are releasing a play and charge kit. The controllers should either have a rechargeable battery built in or include a free play and charge kit with the console.

And I still can't believe they have an external power supply.

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I want controller input cheat codes back like the PS2/xbox versions had. I could put them in super fast. I hated the way GTA 4 did it with the cell phone. That was a pain in the butt.

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Of course 4K movies will work on the PS4 (and the xbone probably too). Sony owns 4K content. They'd be crazy to not allow 4K movies on their platform.

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If you don't think Microsoft at the very least CRINGES at losing a billion dollars, you are sadly mistaken. lol No company on Earth just shrugs that off. A billion dollars?! lol That's a lot of money for ANY company.

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One with a camera for like $440 would be cool. Save me $20 on the camera.

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lol Yeah, the Human CentiPad. hahaha So messed up. The actual Human Centipede movie was really messed up.

I don't think Sony is going to add it in their console ever. And MS would be dumb to bring back the DRM after they took it back out.

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The PS4 will have Apple, Oranges, AND pears. uh ohh haha I love Sony's variety in their games. Something for literally ANYONE.

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The good thing is that so far it looks like Sony is making all the right moves. Quite contrary to what MS is doing. We shall see in a couple days at E3. Can't wait!!!!! Excited!!

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The PS4 will have both. That's the great thing about Sony: diversity.

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LoL I just don't know what to say to all that rambling and nonsense. So, Sony is going to "fail" because they listen to us?? hahaha

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Multiplayer sharing probably won't be limited like single player. And that will be where most of the sharing happens anyway. It's understandable they don't want their single player games spoiled by people.

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" The PS4 sees Sony move to a 64-bit x86 chip architecture, which will be music to the ears of developers, especially those used to working on PC games. The good news doesn’t stop there, though. Developers will be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s latest industry standard DirectX API — DirectX 11.1, but Sony has taken the time to improve upon it, pushing the feature set beyond what is available for PC games development. "

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I never take Pachter seriously. LoL.

Pretty ballsy of him to say "it's already won" about the next Xbox. LoL. He's so full of it. Or maybe paid off

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Cliff looks like Dane Cook to me. LoL. I've always thought

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I would have a HUGE smile on my face if I was getting "only" $40 million. LoL. But I agree they probably ended up with much more.

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The difference is that the Move will be used for hardcore ps4 games and the Kinect-type gameplay for games like just dance and the like.

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My Yamaha YHT-497 supports 4k pass through so I'm good.

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But you've got to understand that Sony NEEDS a few big games like a Gran Turismo to get units selling and GT6 would be a HUGE system seller. People would be snatching PS4's up left and right with a game like GT6 launching alongside it. Not to mention there will be Killzone: Shadowfall and others.

Exactly, my friend.

@Logic (below)
Are you saying that Killzone or InFamous are impossible to get people...

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